When Angels Fall

Chapter 12

Ash slapped his palm on the counter "Yes!" He did a fist pump. "Angel Radio is back on the air!"

"You hear them talking again?" Ellen asked.

"Well two of them. They have Metatron under control and it looks like they're trying to decide what to do with him." Ash frowned. "It looks like I'm only getting one side of the conversation though."

"Only two?" John said. "Balthazar was on his way to open the gates when I left him."

"Looks like he couldn't get them open. Something about a different spell." Ash said. "And the two angels we have on site? Gabriel, and you won't like this, Lucifer."

"Lucifer is here?" Rufus asked. "Well there goes the damned neighborhood."

"Well what are they saying?" Bobby asked.

"The other Archangels are on their way from what I can tell." Ash said. "Looks Like Lucifer thinks they should just destroy Metatron but Gabriel thinks they should remove his grace. If I'm figuring this right from what I'm hearing, Raphael thinks they should reeducate him, but the final decision is Michael's."

The door to the roadhouse swung open and Gabriel entered pushing another angel in front of him. "You know when heaven is full of angel's you've probably just been fading into the background noise. But you are the loudest group of humans I've ever come across."

Gabriel led the angel in his grasp to a chair shoved him into it and commanded "Sit! You so much as sneeze and Michael won't have to decide what to do with you because I'll end you." Gabriel glared at the angel for a couple of seconds.

"So I guess this is Metatron?" Bobby asked. "He looks like Booger."

"I never would have pegged you as a 'Revenge of the Nerds' fan, Singer." Gabriel said. "But now that you mention it, he does look like Booger. Appropriate since Booger was one disgusting human and Metatron is one disgusting angel."

"So why did you bring him here?" John asked.

"It's not that I brought him here, it's that Luci needs to speak to Henry Winchester. Balthazar said he was here." Gabriel explained.

"Why does the devil want to speak to me?" Henry asked alarmed.

"Because I need to know how you created that bullet when you were with Dean Winchester." Lucifer said as he stood in the doorway. "Abaddon is back, and your grandsons need all the help they can get against her."

"They have access to the information, they just have to find it." Henry said. "It's in the archives. There's a section in a locked room in the basement, all the information we ever gathered from Hunters. There's a box with the name Samuel Colt. It's in there along with all of his other spells and creations we could collect."

"Wait, Samuel Colt the gunsmith?" John asked.

"Yes, he was more than a gunsmith." Henry explained. "He built devil traps, hell gates and according to legend a special gun that could..."

"Kill anything." John finished. "We had the gun, Dean used it to kill Azazel."

"What? Are you saying that you had hands on it?" Henry asked. "We had been searching for it for 50 years. That bullet I created was actually meant to be fired from that particular gun, but even without the gun it was powerful enough to stop her, but not kill her. There's powerful spellwork that went into making that bullet but powerful spellwork went into making the gun too. Ancient Enochian from what I understand."

"Only Archangels know ancient Enochian, that's why it's ancient." Lucifer said turning to look at Gabriel.

"So sue me." Gabriel said. "Yeah I taught him a couple of old Enochian spells. I was kind of hoping someone would bust a cap in Azazel's ass before he manged to spring you from the cage."

"Why you little backstabbing..."

"Oh shut your cakehole Luci! As long as you were in the cage you and Mikey couldn't fight each other and I didn't have to watch you try to kill each other. Forgive me if I didn't want to watch one of you die." Gabriel said.

"I'd say that was water under the bridge. But the boys still have the Colt and they can make the bullets for it." Bobby said. "I figure that's a plus if they can use it on this Abaddon."

"Perhaps it is, but there's no guarantee that it will kill her." Henry said. "I've never faced a demon as powerful as she is."

"She's a demon, it will kill her." Lucifer said. "The only things we know of that it won't kill are the four Archangels and our father."

"The jury is still out on the Horsemen though." Gabriel said. "Death might be able to survive too. We never had any authority over him. He's pretty much Dad's equal."

"Well somebody needs to tell the idjits about the nuclear bomb they're sitting on." Bobby said.

"I've already relayed the information to Michael, he will tell them." Lucifer answered.

"You've got to be shitting me?!" Dean said. "A box full of Samuel Colt's plans and blueprints?"

"There's no need for vulgarity Dean Winchester." Raphael said. "You have just been given a blessing."

"Look I've dealt with you winged asshats long enough to know we never catch a break." Dean said. "If Colt's stuff is here then something else is going to bite us in the ass. That's just the way Winchester luck is."

"Luck can change Dean." Castiel said. "My brothers have offered you nothing but assistance."

"Yeah, so far." Dean said.

"There's an old saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth." Balthazar said. "Just take it for what it's worth, but if I were you; I'd be looking for that box right now."

"He's right Dean, we know Abaddon is out there along with all of the demons she released from hell." Sam was interrupted by a loud snore from one of the angels who had curled up asleep in the corner unable to keep his eyes open any longer. "And these guys aren't going to be any help until Metatron opens the gates so they can get their grace back."

"Uh do you think that Metatron maybe wrote his spell down somewhere?" Kevin asked. "If he did, I might be able to translate it and tell you what he did."

"A wise offer. Metatron was always conscientious about recording every thing." Raphael said. "He left a large number of writings behind when he ran, the key to the gates could be among them."

"Yes it could. Come Raphael let us go and deal with Metatron. Balthazar will show us the way and then he will return." Michael said. "Until the gracelink is reestablished, Balthazar you are the guardian of the Winchesters and the others."

"Oh joy." Balthazar snarked. "Please tell me that you're not including the demon in that order."

"Crowley is of use to us." Raphael said. "He is mostly human but if he can alert us to Abaddon's plans, working with him is to our favor."

"I knew there was a reason I liked you, Raphael." Crowley said. "You know how to put business ahead of pleasure."

"Well I guess this means we get to dig through a bunch of dusty old boxes." Dean grumbled.

Michael went over to the napping angel. Nudging him awake Michael spoke. "Verchiel, I have orders for you. You will assist the Winchesters. In my absence Balthazar is in charge. Pass these orders to the others."

The angel responded with a huge yawn before attempting to get to his feet. Reaching back the angel rubbed at a painful spot on his back. "Yes Commander."

Sam shook his head. "I think these guys need sleep right now more than we need their help, but sleeping on the floor isn't going to do them any good. We have plenty of beds and couches."

"I think you're right Sammy, Versace there..." Dean pointed at the bleary eyed angel.

"Verchiel."Castiel interrupted.

"Whatever, dude can barely keep his eyes open." Dean agreed. "You guys get some sleep for now. You can give us a hand after you get up."

"I can help." Kevin said.

"Help Castiel tuck the angels in Kevin then get some sleep yourself." Sam said. "You're going to need your energy to translate whatever the Archangels find to try to reverse Metatron's spell."

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