When Angels Fall

Chapter 121

"Alright prophet, time to suit up." Balthazar said as he appeared in the bunker with the armor that He and Virgil had fitted Kevin with.

"What? Come on that stuff weighs a ton and I can't move in it. The bunker is full of angels and pagan gods, I think I'm safe." Kevin protested.

"Same thing a bunch of fools said as they boarded the damned Titanic," Balthazar countered. "And I think we all know what happened to them. Father knows Celine Dion won't let us forget. Now put on the armor."

Freya who was standing on the other side of the room next to Benny added her two cents. "Balthazar has a point. It's best to don your armor before the battle begins."

Dean and Sam came into the room. The two were dressed as they would for the ganking portion of any hunt. The colt was tucked into Dean's waistband and Sam was tucking an angel blade into his jacket.

"You sure you don't want me to come with?" Benny asked. "Not that I don't think you can handle a bunch of demons, but another pair of eyes at your back can't hurt."

"Nah, Balthazar will be there." Dean said. "Besides, Clarence and his thorny beauty could use a chaperone." Dean said.

Benny chuckled. "Well people do tend to get side tracked when Death is looming over them."

"Are we ready?" Balthazar asked.

"Just waiting for Michael to give the word." Sam said. "Then it's a coordinated attack on all of her forces at the same time."

Michael suddenly appeared. "As soon as Gemini is in position, we strike. Gabriel and Lucifer are ready to send their duplicate to her."

"Not that I think your plan stinks; but she's not stupid." Sam said. "Do you really think you can get her to strand herself in the middle of Bonneville Salt Flats?"

"We aren't the ones who will get her to do it, Samael is." Michael explained. And with Gemini as an immediate threat, I'm sure she will follow his council, she always has. If everyone does their part, Samel will be the only help she has. Her forces will be too busy engaged in battle to offer her assistance."

"Once we isolate her she really won't have any other option." Balthazar said as he joined them.

Raphael suddenly appeared on a bus that had just entered the outskirts of Las Vegas. "You should begin dropping off your passengers. Having 30 identical men step off of a bus in a single area would raise suspicion that we cannot afford."

"Do you seek to order me?" Gemini asked.

"A simple suggestion, nothing more." The Archangel said. "If the locals become alarmed, she will become alarmed, and you will lose your chance to make the kill."

"A precaution then?" Gemini asked.

"Yes, once you have deployed yourself, we will assist you by engaging the demons that are not with her at this time." Raphael said. "Once you have hunted them, there will be nothing between you and her."

Gemini smiled and brought the bus to a halt. He opened the door and two of the copies stood up from their seats and exited the bus. "I see the wisdom behind your suggestion."

"I will notify Michael when they have all been deployed." Raphael said gesturing at the seats behind him before disappearing in a flutter of feathers.

"Michael, There has been a development." Zachariah said as he popped into the foyer where everyone was gathered waiting to implement all of their plans.

"Will it change our plans?" Michael asked.

"I cannot say at this point, but I have noticed several disappearances among Abaddon's forces." Zachariah said. "I find it disturbing. It is not so many as to suggest an attack of some sort, simply a demon or two here or there."

"So, considering what you know of the situation, give me your best guess." Michael said.

"My best guess, she is pulling a handful of demons to sneak attack a specific target." Zachariah stated. "She has been consolidating forces around Lebanon, Lawrence, Las Vegas and New York. I believe the redeployment of her forces was meant to cover the missing demons."

"Best guess, what is her specific target?" Gabriel asked as he and Lucifer appeared having been alerted to the fact that Zachariah had come to personally make a report. "You didn't come all the way here without having already come to conclusions."

"I would hazard a guess that she intends to attack hell." Zachariah said. "She knows that the Archangels have all returned and that heaven has been restored. She does not currently possess the might to attack heaven, but she could be hoping that Lucifer has not yet consolidated his power in hell allowing for weaknesses that she could exploit. Conquering hell would give her enough power to challenge the host."

"We need to let Sam know." Lucifer said. "If she has pulled specific demons to send, it will be the most dangerous ones."

"I believe that Sam will be expecting danger from Abaddon's forces." Castiel said. "Sam has Dean by his side and they have experience beyond their years in dealing with Demons."

"Sam is also a level of demon they haven't seen before." Meg said. "Abaddon is leading all black eyed demons."

"Meg, you are a black eyed demon, and I wouldn't say that you're a pushover." Lucifer spoke.

"True, but messing with little Sammy Winchester right now is a whole new level of stupid for anyone except maybe Abaddon herself." Meg said. "And to be honest, we don't even know what he's capable of yet."

"Well let's not make this our experiment to find out." Michael said. "Castiel, spread the word to start the assault now. Raphael immediately after our forces advance, send in the Gemini. Once she has been cornered it will be up to the two of you to lead her to Utah. I will insure that the salt is covered, get her to the spot where we want her and I will remove the dirt cover from the salt flats."

"Then we smite the shit out of the bitch?" Gabriel asked hopefully.

Michael nodded. "Then we smite the shit out of the bitch." Michael agreed.

"Oh gross." Dean said as he looked at the floor of the tunnel Balthazar and Lilith were leading them down. "What is that crap?"

"I believe that you've correctly identified it Winchester, it is crap." Balthazar said.

"This is the tunnel that the Hellhounds use." Lilith smirked. "We don't exactly go through the trouble of housebreaking them you know?"

"Yeah, well maybe you should rethink that." Dean said as he bent over trying to scrape Hellhound crap off of the bottom of his shoe.

"Dean move!" Sam said giving Dean a shove causing him to land in a pile of dogshit. Meanwhile Balthazar had disappeared only to reappear with a struggling demon in his grip.

Lilith took a step toward the demon. "Well aren't you a surprise? I didn't think demons were capable of having a death wish."

"Is that what you think?" The demon laughed. "I don't have a death wish; I have been given the honor of dying in her service."

"Shit!" Balthazar yelled and pressed to fingers to the demons forehead as the demon was in the process of disappearing, it exploded.

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