When Angels Fall

Chapter 115

Alistair was the last to arrive. He entered the room and looked around. "Well isn't this special? The Big King and the Boy King and Sam isn't trying to kill or exorcise anyone." He noticed the pagans in the room laughing as Lucifer told them a story. "Even more impressive is the fact that Lucifer is surrounded by pagans and they're all in one piece, while he tells them bedtime stories."

"Hold your tongue Alistair. They are our allies." Lucifer pointed out.

"Just go with it Alistair," Meg said. "They're one big happy fucked up family. You tree toppers were really messed up back in the day. No wonder Castiel belongs on the short bus half the time." She said affectionately.

"Careful Meg," Lilith warned. "Or we might get the idea that you like that angel."

"Castiel is okay for a dork from heaven." Meg said. "You guys weren't around to witness his 'I am your new god' phase. He made a deal with Crowley then broke it; released the Leviathans and broke a Winchester. He accomplished more than we ever did."

"And he started reciting poetry to you." Sam pointed out. "What was that he called you? His thorny beauty?"

"Okay enough fun and games." Gabriel said. "Can we get to the point here? Abaddon is still out there and I'd like to take care of the bitch before the next millennium."

"I agree. The sooner she is dead or otherwise neutralized, the sooner we can begin to rebuild what she has destroyed." Thor said.

"So I take it we have a plan sugar?" Spicy asked Lucifer.

"Yes we have a plan." Lucifer agreed. "Abaddon has proven she will go for the jugular with her attack on the pagans home considering their unique 'ties' with heaven. We will now return the favor."

"Return the favor?" Alistair asked. "She doesn't exactly have a secret family tucked away in hiding you can attack."

"Nope, but we do know her one weak spot." Gabriel said. "And we're going to use it against the bitch."

"Her only weak spot is long dead." Lilith noted. "Or have you suddenly gained the power to bring an angel back into being?"

"Not an angel but a fair facsimile of one." Gabriel grinned. "It won't be easy and it is something that will take a massive amount of power, but it can be done."

"You're going to manifest Samael." Alistair whistled. "Ambitious, even for Archangels. And dangerously close to the ultimate blasphemy of putting yourself in God's place."

"He is paying full attention to what happens here. He knows what we plan." Lucifer said. "If he had a problem with it, we would know."

"So you're going to manifest Samael, that doesn't explain why you dragged everyone here." Meg noted.

"I dragged you all here for one purpose to tell you in no uncertain terms that you bend to Sam's authority." Lucifer said.

"You want us to follow him into battle?" Lilith asked. "It's one thing to follow his dictates in hell quite another when our lives are on the line."

"Sam Winchester is an untied boy." Alistair spat.

Sam stood up from his chair and stepped close enough to the demon to make him take a step back. "Tell me Alistair, who killed you? And how about you Lilith? Who sent you on your merry little way?"

"Hey, I'm good with it. I've worked with Sam and Dean in the past and I've learned not to underestimate either one of the Winchesters alone much less together." Meg said. "And I can promise you Dean isn't going to let Sam out of his sight; so both Winchesters are going to be doing what they have always done, kick ass and take names."

Spicy stood up. "Well Sugar it looks like I'm your personal assistant for the duration. I'll head downstairs and pass the word." The demon winked at Sam before she disappeared.

"Hey! Wait, hold on a minute! What do you think you're doing?" Dean demanded as Raphael laid the heavily bleeding, extremely pregnant woman down. "That's my bed!"

"Then you can take pride in the fact that you allowed her its use." Raphael said. "It happens to be the only suitable surface to use in attempting to save her life and the life of her unborn child." Raphael said tersely.

"Who is she?" Dean asked.

"She is the woman that Abaddon had captured and the only human survivor of the encounter." Raphael explained. "From what Zachariah has surmised Abaddon intended for it to be a slaughter. As it was Verchiel was able to secure the woman gravely injured but she still draws breath and the child is viable. Should you wish to know more you should inquire of Michael and leave me to do my job." Raphael quickly poked Dean in the forehead and he found himself standing next to Michael and facing the dickiest of all dicks, Zachariah.

"There was a significant loss of angelic life, we lost half of the detail but the ratio of loss was acceptable; Abaddon's 3.72 to our 1. I also noted she had an extremely large force in place." Zachariah said. "It's my opinion that she expected you to send in our heavy hitters. I believe this is why she had the humans with her. She slaughtered the males first and then attacked the pregnant female after the fight was already engaged. I believe she meant to draw out any Archangel in the vicinity."

"It would appear that Sif made a valid point then, Abaddon is willing to sink to pit of hell levels in her strategy against us." Michael noted. "Were you able to keep track of her?"

"Unfortunately no, but I have found her once; finding her again should be easier." Zachariah said.

"It will be." Michael said. "Lucifer and Gabriel have a plan to drawn her out and strike at her weak spot. Once implemented, she should come running quickly. I want to know immediately when she surfaces so that we can crush her immediately."

"I will make that my priority." Zachariah said. "As for the other reports the Hindu Pantheon seems to be gearing for war but has sent assurance after assurance that they do not intend to take up arms against us and that it is a defensive measure only. I believe we can accept their assurances as truth. There is after all a previous connection between our messenger and the goddess of destruction."

"Kali believes she is a target after all this time? From my understanding other than a brief contact during the 'Apocalyptic Era'; there had been no contact between Loki and Kali for over 10 centuries." Michael said.

"Yeah well, Gabriel did save her from Lucifer back at the Elysian." Dean butted in. Zachariah immediately made a face like he smelled something unpleasant.

"Zachariah, your methods were rather heavy handed. Dean, Zachariah is a valued and respected officer of Heaven's army." Michael scolded the two. "So you boys are just going to have to play nice."

"With your permission?" Zachariah said tightly to Michael. "I have my orders."

"Very well, return to your post and update me as needed." Michael watched the seraph vanish then turned to Dean. "You don't think shoving an angel blade through his face was payment enough for his transgressions against you?"

"And if someone was to torture Lucifer or Gabriel to force your cooperation, how would you feel about it?" Dean asked.

Michael thought for a moment. "Ask the Egyptians." Heaven's commander said.

"I would, but I think you had them all wiped out the other day." Dena said. "I think you can see my point."

"True, but nobody needed the Egyptians for any reason, we do need Zachariah. So play nice Dean." Michael said.

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