When Angels Fall

Chapter 122

"Sam, you can get off me now." Dean said in a strangled voice. "Now I know why Crowley calls you a moose, you weigh a friggen ton."

Sam pushed himself to his feet and reached down to help Dean up. "You okay Dean?"

"Dude, I'm covered in Hellhound crap! What do you think?!" Dean said as he tried to pull his T-shirt away from his skin.

A bright flash went off and Balthazar chuckled while Dean glared at him. "What? It's not every day I get to see a shit wrapped Winchester, I'm just preserving the moment for posterity." Balthazar waved the camera in amusement before making it disappear to somewhere.

"What was that all about?" Lilith demanded as she waited for her skin to stop smoking.

Balthazar plucked a sliver of wood from his arm. "Joshua tree wood and Dead Sea Salt, not fatal; but enough to cause one hell of an uncomfortable experience for a demon."

"Did we just run into demon Achmed the Dead Terrorist?" Dean asked. "Seriously? Abaddon has suicide bomber demons?"

"It would appear so." Balthazar said "But she has to know that wouldn't stop us. It's a delaying tactic."

"So why delay us?" Sam asked.

"I'll be right back." Balthazar said waving a hand at Dean and cleaning him up before disappearing. He reappeared almost before everyone had realized he was gone. "It looks like Abaddon might be making a move on hell." He stepped over and grabbed a Winchester with each hand. "Sorry boys, I don't think we have time to take the scenic route."

Gemini was having a blast. Much more fun than he had in Limbo. Las Vegas was brimming with demons and he was hunting them down and killing them where he found them. Of course there was the chance that they were not all serving Abaddon, but hey, better safe than sorry.

He was slowly working his way from the outskirts inward towards the strip. There was a concentration of demonic power that was unbelievable. His quarry was somewhere among the tourists eager to lose their savings in a city built on vice.

He looked at the provocatively dressed young woman standing in front of him and smiled. Not a demon but a ghoul. She smiled at him thinking she had found her next meal. She was about to find out that this meal bite back.

She turned and walked down an alley. Gemini followed her and was surprised when she dropped the act once out of the public eye. "Neither of us are what we pretend to be." She said. "You are a child of Eve, like I am."

"I'm less a child of Eve and more of a creation made in reward for serving her." Gemini said. "I hunt her children."

"Really? It seems to me you have been hunting demons." The ghoul countered. "All of you. I'm not the only one in town that is not a demon. We have been watching your progress. You are looking for her, the big bad demon, Abaddon."

"What do you know of Abaddon?" Gemini demanded.

"I know where she is and how to get to her. There are demons here who want her gone." The ghoul said. "They are happy with Lucifer's return to power and fear the war she would drag them into as Hell's mistress. They have no desire to face the warriors of the Host, not now when a truce has been reached between Lucifer and Michael."

"And why should I take heed of your words." Gemini said.

"This city is unique. We live here, demons and monsters under an unspoken treaty. There are more than enough human souls to go around without alerting hunters. Abaddon's arrival and now yours is upsetting the applecart." The ghouls explained. "But while you simply upset the local status quo, Abaddon will destroy everything. So you could say we choose the lesser evil."

"And if I accept your offer of help?" Gemini asked.

"The demons will take you directly to her location." The ghoul said. "What happens from there is between you and her. But we will take the opportunity to evacuate Las Vegas. I'm sure your battle will bring the attention of hunters, something we don't want."

"I accept your offer." Gemini said.

Abaddon's demonic 'special forces' had indeed made it to hell and were obviously expecting some sort of response from heaven. Balthazar was surrounded by a ring of holy fire. Several Demons who had been following Lilith were now dead. And Demons now held Sam and dean while a meat suit they had never seen before walked towards them.

"Well, I have to admit this was the last thing I could have imagined. Dean and Sam Winchester in hell together. But then again maybe I should have expected it since you Winchesters are so eager to make deals and volunteer to go to hell for each other." The young man blinked his eyes which had turned a solid yellow.

Dean blinked in disbelief while simply spat out "Azazel."

"Don't look so surprised boys. There are ways of bringing demons back that have nothing to do with God." Azazel sneered. "As a matter of fact, I'm not the only one who is back. I'm surprised you don't recognize the demon holding a knife to your brother's throat right now Sammy."

Sam glanced over at the demon holding Dean, "Brady, and Ruby." He said glancing at the demon standing over Lilith.

"Sam, after everything I did for you it wasn't very nice of you to hold me while Dean stabbed me." Ruby said. "And Brady was your best friend. I'm sure you'll understand if we're just a bit pissed with you right now."

"That little knife of yours might kill us but it doesn't destroy us. As long as our essence remains intact we can be brought back. The only way to permanently get rid of us is smiting." Brady grinned. "You have to destroy our essence."

"Control yourselves. It's not quite time for them to die yet. Not until Abaddon gives us permission." Azazel said reasonably. "But she said nothing about the demons that follow you. I have to admit, I'm surprised at their loyalty to you and Lucifer. We've had that cross dressing demon of yours and your torturer on the rack since we got here and neither one of them has broken yet. Admirable of them, but eventually they will break. Demons always do."

"About that," Sam said. "I guess they have good reason for their loyalty." Sam said blinking; his own eyes now a solid icy blue. "I guess they are more afraid of me than they are of you. After all I am second only to Lucifer."

"What the…" Azazel managed to get out before Ruby and Brady were thrown against the cavern walls like rag dolls. Dean took moment to take off his jacket and toss it on the ring of holy fire freeing Balthazar.

Lilith drew an angel blade from where ever she had hidden it. Dean pulled out the Colt. Sam stood in front of Azazel and drew himself up to his full 6'4 height. "Dean, shoot this bastard. I want a little one on one time with Brady and Ruby."

"Be glad to." Dean said pulling the trigger and watching as Azazel fell to the ground.

"Lilith would you and Balthazar go take care of Spicy and Jack." Sam said and turned his icy blue gaze on the two demons who were now cowering on their hands and knees.

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