When Angels Fall

Chapter 124

Dean was sitting in hell's library reading an unpublished issue of Busty Asian Beauties and waiting for Sam to finish his meeting with Jack the Ripper, Belarus, Alistair and Lilith. Finding out that Abaddon's forces were deserting her was a definite morale boost. Finding out that she had been bringing back demons that Sam and Dean had exorcised and or killed was troubling.

Dean was feeling a bit like a fifth wheel. Yes, they expected him to be at Sam's side but being left out of the loop was grating on Dean's nerves so it was only understandable that he almost jumped out of his skin when Chuck appeared in the seat next to him.

"Busty Asian Beauties Dean?" Chuck chuckled.

"Chuck what are you doing in hell?" Dean asked.

"Have you already forgotten who I am Dean?" Chuck asked. "I go where I want to go."

"Uh yeah so you're supposed to be God? Sorry dude I don't see it." Dean said.

Chuck laughed and went over to the bar in the corner. He picked up a decanter and poured two drinks. "Can you think of a better disguise? Not even Raphael recognized me."

"Yeah why hide from your kids? That whole Samuel Colt thing, hiding from Gabriel too?" Dean asked.

"Not particularly but when he didn't recognize me right off, I realized I could get a break from the Brat Pack." Chuck walked over and set a glass on the table next to Dean and then settled in his own chair and took a sip. "You have no idea how annoying it is to have everyone expecting you to fix their problems, hold their hands and basically plan every little detail of their lives. Getting it from humans is bad enough but when they started it," Chuck gave a general gesture in an upwards motion. "It was the last straw. They were supposed to know better."

"So you just walked out on your kids. Good going." Dean said.

"I left them to figure out how to handle their own existence. I had given them all the knowledge that I could." Chuck sighed. "It was long past time for them to learn to be responsible for themselves. Some learned and some ended up being the same immature brats they have always been."

"Like Gabriel?" Dean snorted.

"Gabriel is actually one of those that took responsibility for himself, right or wrong." Chuck said. "Also Balthazar, Castiel, actually it's a good sized group of them, those that developed free will. Then of course there was Lucifer and his ilk that saw it as nothing more than a reason to run amok. Then there was the large majority like Michael who became even more committed to expecting me to come and run their lives. They became inflexible thinking rigid adherence to a rut was the way to go." Chuck polished off his drink.

"So why come back now? You let them drag all of creation to the brink and did nothing." Dean said.

"Sometimes you have to let your children make mistakes so that they will learn. You have to let them grow up no matter how much you want to protect them." Chuck said. "Besides you and Sam did a great job in keeping them from destroying the world."

"No thanks to you." Dean snorted.

"Now that's not entirely true. I did give you a little nudge here and there." Chuck said. "The angels weren't the only ones who needed to learn to stand on their own two feet. But that is water under the bridge. I want to talk to you about Sam."

Abaddon was hiding it well, but she could see the effect that news of this 'blue-eyed' demon was causing. Abaddon had never heard of a blue eyed demon before and had at first written the rumors off as a scare tactic with no substance, however the rumors still persisted.

"My queen," A demon entered the room and bowed his head. "I believe we may have a positive development for you. One of Eve's progeny I believe. He calls himself, Gemini."

"What is he?" She questioned.

"I don't understand." The demon looked at her.

"What is he? Werewolf, Vampire, Wraith?" Abaddon said forcing her frustration down.

"Oh, I'm not sure. But he would like to see you." The demon said. "You are still looking for her children to join our cause, right?"

Abaddon sighed; disgusted with the level of demon she was being forced to recruit. No wonder they had ended up 'killed' or exorcised at the hands of the Winchesters. "Have you discovered anything about him?"

"I thought you would want to interview him." The demon said. "I am just announcing him."

"Tell me something," Abaddon started. "What exactly was your function before the Winchesters exorcised you?"

"I cleaned up around the rack. Alistair hated stepping on entrails." The demon said.

"So you're the janitor from hell? Wonderful." Abaddon pinched the bridge of her nose. "Just send him in and let me see if he's worth the time."

"What about Sam?" Dean asked.

"Well I noticed he's been doing a lot of smiting." Chuck said. "Normally I wouldn't complain about it because I did make sure that would be one of his abilities. It's just that all this smiting he's doing is more revenge than justice."

"They all earned it. Even you have to admit that." Dean said. "Or are you going to say she should have let them get by with it."

"No, no not at all." Chuck said quickly. "It's just that Sam is standing on a thin line Dean. He's got one foot in heaven and another in hell. It's not easy to balance on a razor's edge. Sam has been doing it his entire life."

"Why don't you get to the point?" Dean asked.

"Okay the point is this. It's not easy to find the kind of faith Sam Winchester has in this day and age. His life from the moment Azazel fed him demon blood as a baby; Sam has had something dark inside him. But he's also had a lot of good inside of him. He has always tried to do the right thing even when it turned out wrong. He prays more than some men of the cloth. "Chuck said. "One of the reasons I didn't do anything to stop him from saying yes to Lucifer was because I hoped he would influence my rebellious second son, and he has. But that is a double edged sword. Just like Sam has influenced Lucifer, Lucifer has influenced Sam. It's not inconceivable that he could cross the line."

"You know I already had this conversation with my own father, save Sam or kill him." Dean tossed the magazine to the side. "I'm not going to have it with you."

Is that what you think I'm going to ask you? To kill your brother?" Chuck asked.

"So that's not what you're leading up to here?" Dean snarled.

"Not at all Dean. I simply want to remind you that you are your brother's keeper." Chuck said downing the rest of his drink and standing up. "You're going to be at his side, I want to ask you to pull him back if he starts going dark side as you call it. A good start is to steer him away from using his powers. He's proven what he can do; the threat is just as effective as the action."

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