When Angels Fall

Chapter 118

"Dean, what's wrong with you?" Sam asked as he looked at his reflection mirrored in the window. "It's a nice suit."

"No it isn't dammit! I've seen you in that suit before. Well not you, but Lucifer wearing you." Dean said. "When Zachariah sent me into the future to show me what was going to happen if I didn't say yes to Michael."

"You're talking about that future when Cas was a crack head? That didn't happen Dean, none of it happened." Sam said.

"Maybe not in this timeline, but somewhere Lucifer is wearing you for a meat suit and he's wearing that same suit." Dean said. "And the son of a bitch killed me!"

"Of course Lucifer is wearing that suit in another timeline, why do you think I ordered it made for our Sam?" Spicy said as she entered the room wearing a severe looking black pencil skirt paired with a blood red blazer. "He needs to look the part after all. The goal here is to get the demons in line Dean. Your delicate sensibilities don't enter into that equation. To be honest, having you here is a courtesy; you add nothing to the gathering."

"You want him to look the part, give him a damned pitchfork!" Dean yelled.

Spicy walked over to where Dean stood and got in his face. "Look Winchester, you're on my turf now. This is hell and I have my orders. My orders are to do whatever is necessary to assist Sam right now. In case you haven't realized it, Sam is alive. He's human, and he is about to lead the armies of hell into battle. While all of us in Lucifer's inner circle are loyal to him, those demons out there only see a human and a Winchester at that. We have to gain their loyalty right here and right now."

"Demons don't have loyalty." Dean argued.

"Scare them badly enough and they do." Spicy said. "The only way this works is if those demons out there are more terrified of Sam than they are of Abaddon. Or would you rather have them defect to Abaddon on the battlefield?" Spicy paused while Dean gaped at her. "No? Then shut up, put on your big boy drawers and let me do my job!"

Sam sighed. "Can we get on with this, without the arguing?"

"Of course, sugar." Spicy said as she adjusted Sam's tie. "I need to brief you. Now Alistair and Lilith will be at your side. There's not a demon out there that doesn't crap themselves at the thought of those two. Having them at your back will send a clear message. That will take care of the majority but there could still be a few dissenters. You will have to handle them yourself."

"And how am I supposed to do that being I'm human?" Sam asked.

"Well aren't you the one who can exorcise demons with your mind and kill them?" Spicy asked.

"When I was hopped up on demon blood, yeah." Sam said. "You want to volunteer to donate?"

"Sam, the demon blood was just a crutch. And Lucifer fed you a lot of his grace to save your life after your misguided attempt to seal the gates of hell. You don't need demon blood to do that. Those lesser demons are child's play for you." Spicy said.

"You're saying that Sam can exorcise demons?" Dean butted in. "So why are we going through all this planning and going to war crap?"

"Abaddon is a hell knight for one and Sam can't exorcise her entire army. The Archangels could smite all those demons at once if they combined their powers and this whole situation would be over." Spicy said. "But that would mean destroying everything God had ever created including themselves. You really have to learn Dean; sometimes the atom bomb is not the best weapon to use. We are going through all this war crap because we all would like to survive this with the least destruction possible."

Raphael handed the infant to Benny. "Jody Mills once had a son. Prevail upon her to care for the infant until this is over and Sam and Dean Winchester return. Let her know the host will provide what she needs."

"Is there some reason you specifically mentioned Sam and Dean?" The vampire asked.

"The child is of their blood. I do not believe Abaddon's choice of victim was random." Raphael said. "Like her attack on Asgard, this was done with a purpose."

"So this kid is related to them?" Benny asked.

"A distant relation, but this child has Winchester blood flowing through her veins. That makes her a legacy and the responsibility of the Winchesters as Men of Letters." Raphael responded.

Benny bounced the little girl lightly in his arms as she began to fuss. "Well I'm looking forward to seeing the looks on their faces when they find out they have a little girl to raise."

Raphael snapped up a bottle and handed it to the vampire. Benny slipped the nipple into the baby's mouth easily and chuckled at the look on Raphael's face. "I wasn't always a vampire you know. I had a little experience being daddy." Benny looked over toward the bed where a body lay covered by a sheet. "What about her?"

"I will see to it." Raphael said. "I have already blessed her so she cannot be raised. I will see to the disposal of her body."

Fenrir, Jormungandr, Sleipnir and Hel had made their way to the room where Gabriel and Lucifer had taken over to manifest Samael's body.

Hel spoke up. "Sleip and I will watch over you in shifts. I'm not sure how much risk there will be to you since it sounds as if you will be fully focused on your task but should any danger approach we will stand guard."

"Thanks kiddos." Gabriel said. "It's not that we'll be helpless, but manifesting a copy good enough to fool her will take all of our concentration."

"Should you sense danger, see to your brothers first." Lucifer ordered. "Abaddon would attack them first before going after either one of us."

"We won't be as deeply focused as the two of you." Jorm explained. "Only one of us needs to focus on combining our powers at a time. The other can keep watch also and raise the alarm if she seeks to attack."

"The odds of attack are very low." Castiel said. "Lucifer and Gabriel have placed powerful warding on this room and there is a detail of angels also keeping watch." The seraph turned to Lucifer. "Meg wanted me to let you know that Sam has just taken his place on your throne. Alistair and Lilith stand with him."

Gabriel looked at Lucifer. "Well I guess it's up to Sam now to take them in hand. We do our thing, and then all we'll need is for Zach to pinpoint her location."

"And the final nephilim will be destroyed." Lucifer said.

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