When Angels Fall

Chapter 119

Sam led the way out onto the stage and sprawled on Lucifer's red velvet throne. Alistair and Lilith positioned themselves on each side of the throne while a demon followed Dean out with a chair that it placed to the side of the stage.

Spicy glanced around at the beings on the stage before stepping up to the microphone. "Okay, listen up. You are all aware that Our King, Lucifer has returned and taken power. Most of you are aware that he has implemented changes. One of things he has done is to insure that there will be no more infighting among us. There is now a clearly defined hierarchy in hell."

"And what is this hierarchy? I don't see Lucifer before us." A demon yelled. "I see a Winchester."

"No you see Lucifer's vessel, the chosen one born to walk in our king's footsteps and given authority over you." Spicy said. "Sam Winchester is second in authority only to Lucifer. His orders are to be obeyed as you would obey Lucifer's. That is why we are here; you all need to understand that."

"Obey a human?" The demon snorted. "When Lucifer walks in his body I will obey, until then he's just another human."

Lilith took a step forward "You will obey him as I obey him, as Alistair obeys him. Sam Winchester will lead us into battle against Abaddon as Lucifer's representative."

"We have all heard how scary you are supposed to be. Lilith the first demon, wrought by Lucifer himself and you bow to a human. And Alistair there was a time when we feared being delivered to your rack. I begin to think it was all talk." The demon said.

Sam stood up from his seat. "I've been told that demons only give their loyalty to those they are afraid of. You obviously are not afraid of me."

"What's there to be afraid of? Ruby lead you around by the nose and that slut was nothing." The demon spat.

Sam glared at the demon. "Maybe I just need to give you something to be afraid of then."

"He is beneath your notice." Alistair said taking a step forward. "I can straighten him out with no effort at all. You should not concern yourself with trivialities like him."

"No Alistair, I should. If you deal with him they will fear you and continue to think they can ignore me." Sam said. "They need to learn that none of them are beneath my notice. No demon has ever been beneath my notice. I sent a lot of them back here when they were topside. I think they have forgotten what Winchesters are capable of."

"Sam." Dean stood up.

"It's cool Dean." Sam said as he stepped forward toward the edge of the stage. "So why don't you come show me how weak I am?" Sam taunted the demon. "I'm right here."

Several demons began shifting uncomfortably in their already uncomfortable seats. Those closest to the troublemaker began cringing away from him.

"So what are you waiting for?" Sam asked. "Or are you all talk?"

Dean started forward only to find Alistair's hand holding him back. "Sam has to handle this if he is going to gain their respect. Don't interfere."

The demon stood up and looked around then snorted. "You fear him? He's nothing but Lucifer's little bitch!"

Another demon spoke up. "Fool! Sam Winchester freed Lucifer from his cage and then imprisoned him again along with Michael! He stripped Crowley of his power and would have made him human! He may be human, but any human powerful enough to confine the two most powerful Archangels and render Crowley powerless? I have no death wish."

"So at least one of you remembers." Sam said. "But he obviously doesn't. I'm still waiting." Sam addressed the heckler.

The demon snarled and smoked toward the stage. Sam stood his ground and when the demon was almost within striking range, the young hunter held up his hand. It was like the demon collided with a brick wall.

"You are not willing to serve me, so you will serve as an example." Sam said as his eyes changed. The demons present gasped. Demonic eyes had colors that denoted rank, function and power level; red, black, yellow and white. Sam's eyes were none of those colors, instead changing to a solid icy blue, a color seen only in the eyes of angels.

The demon screamed as Sam closed his fist, beginning to smoke but not in a good way. Sam's expression never changed as the demon burst into flames.

Spicy raised an eyebrow. Alistair smirked. Lilith gulped and Dean looked at his brother and said "Damn Sam!"

Michael walked a circle around the construct inspecting it. Gabriel and Lucifer had done an amazing job in creating it. If Michael didn't know what it was he would have sworn on father's throne that Samael stood before him, grace and all.

"What about his true form?" Michael asked.

"A bit more difficult, but possible." Gabriel said strain evident in his voice. Hel dabbed the sweat from Gabriel's forehead with a damp cloth.

"Then we will work with this form." Michael said. "The effort to create this imitation is a strain on both you and Lucifer. I see no reason to make things more difficult."

"It is a bit of a workout." Lucifer agreed. "Now that it is formed Fenrir and Jormunganr can help us maintain it. That will ease the strain somewhat."

Raphael stood to the side. "That is good. Your grace is stressed beyond anything I have ever seen before. I do not know if this may damage it or not."

"Yeah well we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." Gabriel said. "Right now we need to take care of the hell bitch."

"Nice," Meg said as she entered the room. "You guys made a tree topper and Sam just made all of hell shit themselves. Looks like we have a new classification of demon that's all Sam, blue eyed demon."

"What happened?" Michael asked.

"Some low level idiot decided to challenge his authority." Meg said. "Sam smote the crap out of him."

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