When Angels Fall

Chapter 123

"Ruby, we do have a history don't we?" Sam said reaching down and gently pulling her to her feet. "You were always so 'giving'. You sold yourself to free Lucifer and then you got what you deserved. Did you really think you were that good in bed?"

He pulled her over to where Brady cowered. "That was a mistake on your part. Brady could have told you that you were nothing special. You weren't anything close to my type, you were just a convenient was to blow off steam. In the end I helped Dean kill you because I couldn't be bothered to care one way or the other."

Ruby drew back her hand and slapped Sam's face. "Did you really think you were special? What did you think would have happened if Lucifer had risen and gotten me to say yes in that chapel? Did you think he was going to have a common little slut like you by his side? In the long run, we did you a favor. You see when I did say yes, he was pretty pissed that you had defiled his vessel."

Sam looked at Brady, "So I have to destroy a demon's essence to get rid of you permanently? Well then let me show you a trick I've mastered since you decided to kill Jess and ruin my life, best friend."

Sam kept one hand on Ruby and held his palm out toward Azazel's body. As they watched Azazel the demon returned to the body, black smoke pouring onto the half open mouth. Azazel sat up stunned to find his meat suit alive and him in it. After all he had just been shot with The Colt.

"I know that God isn't the only way for a demon to come back Azazel, just like I know it doesn't take an angel to smite you." Sam said as he clenched his fist. "It just takes a creation of heaven and hell; it just takes the blue-eyed demon."

Sam watched impassively as Azazel's body began to smoke. The yellow eyed demon began to scream and slowly flames began to burst through the demon's skin. "I could do this quickly Azazel but quick is too good for you. You have so much to atone for. For killing my grandparents, and my parents. For dragging my dad to hell. For feeding me demon blood. For ruining the lives of all your 'special' children. You deserve to slow roast."

Ruby and Brady watched terrified while Azazel slowly burned his essence destroyed. Sam turned slowly and looked at Ruby and then glanced at Brady. "Your turn Brady. But I'll show a little mercy, I'll only make you burn for as long as you made Jess Burn. It took her almost two minutes to die."

Brady began begging as his body was dragged up the wall of the cavern and across the ceiling. The demon looked down fearfully as blood began to drip down from his abdomen. "I think you should learn the joys of demon blood Ruby." Sam said as he forced her to her knees under Brady's body so the drops of blood landed on her face. He grabbed her hair and tilted her head back forcing her mouth open so the blood fell on her tongue.

"Sam? What? Where the hell are we? Is this some Frat joke?" The demon had retreated into the background leaving the real Brady to face Sam's wrath.

"I'm sorry man." Sam said twisting his hand and breaking Brady's neck releasing the soul. The demon was left with nowhere to hide as the flames consumed it. Sam gave a disgusted grunt and flung Ruby to the floor where she also burst into flames.

He turned toward the remaining demons from Lilith's group. "Find the rest of Abaddon's followers and bring them to me in the throne room."

"Sam, what was that all about?" Dean asked quietly.

"Getting rid of a lifetime of frustration." Sam said. He turned and walked over to a door and pushed it open revealing the well-appointed administration section.

Spicy was sitting at her desk fiddling with her makeup. "Sam, my hero. I was expecting it to take a lot longer for you to get here."

"Are you alright?" Sam asked. "I don't think anyone expected Abaddon to strike this deep in hell. I'm sorry we didn't get here sooner."

"Sugar, are you stressing because I spent a little time on the rack?" The demon smirked. "Honey I spent a lot of time deep into rough trade. Abaddon's torturer is a joke."

"Indeed he is my young king." Jack said coming into the office. "Or I should say he was. I had more experience and creativity by the time I hit puberty. Thank you for sending the angel to save us, but in all honesty, Spicy and I were just keeping him occupied. Abaddon may be a threat but her followers are a joke. Any demon that could be of use to her in posing a threat has already deserted her. It's why she dug up Azazel and the rest. Her army now is pretty much down to demons and monsters that you and your brother dispatched to Purgatory."

"What, how has everything fallen apart on her like that?" Dean asked.

"Demons are nothing if not good at self-preservation; and she may be able to make a demon smoke out and send it back to hell, but she can't destroy them." Spicy said. "The simple fact is a little birdie has been spreading the story of what happened at our last assembly and well Sam; you're scarier thanNorman Bates, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddie Kruger and Hannibal Lector all rolled up into one. Demons now have a boogeyman and his name is Sam Winchester."

Gabriel reclined on the couch. Fenrir who had decided to take his wolf form was curled against Gabriel's side. Gabriel was digging his fingers into the wolf's ruff.

Lucifer sat on his own couch. "Ready little brother?"

"As I'll ever be." Gabriel said.

Fenrir let out a soft growl as Spicy appeared in the room face hidden by a huge pair of sunglasses. Gabriel did a double take used to the demon always being perfectly coordinated. "Do we have to worry about Elton John hunting you down to get his glasses back?"

"No. I just would rather not display my shiner to the world." Spicy said. "A few of Abaddon's followers made to hell. We had to keep them busy somehow until Sam got there. It seemed like Abaddon had chosen them simply because of their past history with Sam."

"Who did she send?" Lucifer demanded.

"Let's see, there was this pathetic little excuse for a femme fatale named Ruby. Some preppy neo-conservative Republican douche named Brady. And this arrogant asshole named Azazel." Spicy said.

"Azazel? Crap! Luci you should go." Gabriel said. "I'm sure Sam can handle Ruby and Brady, but Azazel is fallen."

"You're right." Lucifer said standing up. "Can you handle this?"

"Actually there's no need for you to go." Spicy spoke up "Sam took care of all of them including Azazel although I think that was pure hatred. He took a lot of frustration out on Azazel."

"Wait Sam actually smote Azazel?" Gabriel whistled. "Go Sam."

"But Sam thought you should know we've figured out that Abaddon's followers are deserting her left and right." Spicy said. "Being that she's pretty much lost every demon with some pull and is down to low level idiots and ever monster she can con, if you're going to go after her, now is the time."

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