When Angels Fall

Chapter 116

"So had enough of solitary confinement Metatron?" Lucifer asked.

"I heard Jody and Sif talking, is it true? Are you and Gabriel going to dishonor the memory of Samael by making some damned carbon copy of him?" Metatron asked as he paced in his cell.

"We don't intend to sully his memory, but Samael is the only being in creation that ever had any influence over Abaddon." Lucifer said. "It is an option of last resort; we have simply decided not to wait until our backs are against the wall."

"It's no option at all; it's an insult, to both Samael and to me." Metatron said. "Have you forgotten who I am?"

"Not hardly." Lucifer snorted. "And considering your crime against the host, I wouldn't be too quick to go reminding us of exactly who you are."

"As dense as you ever were, it seems." Metatron said. "Father wanted me out of the cage for a reason. Now I know what that reason is."

"And what would that reason be?" Lucifer asked. "Don't forget it's not father that brought you back, Gabriel and I brought you back."

"Using pagan magic, yes I remember." Metatron said. "Do you think he couldn't have stopped you or even released your little 'hold' over me? He can bring back angels and demons; he can put the two of you in your place quick enough."

"You still haven't enlightened me as to why you think he wanted you brought back." Lucifer growled.

"Because you idiot, I can help you bring back the real Samael!"

"Do you think he can do it Lucifer? He's just a glorified secretary." Michael said.

"He managed to toss all the angels out of heaven." Dean said. "I think that makes him a little bit more than 'just a glorified secretary'."

"Come on. Metatron is a weak little bookworm but we all know that Dad told him things that he didn't tell us. I sure as hell didn't know about a spell to cast down angels and lock down heaven, did you?" Gabriel asked staring at his brothers. "So as much as it makes me want to toss my cookies, I have to agree with Dean. He's way past glorified secretary."

"Our father has brought me back more than once." Castiel spoke. "He also obviously made some arrangement meant to bring Gabriel and Raphael back. I do not think we can discount the possibility that Metatron knows Father's methods."

"Great, another winged douche nozzle I have to put up with." Dean grumbled.

"So if he can bring back the real Samael, can we be sure he would be on our side?" Sam asked.

"Samael, like Gabriel was a bit of a pacifist." Michael said. "Don't get me wrong, his skills as a warrior were exceptional, he simply disliked using them. You had to give him a good enough reason."

"We're talking about killing Abaddon you know?" Gabriel said. "Am I the only one who has figured that out? Can anyone here think of a better way to get him to use those exceptional skills against us?"

"He tried very hard to keep the peace before." Michael pointed out.

"That was before Reziel put an angel blade through his throat when you were supposed to be under a truce." Gabriel pointed out. "I don't know why you even brought him with you Michael. We all knew he was unstable. You know maybe we could have avoided this whole road to the Apocalypse thing if you had just left him at home."

"Samael wasn't his target that day." Lucifer pointed out.

"Yeah we all know that. It doesn't change the fact that Abaddon has always blamed us for his death." Gabriel said. "And now that you have seemingly forgiven her father's 'murderers', you're right on that shit list with us. Bringing the real Samael back isn't going to make her back down."

"So what do you suggest Gabriel?" Michael asked.

"I suggest we stick to the plan we already have. Even if he does know how to bring Samael back, bringing him back won't help." Gabriel insisted.

Michael scrubbed a hand across his face. "So what about everyone else?"

"We can't guarantee he won't side with her." Dean said. "Why are we even considering bringing back someone who might make her more powerful when we can do it ourselves without the risk?"

"Sam?" Michael asked.

The younger Winchester let out a breath. "I don't trust Metatron, after the whole trial thing and what happened not just to me but to you guys; well I think we'd be fools to listen to anything he suggests."

"You're probably right. The risk isn't worth it." Michael looked at Lucifer. "We go with the original plan and after this is over, then maybe."

Kali stood in front of the Taj Mahal. She had been there for quite some time, doing her best to avoid Shiva. To say he was angry with her would be an understatement.


The goddess turned to find the god Vishnu standing beside her. "Your absence has been noted. Shiva is angered yes, but that does not mean your welfare is not important to him. He demands you return to his side."

"Why? He has made it clear that my sin is unforgivable." Kali said. "And he is right; I have brought destruction to us."

"Because you chose to gallivant around with the northerners?" Vishnu asked. "First Loki and then Baldur? You made foolish choices, but no more than anyone else has."

"My foolish choices threaten us now. Had I never involved myself with Loki, Abaddon would not be a threat now." Kali said.

"You torment yourself for no reason Kali. In the immortal words of Aaron Neville, everybody plays the fool sometime." Vishnu said. "And our last envoy to the celestials assured Shiva that they understand our motive is to defend ourselves against Abaddon."

"There is that at least." Kali said. "I am surprised Lucifer does not insist they destroy us next."

"Brahma made the journey." Vishnu said. "He found this Zachariah, to be intelligent, if a bit arrogant."

"So now we wait to see if Abaddon attacks us over a brief fling." Kali said.

"Brief, but no less important for its brevity." Vishnu said.

"Sam, Spicy will keep you apprised of what is going on in hell itself." Lucifer said. "Meg will make sure your orders on the battlefield are followed."

"This is still weird." Sam said. "I'm getting ready to lead demons into battle instead of battle against them."

"It is surreal." Lucifer agreed. "There is one more thing we need to do before Gabriel and I do this manifestation. You know how to fight like a hunter, but leading an army is different. You're going to need a different know how for that."

Sam didn't flinch when Lucifer reached out with two fingers although he did screw his eyes shut. Lucifer quickly pressed two fingers against his temple Sam steeled himself for… something. Sam opened his eyes and relaxed.

"What just happened?" Sam was confused.

"I just loosened a few of my memories that are lodged in your brain from our time together." Lucifer said. "Don't worry they won't take over your sanity. Just enough to help you with strategy on the battlefield." Lucifer made his way to the door and stopped. Turning he smiled at the hunter. "Good luck Sam."

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