When Angels Fall

Chapter 127

Abaddon hissed and drew out a knife at the sight of four archangels standing in front of her.

"Abaddon, it has been a long time." Michael said. "It is a shame it must be under these circumstances."

Abaddon turned to find Samael missing.

"Did you forget I'm a trickster among other things?" Gabriel said. "And Lucifer is no slouch when it comes to illusions either."

"I told father that you were capable of stooping to the level of demons in your deceit." Abaddon spat.

"Actually, we had hoped the image of your father would find and speak to some stubborn shred of decency that might remain buried deep inside you; that there would be some spark of grace that had not been twisted." Lucifer said sadly. "I grieve that we have been proven wrong."

"I'm a demon, whatever grace I had was burnt out of me long ago." Abaddon said.

"No, you chose to destroy it." Lucifer said. "I am Satan, evil personified; yet I have retained my grace. There is no demon ever created that is strong enough to take your grace from you."

Michael stepped forward. "There is no need for this to end in your death Abaddon. Redemption is still possible."

"What makes you think I want your redemption? You think I will simply roll over and kiss your ass like Lucifer?" Abaddon snarled. "I guess I am made of sterner stuff than the devil. Lucifer may go crawling to you on his hands and knees, I will not."

"What will make you rethink this mistake that you are so determined to make?" Gabriel asked.

"All I want is to see you bastards pay for massacring us. We had done no wrong but God called us evil and you couldn't wait to kill us." Abaddon said.

"Considering your actions, it seems that he was right." Raphael interrupted. "Look at you, ready to destroy the world over a grudge.

"My actions? I am not the one who sought to lure his closest brother into a trap so I could stab him in the back!" Abaddon yelled. "My father died because you wanted to kill Lucifer!"

"You're wrong. No violence was intended that day." Michael countered. "I asked Lucifer to meet me so we could talk. I wanted peace between us. I did not realize that my desire was not shared by all who followed me. Samael's death has haunted me. It should not have happened."

"Well it did and I will never forget or forgive you for taking him from me." Abaddon said. "So let's not waste any more time. I know my forces won't win, I know this. I had hoped to give you more reason to regret by destroying the Winchesters but I can still leave you with something to remember me by."

Abaddon reached down and pulled an angel blade out of her boot and jammed it into her stomach before anyone could figure out what she meant to.

"Well crap." Raphael said. "What did she mean by something to remember her by?"

Castiel looked at the humans who were suddenly looking around in confusion. A woman was cringing on the floor in terror as Fenrir growled at her. A teen whimpered with his arms over his head; Thor about to bash him in the head with hid hammer.

"Wait. They are no longer fighting." Castiel said. "They are afraid and confused. Whatever hold Abaddon had over them is gone."

Balthazar suddenly appeared with Lilith. "Well it seems that after all of our plotting and planning Abaddon decided to choke."

Jorm had returned to his human form as soon as the fighting stopped agreed. "It's like someone pulled a plug on them. They went from rabid mob to cowering mess in a split second."

Uriel watched as a vampire ran away from an old woman. The townspeople were routing the creatures that had been attacking them just moments earlier. Seeing the humans he had been charged with acting like well-trained warriors touched that spot in his grace that could be called pride; but this turn of events felt wrong.

He turned to one of the angels under his command. "Allow them the honor of defending themselves but be alert for any inkling the abominations will turn on them. I need more information about this situation."

Uriel disappeared only to reappear next to a frowning Alistair. "So they run from you also."

"It must be my winning personality." Alistair said and then kicked at the body of a dead djinn on the ground. "This thing made me chase him for a couple of miles, but I got my djinn before they all began running away."

"But this makes no sense to me. This victory is too easy." Uriel noted.

"I was thinking the same thing." Alistair agreed. "A hell knight should not be so easily vanquished."

"Uh Sammy, what did you do?" Dean asked.

"I didn't do anything. They just suddenly started running away." Sam frowned.

"Yeah, this definitely is off." Meg said. "Not Abaddon's style at all. I've known that bitch for a while and giving up is not in her vocabulary."

"So this isn't the bitch's style but it doesn't change the fact that all her minions are running for their lives right now." Dean pointed out. "Think maybe we should take the hint instead of standing here and looking stupid?"

"Yeah, maybe one of the archangels will know what's going on." Sam agreed.

The bunker was the very definition of chaos. Angels, demons and pagans all clamored for answers to the battle's abrupt ending. No one understood or trusted that the victory could be that easy. The arrival of the four archangels only turned up the volume.

"Will you all just shut your cakeholes for a minute?" Gabriel growled. "I swear I can't understand a damned thing any one of you is saying!"

"Please, Gabriel has a point. He is the angel of communication, if he can't understand you the rest of certainly cannot." Michael said waiting for the din to quiet down. "Alright, we know that you are confused. This was no victory; it was a rout with no effort on our part. After all of our planning and knowing what Abaddon was capable of; it makes no sense that she would just hand us a victory like this."

"Abaddon chose to take her own life without a fight. Right after saying something about leaving us something to remember her by." Raphael said.

"What does that mean?" Kevin asked.

"I think it would be safe to assume that it means something ominous." Thor said.

"That is exactly what we think." Lucifer agreed. "The question is what?"

Whatever Lucifer would have said next was interrupted by the ringing of Dean's phone and the arrival of a flustered Zachariah.

"We have a huge problem." The angel said to the group at the same time Garth was saying the exact same thing to Dean on the phone.

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