When Angels Fall

Chapter 14

"Dean, this is Purgatory you're talking about." Sam says. Dean is busy picking out the weaponry he is going to take with him.

"Yeah Sammy, I know it's Purgatory." Dean says taking down the makeshift axe he had returned with. "And it's the only way to open the gates so the angels can get back to being their normal asshat selves."

"I'm coming with you." Sam said.

"No Sammy. Just because someone has to yank Benny out doesn't mean we get to forget about Abaddon." Someone has to find Colt's box and then translate it." Dean turned and poked the handle of the axe in Castiel's direction. "The two of you need to work on that."

"Dean I'm not letting you go to Purgatory by yourself." Sam said.

"He won't be alone." Michael said popping into existence next to Castiel. "I am going with him. I know a way in and out."

Sam turned toward Michael and his jaw dropped. "Who the fuck are you?"

"Relax Sammy, it's Michael." Dean said. slipping a knife into his boot.

"So why does he suddenly look like Dad." Sam frowned.

"Your father said yes to me once long ago to save his family, when Anael tried to kill them to prevent your birth Sam." Michael explained. "When I told him who you and Dean were, his concern was for you and your mother. He said yes."

"Lets get this done." Lucifer said standing up and pulling Metatron up from his seat at the same time. "Raphael, you'll make sure that he learns his lesson?"

"I will." Raphael said. "I will remove all thoughts of disobedience and rebellion from his mind."

"Whoa, Whoa!" Metatron yelled. "I can fix it. I can reverse the spell."

"Once the gates are open we don't need you to reverse it. We can reestablish the gracelink and return their grace without your help." Gabriel said.

"Not Castiel!" Metatron said. "He'll die. And then he'll be lost. His vessel's soul isn't in there. If he doesn't get his grace back. He'll simply cease to exist."

"Well in that case we can't reeducate you, but we can do to you what you did to everyone else." Lucifer said.

"You know if we do that," Gabriel started, "He's going to need a guardian. Wouldn't want anything to happen to him. I'm thinking that maybe we should turn him over to someone who will have an interest in his well-being, at least for a little while."

"Are you suggesting that we place him in Castiel's care?" Raphael asked.

"You have to admit, it would be poetic justice." Gabriel said. "We will just make sure that Castiel needs to make sure that he doesn't end up dead. But beyond that, I'm willing to turn a blind eye."

"That's just a bit 'vengeful don't you think?" Lucifer asked.

"Not vengeful." Raphael said. "It is a true balance between transgression and atonement. But we should remove him from this place. Our mysteries are not for human eyes, or souls."

Dean was carrying the axe and a couple of knives. Michael had warned him to 'pack light' as he put it because they would have to do a bit of climbing. Dean didn't expect to be doing that climbing inside of a large cave system.

"Luray Caverns? The entrance to Purgatory is inside Luray Caverns?" Dean asked. "Dad brought us here once when we were kids, it's a damned Tourist Trap and the Gate to Purgatory is in there?"

Michael chuckled. "You humans have this habit of ignoring things while looking right at them. I think it's something father built into to protect your minds. You probably walked right by it and never noticed."

As the two watched the final car left the area. Dean started to go forward but Michael grabbed his arm. "We aren't going in that way." The two suddenly appeared next to one of the more famous formations inside the cavern.

"The fried eggs! I remember Sammy saying they looked like breakfast." Dean said looking at the strange limestone creations.

"Come, we need to go this way." Michael said leading the way deeper into the carvern and finally stopping by a sign that read 'Pluto's Chasm'. "We have to go down there." Michael said pointing into the darkness.

"Down there where?" Dean asked not seeing anything but a dark abyss.

Michael placed a hand on Dean's shoulder and the hunter could make out an eerie glow about 20 feet down from their position. "I forgot we had placed a veil over it just in case someone sensitive passed nearby. But most people ignore it or write it off in their mind as a simple trick of light."

Suddenly the Angel was gone and Dean could see him doing something with a golden rope. After a few moments he was back.

"I'm going to transport you across now. Hold on to the rope until I tell you that you can let go." Michael said. "I will be controlling our descent with my wings. There is a lot of turbulence between the gates but once we're through we will be in Purgatory. I would suggest closing your eyes otherwise you might experience some nausea."

Dean closed his eyes and wrapped his hands around the rope surprised to find it was smooth and almost slick, sliding through his hands effortlessly and painlessly. After what seemed to be just a few moments he felt solid ground beneath his feet and the angel stepping back from him.

"You can open your eyes now." Michael said as he manifested a large fiery sword. "There is no need for you to fear. None of these creatures will approach us except maybe some of the bolder Leviathan. But only the ones with a death wish will ignore an Archangel's power to attack one. Especially with the extra grace I have taken in."

Dean adjusted his grip on his axe. "Yeah well I still like knowing that I can take care of myself, Archangel or not."

Michael gave a rather indulgent smirk. "Very well Dean Winchester, lets go find your vampire."

Sam dropped into a chair at the long conference table and let out a deep breath. He leaned forward, pillowed his head on his hands and closed his eyes. He felt like he had moved hundreds of heavy boxes looking for the Samuel Colt box. This was turning into a needle in a haystack situation.

"Sam! Sleeping on the job?"

Sam groaned hearing Gabriel's way too cheerful voice.

"All tuckered out, Sammy?"

If Gabriel's voice caused a groan, Lucifer's brought on a full blown bitchface. "I should have known. As soon as I try to close my eyes." Sam sat up and glared at the two, no three angels standing in front of him. "What the hell is he doing here?" Sam demanded glaring at Metatron.

"Oh we brought Castiel a little company." Lucifer said. "And just as human as anyone else at this point. So if you guys want to smack him around a bit just make sure you don't break any bones or cause any fatal injuries. Beyond that, I say have at it."

"Don't have at it. It's still up to Michael what happens to the knucklehead." Gabriel said. "Where is Castiel?"

"Still digging through all the boxes. He ran me upstairs, threatened to knock me out for a month once he gets his mojo back." Sam yawned.

"Still haven't found Colt's stuff then?" Gabriel asked.

"No and I'm beginning to think we never will." Sam answered.

"I'll probably regret this but, Gabriel couldn't you teach Sam the same spells.?" Lucifer asked.

"Yeah I could but even I don't know how Colt used them." Gabriel said. "I simply gave him and handful of spells and he ran with them. Somehow he got them all to work together, that's what we don't know."

"Wait, you taught Colt how to build the gun and the devil's traps." Sam asked perking up the slightest bit.

"No I taught him a few spells, he figured out the rest." Gabriel said. "Even if I was to tell you the exact same thing I told him, you would need his notes to make it work.

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