When Angels Fall

Chapter 125

Abaddon stood over the body of the Gemini and wiped the blood off of her knife. A shame he turned out to be determined to kill her. He was a hybrid of several breeds of Eve's children. The bitch obviously had gotten creative somewhere along the line.

Abaddon went to the door and opened calling one of the few demons she had left. "Get that out of here she snarled. The demons eyes widened and Abaddon slowly turned. Rising from the floor was not one, but two Gemini.

"I am not that easy to kill." They spoke in unison. "They gave me the chance to hunt you because you are a hell knight, a challenge." Gemini smiled. "So am I, killing me will not be as easy as that."

Abaddon's eyes widened. She had just killed this thing and two of them stood in front of her. She grabbed the demon pulling in front of she hissed, "Kill it!"

Abaddon quickly made her way down the hall directing every creature and demon she encountered toward the Gemini. She left the penthouse and quickly made her way to the elevator breathing a sigh of relief when she entered the car, and the doors closed beginning its descent. She sagged against the wall and closed her eyes.

"Abaddon my child, what have you gotten yourself into?"

Abaddon's eyes flew open. Standing before her was someone she never thought to see again. "Father?"

Hundreds of miles away in a bunker outside of Lebanon, Kansas Gabriel crowed in triumph. "Got the bitch!"

Michael and Zachariah communicated rapidly through their grace. Gabriel's construct was with Abaddon who had swallowed the ruse. All over, attacks on her followers began. Michael took a moment to be sure that all targets were engaged before he flew the Bonneville Salt Flats. Raphael stood in front of him when he appeared.

"Let us get this done brother." Michael said. "We must transfer just enough covering to mask the salt and its affects. Gabriel and Lucifer are leading her here Once she arrives we will remove the covering leaving her stranded on a small island of soil surrounded by miles of salt."

"And we are sure that she will willingly travel across a place of salt?" Raphael said. "Are we sure that she is as foolish as that?"

"Gabriel and Lucifer may be leading her, but it is Samael she follows." Michael said. "Let's hope that with Gemini close on her trail, she will not look too closely at the father who has been 'returned' to her."

"And what of Gemini?" Raphael asked.

"We release him into the deepest pit of hell along with those who fight on Abaddon's side and then we seal it off." Michael shrugged. "A permanent seal."

"You have not yet explained to me what is going on daughter mine." Samael said. "What is it you are running from?"

"Something that calls itself Gemini." Abaddon said as let the man's body fall to the ground. "I don't know what it is, it not only resurrected itself, it duplicated itself."

Samael frowned "You also hold life in little regard. This is not the child I left in my brother Lucifer's care."

Abaddon snorted. "Lucifer's care. That didn't last long. After you…after you left, Michael bound Lucifer and threw him into the pit and sealed it."

"Michael and Lucifer have been at odds since before your birth." Samael said as he slid into the passenger side of the now appropriated car.

"Not anymore, they are thick as thieves." Abaddon sneered. "Even Raphael and Gabriel have boarded the Love Train."

"I would consider that a good thing. They have forgiven each other." Samael suggested.

"No! It's not." Abaddon spat. "Lucifer is so full of forgiveness; he forgets you died because Michael lured you into a trap meant for him. Michael is a back stabbing bastard who will gladly shove his sword into any of his brother's back to gain the approval of God. God the wrathful. God the vengeful. God who delights in turning his children against each other. Michael doesn't deserve forgiveness!"

"And you will wage war against heaven itself when all are aligned against you?" Samael said. "It is not Michael who will suffer from your folly my child."

"Gabriel you're pushing too hard." Lucifer hissed. "You'll tip your hand."

"Relax Luci; Samael was always her moral center." Gabriel countered. "It would be suspicious if he didn't question her actions. He needs to act as much like Samael would as possible."

"Father, Jorm needs to take over now and give me a break. " Fenrir warned. "Don't try to do anything while we switch places."

"Just don't take too long." Lucifer said. "We can't afford not to respond to her."

The two pagans had just switched places when the door to the room they were in opened and they found themselves joined by a prophet wearing armor that was clearly too big, Hel brandishing her father's angel blade and Thor with his ever trusty hammer.

"Demons at the entrance to the bunker, brother." Thor explained. "Castiel, Crowley and Benny are setting up a first line of defense. Crowley wants to release the demon Jake Talley. He's willing to vouch for him."

"I'm not sure I like the idea of that one running free." Lucifer said. "Tell Crowley to bring me his blood then he can release him."

"A blood spell cast by Satan himself?" Kevin said. "Is he that dangerous?"

"It's not a question of dangerous it's a question of his actions against my vessel." Lucifer said. "Knowing he faces my judgment gives him an incentive to run. But I doubt he would run to Abaddon now. She figures he has sold her out by now."

"Well, well Abaddon run out of demons did she?" Balthazar asked the werewolf conversationally. "You know getting into this on her side is not exactly a healthy undertaking."

The werewolf snarled and launched itself at the angel. The claws raked four bloody lines across the angel's chest.

"Do you realize how much this shirt cost?" Balthazar said as the claw marks disappeared. The angel looked down at his ruined shirt. "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take the cost of a replacement out of your arse."

The angel caught the werewolf easily as it launched itself for another attack. Casually, Balthazar twisted his wrist snapping the monster's neck while his grace smote the creature. He let the body drop to the ground. "I hope it had a flea dip recently."

"You know you could at least act like it takes some effort." Lilith said.

"Why should I do that love?" Balthazar snarked. "It's much more demoralizing to know someone can kick your arse without breaking a sweat. Besides I thrive on humiliating others."

"Are you sure you're an angel?" She snorted as Balthazar manifested a glass of champagne and took a sip.

Balthazar sighed as the rest of the werewolf pack emerged from the woods. "So much for my break." Balthazar snapped his fingers vanishing the wine somewhere as he manifested his angel blade and gave it a twirl. "Since my shirt is already ruined, I guess a few more bloodstains won't make a difference."

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