When Angels Fall

Chapter 120

"You mean he exorcised the demon." Michael corrected.

"No I meant exactly what I said." Meg insisted. "Sam completely destroyed it and didn't even break a sweat. Burnt it to a crisp. Alistair said there wasn't enough of it left over to suck up with a dust buster. Then Sam sauntered over and plopped his ass on Lucifer's throne and asked if anyone else had a problem with his position. Needless to say you could have heard a pin drop."

"So Sam has taken hell in hand?" Lucifer asked. "Good."

"Are you kidding? They're tripping all over themselves trying to kiss Sam Winchester's ass right now." Meg said. "I have to admit. I had a feeling about Sam when I first met him. John was a scary human too. I think it's just something that runs in the Winchester blood, like a Staph infection."

"I am intrigued by this 'blue eyed demon' description." Raphael said. "You mean his eyes glowed blue."

"Like Clarence's when he gets all hot and bothered? No, from Alistair's description, Sam's eyes went demonic; one single solid color, ice blue." Meg said.

"That's impossible!" Michael said. "White eyes, Yellow eyes, Red eyes and Black eyes. Those are the only demonic eye colors."

"Maybe not." Gabriel said. "Sammy is something new. He already has a guaranteed spot among the Guardians like Dean, but he's also the Boy King of Hell. Angel on one hand, demon on the other; maybe his eyes tell the story. You know blue like grace, but solid like a demon."

"Like some Demonic/Angelic hybrid?" Lucifer asked.

"It's as good an explanation as any." Gabriel shrugged. "And you did give him one hell of a shot of grace a while back. I have to admit I would have loved to have seen the looks on some of those demons faces."

"Lucifer did you know this was going to happen when we saved him?" Michael asked.

"Actually no. I figured he'd be like he was when he was guzzling the demon blood. Standard black eye demonic reaction." Lucifer said. "It must be from the old man's little gift of guardian angelship."

"And now we will open heaven to a demon." Raphael shook his head. "Things have become too convoluted. We ally ourselves with demons. We have opened the gates for a werewolf, we hold the gate open for a vampire and now we will have a demon coming and going at will."

"You know Sam didn't ask for this, none of it." Gabriel said. "We all either assisted in or stood by and watched as an innocent soul, but more importantly a helpless infant soul was corrupted and damned to hell because of some crap Dad spouted off in snit eons ago. I for one figure Sam deserves an all access pass."

"Father must agree with you, look at all the help he gave them stopping the apocalypse. And he brought Castiel back both times he was smote by an Archangel." Lucifer said. "What I want to know is how you guys could be so dense. And Jeez-Louise Raphael, don't you know your own father when you see him? Chuck Shurley, really?"

"In my defense, I'm not the only one." Raphael said. "As I recall, someone in this room spent a significant amount of time with Samuel Colt."

"Hey don't drag me into this." Gabriel protested. "I'm probably the only one out of the four of us that never claimed to be brilliant."

"Who is it that always ran around the garden spouting off about how awesome he was again?" Lucifer snorted.

"Of course I'm the most awesome one of us." Gabriel smirked. "But Awesome and brilliant are two different things. That's why I decided to be awesome and let the rest of you fight over the brilliance."

Thor entered the room a scowl on his face, "An emissary from your Zachariah has arrived. However I must say that I don't approve of using children in this manner."

"Speak for yourself. I was around to build the creator's throne." Nathaniel said. "Don't confuse the angel with the vessel."

"Well you have to admit your vessel is young." Michael said. "What news from Zachariah?"

"He has located Abaddon. But before you get all caught up in that, I need to consult with the scribe." Nathaniel said. "When we first built the throne we drafted several plans, they were given to Metatron for safekeeping. I need those plans if we are to rebuild the throne."

"Thor can take you to him." Gabriel said. "But for now where is Abaddon, we've drafted our own plans and locating the hell bitch is key."

Nathaniel walked over to Gabriel and placed a hand on his shoulder sharing the information Zachariah had passed on to him. Through their combined grace all of the Archangels received the information.

Michael spoke up. "She is not too far from where we want her. I believe that our trap may very well work."

Abaddon sat at the bar watching the humans incensed with greed, pumping money into the slot machines located just outside in the hallway. The sweet sound of sin. It was amazing the mentality of these humans. So stupid, so weak. It reminded her why she and others like her saw humans as nothing.

They were self-destructive in the extreme, and then blamed their problems on Lucifer, on God, on anything but themselves. She looked around the concourse wondering which of these pitiful excuses would make good meat suits. After the last encounter with angels she had lost a lot of her followers, most destroyed but a few had managed to survive and now needed bodies in order to be of any use.

And with the way these humans in Las Vegas wallowed in sin, Abaddon could get a head start on warping a few more souls and adding to her army.

The Gemini had finally picked up Abaddon's scent once again. Now 30 strong, a group of identical men sat quietly on a Greyhound bus traveling west along Interstate 10. A nervous driver glanced in the rear view mirror.

"I um, I can drive anymore. I'm about to fall asleep at the wheel and we are just getting to El Paso. There's till hours of Driving ahead of us to get to Las Vegas." The driver said timidly. "Just let me pull over into a rest stop, just for a little bit."

"You wish to rest." One of the clones said from the seat behind the driver.

"I have to rest. I've been driving non-stop for 18 hours." The driver said.

"Then you may stop the bus." The Gemini said.

"Thank you." The driver said as he pulled the vehicle into the next rest area.

The Gemini stood up from his seat and stopped standing next to the driver. "Of course this means that you are no longer of any use to us." The Gemini moved quickly grabbing the driver, a long spike burrowing its way into the driver's skull. "Of course I can't let my chance to bag a skin walker pass either. Remember my promise not to kill you was based on you being of use." The Gemini allowed the body to drop to the floor and stepped over it settling into the driver's seat. He engaged the gears and pulled the bus back onto the highway heading west.

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