When Angels Fall

Chapter 13

Ellen had finally told Lucifer to come inside and sit down because the devil darkening her door was bad for business. The two Archangels were sitting at the table keeping a close eye on Metatron who still had that annoying smug grin on his face.

The hunters were all giving the VIP table as it was being called, a wide berth. Gabriel had barked out a laugh when Henry noted that Lucifer was vile, Ellen declared Metatron insane, and Bobby added that the Trickster was a pest.

Everyone looked up as the door opened and two men entered. One Black and the other a blue eyed blond.

"Adam." John yelled a got up from his seat to grab the blond.

"Well, it's Adam's body." Michael said.

"That's Michael you're hanging onto, Winchester." Gabriel said with a smirk as John pushed the other man away from him.

"I thought Dean was supposed to be your vessel?" John said and and showed everyone exactly where Sam had learned his famous bitchface.

"Well Dean wasn't too cooperative." Michael said. "Sometimes you just have to work with what you have. But since it bothers you that much..." a glow surrounded heaven's commander for a brief moment and John was staring at a much younger version of himself. "You work as a vessel too." Michael said to a stunned John Winchester.

Gabriel was guffawing and even Lucifer was trying to smother a smile.

"Not the first time I wore you, John." Michael said then snapped his fingers as if he had just recalled something. "That's right, you don't remember. I wiped your mind, and Mary's too."

The angels all watched as John regained the memory. "Sam forgave you for what you chose to do. You might want to remember that, Henry didn't have a choice."

Michael turned to the table where Metatron sat his eyes grown wide. "Metatron," Michael pulled out a chair and sat down. "What so ever shall we do with you? Our brothers have made their suggestions. Should we reeducate you? Raphael could make that an extremely painful process you know. Lucifer thinks I should just end your existence, but that wouldn't be much of a punishment. Gabriel thinks you should be handled in the Trickster way, that we should impose on you what you imposed on the rest of our siblings but you lived on Earth a long time."

"It doesn't matter now." Metatron said trying to show a little bravado. "The gates are closed and they are going to stay that way. You'll never get them open again."

"Michael reached across the table and grabbed Metatron throat dragging him across the table. "You arrogant fool! Do you realize what you have done? You have opened Heaven up to attack by demonic forces.!"

"Sam Winchester undertook the final Trial." Metatron said.

"Abaddon stepped in before he could complete it." Raphael said. "While our brethren fell she threw open the gates of hell. Demons walk the Earth unhindered, our brothers and sisters at their mercy because of you."

"No, you're lying." Metaron said as he paled.

"Like you lied to Sam." Lucifer said. "You didn't tell him what the final trial meant. You let him go forward knowing that he would die If he completed it. But Sam Winchester is alive and well. He is no longer 'resonating with the word'."

"Do you realize what will happen if Abaddon gets her hands on one of the angels?" Michael asked then waved his hand around to encompass the room. "Do you know what will happen to them and then to all of creation because of your misguided thinking?"

"You need to make this right." Gabriel said. "Tell us how to open the gates before it's too late."

"Even if I tell you, it will never happen." Metatron said. "We're doomed. We're all doomed."

"Speak Metatron. If there's the smallest chance here we need to take it." Lucifer urged.

"It has to be a human, a hunter." Metatron swallowed. "A hunter has to knowingly and willingly loose a child of Eve on the world."

Sam and Dean had been picking the locks on every door in the lower levels of the bunker. So far they had come up with squat but to be fair they were only giving each room a cursory once over. They had been hoping that the box wasn't buried under everything. But just in case Kevin, Crowley, Castiel and a handful of angels who were still awake were going behind them searching the rooms a bit more thoroughly.

Sam turned the knob on door number 7 and stood up slipping the lock pick back into the pouch. "Well lets see what we can find in here." Sam said as Dean flipped on the lights.

"Whoa Dude!" Dean said pointing to a row of boxes. "I think we found the right room."

There were boxes on top of boxes stacked to the ceiling. Row upon row of stacked boxes filled every bit of space in the room leaving only enough room to squeeze between them.

"Dean check this out." Sam gestured to a stack of boxes each bearing the name 'Campbell' and a date. Some of them dated back to the early 1500's. "Samuel said that Campbells have been hunting since the Dark Ages."

"That's one hell of a family history." Dean whistled. "I guess we have something to keep us busy after we gank Abaddon."

"Yeah, so I guess we're in the right church, we just need to find the right pew." Sam said.

"Sam, are you well?" Castiel said from the doorway. "This room is neither a house of worship nor does it contain any benches."

"It's a figure of speech Cas." Dean said. "But it looks like this is the room we want. We just have to find Samuel Colt's box."

"I will get the others." Castiel said. "We can begin moving out boxes that are not relevant. It should make it easier to find what you are looking for.

"Loose a child of Eve?" Bobby said. "You're talking about letting a monster out of Purgatory."

"That is why it will never happen. No hunter is going to release the very things that he hunts." Metatron said quietly.

"Crap." Gabriel said. "Can you see Dean-o or Sam opening the door to Purgatory and saying 'Come on in.' to some wendigo or werewolf? We are screwed with a sandpaper condom."

"You idjits giving up?" Bobby shook his head. "I would think Angels would believe in miracles."

"Do you realize the size of this miracle, Singer?" Lucifer asked. "It's not like when Ruby and Lilith tricked Sam into releasing me. It has to be done knowingly and willingly. I can't see the Winchesters going along with either of those scenarios."

"Well I can." Bobby said. "There's a vamp down there they would let out."

"You know Singer, being dead doesn't automatically mean you have to be brain dead." Gabriel said.

"They both owe him one." Bobby said. "Benny helped Dean get back after he and Castiel killed Dick Roman."

"Okay so Dean owes him one." Michael said.

"Sam too. After that damned big mouth killed me, Crowley grabbed my soul and drug me down to hell. From what Sam told me that was the second trial, save an innocent soul from hell. Only to get out of Hell we had to go through Purgatory. Crowley killed the Reaper that was supposed to pull us out. Benny let Dean kill him, send him back to Purgatory show Sam the way out. Benny stayed behind to give Sam time to get out and bring me topside so he could release me."

"Okay so there's one monster down there that they would be willing to release, that still leaves us with a bigger problem." Raphael said. "How to get in. Finding a reaper willing to take us there won't be easy and we can't open a gate for another 48 years Earth time."

"Actually, I know of a gate." Michael said. "Father showed me where it was after the Leviathans were banished. If Dean is going to go, it's better that he is with an Archangel anyway. We can stand up to the Leviathans."

Dean jumped startled first by the fact that an angel had materialized next to him and again because that angel looked like His father.

"Dammit! Michael?" Dean huffed. "What, angels change vessels like we change clothes now?"

"John Winchester was disturbed by me using Adams's body." Michael explained. But that is not important, Metatron has revealed how to open the gates of Heaven. A hunter must release a soul from Purgatory."

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