When Angels Fall

Chapter 11

Metatron was halfway to the section of Heaven where the human souls resided. He was planning on tracking down Jules Verne. He had read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea when it was first printed. The story had captured his attention again when years later the humans had actually created submarines and Giant Squid were discovered. Metatron wanted to find out how Verne had created such wonders that had so soon come to be reality.

He stopped as he felt a burst of grace from the Garden. From the very center of the Garden where Father's throne was located awaiting the day of his return. "Father." Metatron gasped all thoughts of Jules Verne immediately wiped from his mind at the thought of Father's return.

Metatron didn't was any time materializing in the clearing the surrounded Father's throne, he wasn't alone. A single being stood on the top step. "Metatron." The being said flatly as he begin to make his way down the steps toward Metatron shedding his vessel. As he reached the bottom step Metatron recognized the being before him. "Gabriel!" He gasped.

"You can't begin to understand the trouble you're in little brother" Gabriel said his true form glowing as brightly as the Morningstar's "You really should have heeded all those warnings that I gave you."

"You're dead. They told me that you were dead." Metatron sputtered. "Lucifer killed you."

"He tried." Gabriel agreed. "But you should have known that I would be back. You are the one who was always going on about how powerful humans are. Have you forgotten how many times my name appears in the top bestselling book of all time not to mention the Torah and the Quran. How many times have they created paintings, and statues and then christened them with my name? Are you truly that foolish Metatron?"

John finished painting the last sigil and looked over to Balthazar. "That's it. Now what?"

"Take everyone back to the roadhouse. Ward it with the same sigils." Balthazar said. "If Metatron decides to be stupid, things will get very ugly very fast. Gabriel doesn't lose his temper often, but when he does even the rest of the Archangels gave him a wide berth. The only one who would dare approach him was Lucifer and the gates aren't opened yet."

John Winchester nodded and began gathering all of the hunters to head back to the roadhouse while Balthazar made his way to the Gates.

Balthazar looked at the gate and began to chant the spell that would open them. He frowned as they remained firmly shut. He repeated the spell again paying close attention to his pronunciation and yet the gates remained firmly closed.

"Oh bloody hell." Balthazar said realizing that whatever spell Metatron had used to close the gates it was not the one that would normally be used. There was only one thing he could do at this point, ask Metatron. He disappeared only to reappear in the garden. And to walk in on an argument between Metatron and Gabriel.

"Tell me, where did we go wrong?" Gabriel asked. "When Dad brought you here we all treated you with kindness. We treated you like a favored brother. Perhaps we were too lenient? That can be corrected right now."

Gabriel sent out a wave of grace. Balthazar realizing what was coming immediately dropped to his knees and prostrated himself on the ground. Gabriel was not playing around. Balthazar had seen the results of Archangels using their grace to subdue Seraphs and it wasn't pretty. Many seraphs had been left a drooling mess if they fought it, often for years or even decades.

"Gabriel! Please he used a different spell to seal the gates!" Balthazar yelled. "I can't get them to open."

Metatron grinned smugly. "Yes, I did. You need me to open them. No angel enters heaven unless I unseal the gates."

"Dumbass! Do you think Balthazar and I strolled through the front gates?" Gabriel asked. "Balthazar go get the others. Guide them here. I believe that Michael will want to have a word with this moron."

Balthazar carefully got to his feet not wanting to catch any backlash. But Gabriel was concentrating solely on Metatron. "If I were you Metatron, I'd open those gates before Michael arrives." Balthazar advised. "Believe me you don't want to mess with him. You have no idea how powerful he is right now from all of the extra grace he's been absorbing. I mean look at Gabriel. He's as powerful as Lucifer was right now. They have all been taking in extra grace since you closed the gates."

Sam rubbed his chest. He didn't know what to expect when the sigils were removed from his ribs, except that maybe it would hurt more than when Castiel carved them into them. Instead it turned out to be more of a maddening itch.

"Castiel is not heaven's healer. If I were not doing this it would be agonizing." Raphael said as he removed his hand. "Sam Winchester is once again revealed to the sight of Heaven."

Lucifer and Michael now placed their hands on Sam. And Sam screamed as the two Archangels engraved a second more powerful warding spell on Sam. Michael carving one spell into his ribs, while Lucifer burned a sigil into Sam's flesh.

"All done." Michael said.

"The spell on your ribs will protect from a physical attack by demons." Lucifer explained. "The Sigil branded into your chest will prevent possession but also alert the Archangels if you come under attack."

"Archangels? You mean all four of you?" Dean asked.

"Yes, all four of us." Michael said. "As we explained your value is no longer in being vessels, but in reestablishing the Men of Letters. The full might of heaven will protect you."

"Abaddon was created to be able to stand up to the Archangels, just like the rest of the hell knights." Lucifer said. "You will need all of heaven to protect you. But I have to ask, how is it that you survived your first encounter with her?"

"Henry Winchester. Our grandfather." Dean said. "He made a bullet that paralyzed her."

"Do you know how he made the bullet?" Raphael asked.

"He carved a devils' trap into it." Dean said.

"It was more than that." Lucifer said. "A devil's trap wouldn't hold her very long. There must have been more to it."

"We know where to find him." Michael said. "We will find Henry and ask when we return to Heaven."

The flutter of wings announced the arrival of an angel. Everyone turned to see Balthazar standing there.

"Balthazar, why are you here and not assisting Gabriel?" Michael demanded. "Your orders were to help him unseal the gates."

"That's why I'm here. I can't unseal them. Metatron used some unknown spell." Balthazar answered. "Gabriel ordered me to bring you to heaven through the backdoor."

"And where is Gabriel?" Lucifer asked.

"Right now? Teaching Metatron why it's not a very good idea to piss off an Archangel." Balthazar said. "But Metatron is...defiant. I'm afraid that there won't be much left to question if someone doesn't step in soon. And only Metatron knows the spell."

"Lucifer place the brand on Dean and then go get our baby brother in hand." Michael said. "Raphael and I will finish warding Winchester while you are gone." He turned to Balthazar. "Once you have led Lucifer to Gabriel return and Raphael and I will be ready to accompany you."

Balthazar nodded and then he and Lucifer disappeared.

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