When Angels Fall

Chapter 114

"So Sammy, when were you going to tell me about all this Boy King business?" Dean rounded on Sam as soon as they were out of earshot of the others.

"I don't know, maybe never." Sam shot back. "I don't need to deal with you going off over it on top of everything else. I already knew how you were going to react."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Dean demanded.

"Just another one of Little Sammy's fuck ups. Another thing for you to throw in my face when you feel like you have to remind me that I can't do anything right." Sam said. "Do you realize how old that has gotten Dean?"

"Whoa Sam, I'm your big brother, it's my job to look out for you." Dean said. "So yeah I guess I do let you know when you screw up."

"Dean you don't let me know when I screw up. You beat me over the head with every mistake that I have ever made. Don't you think I've been beaten up enough over this crap?" Sam said.

"I have to keep you from fucking up your life!" Dean countered.

"Really Dean?" Sam asked. "Sometimes you act like I chose to be Lucifer's vessel; I chose to grow up with angels and Demons manipulating me almost from the time I was born. You know I listened when Pastor Jim gave his sermons. I prayed because I believed and it was a waste of time because all I was to them was the boy with the demon blood, Lucifer's vessel, an abomination."

Sam stepped up to Dean right in his face. "You spend your entire life basically telling God to kiss your ass and you're heaven's golden boy. From the time you came back from hell, you had Cas on your shoulder making everything right, building you up as the one to save mankind. And when it came down to it, you didn't do anything. You weren't Michael's vessel; Adam was the one to say yes. How did the Apocalypse end again?"


"I was the one who jumped in the pit Dean; and what did I get for my trouble? A year running around with no soul doing shit that it would never cross my mind to do. Then I lose my marbles and have Lucifer running around in my mind. And who ended up almost dying doing the trials?"

"Sam that wasn't supposed to be you." Dean said.

"Well it was!" Sam punched the wall next to Dean's head. "And now I find out no matter what I do, no matter how many sacrifices I make; I'm still destined for hell. So I really don't give a damn about you keeping me from fucking up my life. My life was fucked up from the moment I was born. So yeah I didn't plan to tell you, in case you haven't figured it out yet, there's not Jack Squat you can do to keep me from fucking up my life." Sam turned and stalked down the hallway.

"Well I'd say you handled that in true Winchester fashion. Get on the wrong side of your brother. Come to think of it that's what we used to call true Michael fashion. He always took every opportunity to point out Luci's shortcomings. Eventually Lucifer ran out of I forgive yous." Balthazar said as he leaned again the wall and sipped from a glass of wine. "Young Samuel has a right to be pissed, you know? Father knows he's been handed one shitty deal after another and in all this time he's never lost faith. I suppose that is why Father abandoned his Apocalypse plan."

"What are you yapping about?" Dean asked.

"Samuel Winchester, Boy King of Hell." Balthazar said. "Hell does have a purpose you know? It was always supposed to be a realm of atonement. When Luci fell its purpose was twisted. The demons made sure that Sam was born as its king but Sam tossed a spanner in the works. Father trusts Sam, more than he does you at this point. It seems Sam is becoming the Righteous Man by default."

Michael appeared next to Balthazar as he watched Dean stomp off down the hall. "Balthazar, why did you tell Dean such an untruth? Dean is the Righteous Man."

"I think I'll just call it a small interest payment on the large backlog of prayers unanswered." Balthazar said. "Sam deserves something for all his years of unanswered prayers and if knocking Dean Winchester off of his high horse gets him to stop acting like you; I'll consider it interest well spent. Or would you rather this continues until Sam finally pulls a Lucifer and snaps?" Balthazar disappeared leaving Michael stunned by the Seraph's nerve.

"So we are going to use her father against her?" Hel said appalled.

Gabriel placed his hands on Hel's shoulders. "I know you don't like this baby girl, but Samael is her only weakness, the only being that she ever loved or listened to. And Samael loved her just as much as I love you. Maybe we can reason with her using him."

"Samael was our brother; he was well respected by all of us even during the cleansing." Lucifer said. "None of us want to tarnish his memory. We will take care in how he appears."

"You're being very careful about this." Sleip spoke up. "Are you sure you're our Dad? I still remember when Hermes came courting Hel."

Fenrir burst out laughing. "How embarrassing for the fleet of foot messenger of Zeus, caught by a Norse trickster!"

"At least we know now why you were faster than him." Jorm said. "Wonder if he ever managed to get that tattoo off of his back?"

"And what pray tell did you tattoo on his back little brother?" Lucifer asked.

"Oh nothing much. Just an 800 number and the logo 'Say it with flowers'." Gabriel said. "Then I showed him his future as the FTD Florist logo."

"That's not that bad." Lucifer said. "I was expecting something truly horrid."

"He did it in hot pink fluorescent glow in the dark ink if that helps." Fenrir said. "Everywhere Hermes went he had to explain that not only did he not get the girl, the girl's father a certain vertically challenged Norse Trickster with a cosmic sized sweet tooth ran him down after a good 5 minute head start, held him down and then inked that on him."

"Lost his job, lost his dignity. Last I heard he had retreated to a cave somewhere on the top of Mt Parnassus and become a hermit." Jorm added.

"Well I did tell him my little girl was off limits! Some two bit little messenger of Zeus was nowhere near good enough for her." Gabriel said.

"Dad, in your opinion, no one is good enough for Hel." Fenrir said.

"Gabriel! You're a crotchety middle aged man!" Lucifer laughed. "And here I always accused Michael of that!"

"I am not! You take that back!" Gabriel pouted.

Raphael appeared in the room. "Is everything under control in here?"

"Everything is fine. Our father is just acting like a three year old." Sleip snorted. "Again."

"There's your old man. I swear how are you even my child?" Gabriel said as he ruffled his son's hair affectionately. "I must have slipped up and put prune juice and Geritol in your bottle."

Raphael rolled his eyes. "The Demon Meg and that 'creature' have arrived as you ordered Lucifer. Should I find Sam?"

"If you wouldn't mind. Just have them come down here." Lucifer said. "Send down the others when they arrive. I only want to give this order once."

Abaddon looked at the bodies scattered around on the ground. She did not fool herself into thinking that this was a battle. This small squad of angels was nothing. What were those Archangels thinking? The fact that she had a pregnant human about to give birth should have brought garrisons down from heaven.

They sent just enough to distract her long enough to snatch the woman and then retreated. She was not able to do much damage to the angelic host. Abaddon had thought she had planned well. Michael was not reacting as expected. She couldn't win this war by killing a random angel here and there. Especially when those few kills came at the cost of losing a demon or two here or there. Heaven had a much greater force than she did and since Lucifer was once again firmly in control of hell She had to guard against two attacks. She needed to retreat and reconsider her plans.

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