When Angels Fall

Chapter 126

"Get back!" Castiel yelled grabbing Benny and shoving him backwards. Almost before Crowley and Jake could follow the order, Castiel began chanting.

"Oh ballocks!" Crowley said. "They've got humans with them."

"What makes you say that?" Benny asked.

"Well darling, the pigeon is speaking pigeon, specifically an Enochian binding spell. He wouldn't be doing that unless they have an available supply of meat suits on hand." Crowley explained.

"Crowley is correct they have humans with them." Castiel said as his angel blade slipped into his hand. "The wards have been destroyed. That is the work of humans. The spell will keep the demons from 'smoking out of their meat suits' as Dean calls it and inhabiting another."

Crowley sighed and pulled out an angel blade handing it to Jake. "I assume Uncle Sam actually taught you to fight before he sent you to the sandbox?"

"I know how to use a blade." Jake said.

"Just making sure, since they probably won't be turning their backs on you." Crowley said.

"We should move into the kitchen." Castiel said as he placed a couple of liquid filled Ziploc bags at the base of the door. "I do not thing Jake or Crowley wants to be nearby when they come through the door. Those are Kevin's 'demon bombs'."

"Clever little prophet." Crowley said. "Booby-traps on the door."

"There are more of them in this entry. Once we are clear I will activate the rest." Castiel said.

"So take out the demons and then deal with the humans." Benny said. "I can deal with that."

Garth sat up, startled by the hand on his shoulder. "Oh sorry. I must have dozed off." The hunter rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"It is understandable." Inias said. "Humans do require sleep. But I thought you would like to know, the battle has begun."

"Oh! I need to contact Sam and Dean, find out what they want me to do!" Garth said jumping up from his chair.

"There is no need. I have already been in contact with Michael. He has ordered me to remain here and assist you should we be called on to fight." Inias assured the hunter.

"So what do we do? I mean there has to be something we can do until they need our help." Garth said.

"There is always prayer." Inias answered.

Sam stalked toward the Hell Gate. He only paused long enough to accept the trident Meg offered. He hefted the weapon, testing its weight.

"Is that Lucifer's trident?" Dean asked.

"The one and only." Meg smirked. "Sam is our other king; he should be able to wield it as competently as Lucifer."

The group suddenly stopped when Jed appeared in front of them. "Jack sent me to warn you, it ain't demons at the gate. It's a bunch of monsters and they are all out for Winchester blood."

"Monsters, really?" Dean snorted. "I thought Abaddon was supposed to have this kick ass army and here we are doing our day job Sammy."

"Do not scoff, Dean Winchester." Jed said. "They are alphas, Alphas that met their demise at the hands of a Winchester."

"So they're monsters that are holding a grudge, big deal." Dean flipped open the cylinder on the Colt and checked that it was fully loaded. "I've got six magic bullets that guarantee they won't be a problem and Sam has Satan's trident; sounds like they're history to me."

"Six bullets? There's a dozens of them out there." Meg said. "Just let Sam smite them."

"No! I mean who knows how long this is going to last, right?" Dean covered his mistake. "For all we know, Sam's mojo could be a temporary side effect. We should hold off until we really need it."

Meg narrowed her eyes. "Save it for a rainy day or just keep Sam from using the abilities he's been given?"

"Shut your pie hole Meg. I was around for the entire apocalypse, remember?" Dean said. "Sam doesn't need all the hocus pocus."

"You do realize that I'm standing right here." Sam interrupted. "Dean has a point; I don't need to smite everything."

"There!" Dean crowed.

"Meg also has a point; if necessary I can and will smite everything in front of me if it will save us." Sam said firmly. "Now stop arguing."

Alistair looked at the bodies scattered on the ground. "Three vampires, two wendigos and werewolf; beat that."

"Three vampires, two werewolves, a wendigo and a siren." Uriel countered.

"Dammit! Lucky feathered bastard." Alistair grumbled. "You had a better variety. I'll catch up during the next wave."

"Good luck, you need to find a siren first." Uriel snorted.

"Maybe I'll find a djinn instead." Alistair said. "After all Sam and Dean took after their father. If it's not human, kill it."

"They do seem to be unbiased." Uriel said. "I need to check on the 'good townsfolk of Lebanon Kansas. I'm sure they are unnerved by having so many supernatural creatures descending on them."

"You do that, and I will go look for my djinn." Alistair said ask he turned and walked off toward a densely wooded area.

"Father what are we doing here?" Abaddon asked as she frowned at the sign announcing Bonneville Salt Flats was a mere 5 miles away.

"The thing that attacked you was a child of Eve was it not?" Samael asked. "Salt is protection. I'm sure that I taught you the protective properties of salt when you were barely more than a fledgling."

"Yes you did. But that was long before I became what I am. Before I accepted Lucifer's offer and became a Hell Knight." Abaddon said.

"I'm aware of your current status." Samael said.

"Then you know the effect slat will have on me." Abaddon said.

"I will keep you safe from the salt. And the salt will keep you safe from…that creature." Samael looked out of the window. "There is a road to the left, turn there."

Abaddon did as she was ordered surprised to see that the road continued on even as she began to see patches of white to each side of the car. The white patches grew larger and more numerous until the vehicle was resting on a patch of earth surrounded by salt.

"Stop here." Samael said. "Now let's talk."

Lucifer exhaled a large breath. "It is done. She is at the salt flats. Michael and Raphael are closing her escape route."

Gabriel opened his eyes. "Just in time from the sound of it." He said as he manifested his sword. "You just going to stand there Luci?"

"Sam has my trident. I figured he needed it more than I did at this point." Lucifer shrugged. "Don't worry; I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve."

"Can you handle things here Thor?" Gabriel asked.

"Go brother." Thor said as the two clasped forearms. "We will handle these demons and their human pets. Your children haven't terrified humans in a long time." Thor gestured at Hel who now stood with a large pit viper wrapped around her body and her fingers dug into Fenir's once again furry neck.

"Have fun kiddos but be careful." Gabriel said.

"We are always careful Daddy." Hel said as she kissed his cheek. "You be careful, we don't want to lose you again."

"Don't worry you won't." Gabriel snapped his fingers and he and Lucifer appeared on the salt flat next to Michael and Raphael.

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