When Angels Fall

Chapter 113

"Sam, have you figured out how to recreate the Colt yet?" Dean asked. The hunter frowned as Sam continued staring at the page he had been staring at for the last 15 minutes.

"Is that journal really that interesting?" Dean asked. The hunter let out a loud sigh as Sam continued staring at the page.

"Sam Winchester cries his way through sex." Nothing. Dean crossed his arms. "Sam. Sam. SAM!"

Sam jumped startled. "Uh what?"

"Really Sam?" Dean said. "What did you find the meaning of life in that book or are you just lost in LA LA Land?"

"Sorry," Sam stood up. "I think I'll go do to the gun room, and do some target practice." Sam turned and walked out of the room.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean had actually taken a step to follow is brother when he found himself face to face with Castiel. "Cas."

"Hello Dean." Cas said.

"Look Cas I need to check on Sammy. Something is wrong with him." Dean said as he tried to sidestep around the angel.

"Perhaps you should allow Sam to have a bit of 'personal space' Dean." Castiel said catching Dean's attention. "Sam has a lot on his mind right now."

"I know he has something on his mind. That's why I need to check on him." Dean said.

"He simply needs time Dean." Cas insisted.

Dean stopped and looked at Cas, "You know something. What's wrong with Sam?"

"If Sam wishes you to know he will tell you Dean." Castiel said.

"You know, so you can tell me." Dean insisted.

"To do so would betray Sam's confidence, if Sam wishes others to know, it is for him to tell them." Castiel said.

"Whoa Cas, we know how well Sam keeping shit from me has worked out in the past." Dean argued.

"Be that as it may, I made a promise to keep our discussion confidential." Castiel said. "Sam is an adult Dean; he has the right to choose what he wishes to share with others and deserves to have his wishes respected. It is no more than what you would expect of me given the same circumstances."

Dean opened his mouth, started to speak and then thought better of it. "Okay you're right if I told you something and asked you to keep it to yourself; I'd expect you to keep it to yourself." Dean huffed. "But if Sam gets into trouble..."

"Dean, If Sam wants you to know, he will tell you." Castiel said.

Freya was sitting beside the bed when Jormungandr woke up. She smiled as she patted her grandson's hand. "How are you feeling Jorm?"

"Uh fine." He said sitting up and looking around at the strange room he was in. "Where are we? This isn't home."

"No it's a bunker that belongs to the vessels of the Archangels Michael and Lucifer." Freya placed a comforting hand on the pagans shoulder as he started to spring up from the bed. "We're perfectly safe here. Things are quite different than you think they are. The Archangels are our allies now."

"I was dreaming of Archangels. Then I started dreaming about Father." Jorm said as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Of course you did. He's been sitting at your bedside worried about you." Freya said. "He would be here now but plans are being made to avenge ourselves against the demon that attacked us. Your father was needed for that since he is more than just Loki. Your sister and brothers already know your father is the Archangel Gabriel."

"Father is the one God's messenger?" Jorm asked shocked.

"Yes and because of his status as one of the highest of angels, I understand that the one God now sees you as his grandchildren." Freya said. "And the other archangels all helped to heal you, even Lucifer."

"Wow things are different." Jorm said as he stood up. "Where has Father been? Why has he avoided us?"

"You father fell at the Elysian along with your grandfather and your uncle. Lucifer killed him but the unrest we all sensed from the celestials recently brought him back. He has been making up for lost time. Come, he will be overjoyed to see you with your eyes open and lucid." Freya led the way to the conference room. When they reached the door she opened it and motioned Jorm through.

Sif was speaking. "The Loki that I knew would not hesitate to find and use a foe's greatest weakness against them and yet I sense hesitation on your part. Your enemy has not refrained from using your greatest weakness against you."

"There are some things that we hold sacred; one of the most sacred is the memory of our lost brothers and sisters." Michael said tightly.

"Why does this matter?" Sif asked. "Loki, Gabriel; she attacked your children. The instinct to protect one's child is universal among all creatures both natural and supernatural; do your children mean so little to you?"

"Sif, you overstep your bounds." Thor growled. "There has never been any doubt of Loki's love for them. He left us to protect them from being used as pawns in the Apocalypse. For a millennium he denied himself any contact with them for their safety. Do not question his desire to protect them."

"This demon is not simply a demon." Lucifer said. "She is the offspring of a lost brother, a nephilim that survived the cleansing. The fault was mine for giving her sanctuary. Even the host can see their mistakes in hindsight pagan."

"So basically in a weird way, she is our cousin." Fenrir said.

"Humans would put some sort of qualification on it like 'by adoption', but yes there is an acknowledged familial connection however slight." Sam said. "I know you guys are kind of unsettled with everything that is happening in heaven but this might just be a case of having to let someone go. Your words Gabriel."

"I know that I rarely contribute to strategy," Raphael spoke up, "But I believe that I can give counsel to you speaking as a healer. There are diseases that will invade a body and destroy that body if left unchecked. There is no cure for these diseases they will spread and kill the entire body and you are left with only one option to save the greater part of the body. The disease must be excised. If you come to this decision quickly you only need remove a small piece of tissue but if you wait too long, amputation of a limb will be required."

Michael let out a long sigh and leaned back in his chair. "I see the wisdom in your words Raphael, but do we truly wish to tarnish his memory in this manner?"

"Raphael is not alone in believing this to be the only option." Castiel spoke up.

"Cassie is agreeing with Raphael?" Balthazar sputtered. "Not only is that a miracle, I think it proves the point."

"You're all missing one small point." Gabriel finally spoke up. "Even with Luci and I working together to manifest a duplicate, we are talking about an angel and one of the most powerful of Seraphs next to Azazel. There's no way we could keep it up long enough to convince her."

"Not to mention the fact that it's going to take all our energy to even manifest him. I'd have to leave my army leaderless." Lucifer said.

Sam grimaced as Castiel looked pointedly at him. "Dammit! Uh, you don't have to do that Lucifer. I'll still be here." Lucifer gave Sam a look of stunned surprise. "Isn't that a part of me being the 'Boy King'?"

"Well yes, but it was not my intention to push you into taking your place before you are comfortable with it." Lucifer said.

"I think we could wait until time comes to an end and I would never be comfortable with it." Sam said. "But one thing we Winchesters have never done is backed down from doing what needs to be done."

"No you haven't." Lucifer said.

"Father, Fenrir and I have learned how to combine our powers when he makes duplicates so I think that we could help." Jorm said quietly from his spot by the door.

"Jorm!" Gabriel snapped himself to his son's side and wrapped him a hug.

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