When Angels Fall

Chapter 15

Crowley had finally decided he'd had enough. Ever since he had returned to 'Frostbite Falls'; he'd been the outsider. No one wanted him here, that was obvious although you would think Bullwinkle and Rocky would at least remember that Crowley had given them a hand now and then, even if it was under the table.

He was already in the conference room when he realized that Castiel was in there along with the moose, Gabriel and an angel that Crowley had only seen once before. Crowley turned around hoping to slip out before he got another reminder that he was the unwanted demon in the house.

"Crowley, you might as well come on in and sit down." Sam said pushing a chair out from the table with his foot never taking his eyes away from the new angel.

"So another angel? I'm beginning to feel like the token around here." Crowley commented.

"I refuse to sit in the same room as this demon!" The unknown angel was saying. Castiel suddenly stood up and glared down at the complaining angel.

"Gabriel has placed you in my charge. You will sit, eat, and sleep on my instructions." Castiel said. "If I tell you to sit in his lap you will, you Assbutt!"

"Ohhh You're making me tingly all over darling." Crowley said.

"Crowley, shut up." Castiel said.

"So who is the new pigeon anyway?" Crowley asked turning to look at Sam and Gabriel since Castiel was busy glaring at the other other angel. "I only met him briefly...once. He was busy stealing my prophet so as you can guess we didn't exactly have time for introductions."

"That's Metatron, God's scribe. General winged douche, feathered asshat and major pain in our asses." Sam said completely ignoring the fact that Castiel was involved in his new favorite pastime, glaring daggers through Metatron.

"See, now that is how you insult someone Castiel." Gabriel said. "Glad to know that Stanford education didn't go to waste." Gabriel unwrapped a Reeses miniature and popped it in his mouth. "And Metatron I really don't care what happens to you here as long as you can kneel before Michael when he returns. So stop whining at me, it's completely unbecoming of one who sat at the base of Dad's throne."

"We need intel." Dean said looking around. So far like Michael had predicted none of the creatures had attacked. They were very careful to go out of the way to avoid the two. "We could end up walking around down here for months trying to find him."

"I agree, we waste time we do not have." Michael disappeared. Dean spun in a circle looking for the angel and scanning for any attacking creatures.

"Perhaps this one will have information for us." Michael said as he reappeared with a struggling vampire in his grasp.

"Oh shit! Keep him away from me." The vampire said catching sight of Dean. "It's not right those Winchesters send us here and then follow us here too."

"I can protect you," Michael said. "If you tell us what we want to know."

"You want to know where the traitor is. Hopefully torn apart somewhere but I doubt it." the vampire spat. "The last time we got close that bitch of a werewolf got involved."

"Bitch of a werewolf?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, I don't know why but she helped him out. Last time anyone saw them they were near the portal."

"The portal that leads out of here? The one near that lake?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, but it won't do them any good. There's no human's here to give them a ride out." The Vampire stopped and looked at Dean. "Except you. You're going to take him out again. She won't let you. As a matter of fact as soon as she finds out that you're here she'll send every one of her children after you."

Dean quickly swing the axe separating the vampire's head from his body. "Then I guess we don't let her find out."

"Who was he speaking of, Dean?" Michael asked.

"Don't quote me here but I think maybe, Eve." Dean said.

"The Mother of all abominations? She is no threat to me and therefore no threat to you." Michael said.

"But she could be a threat to Benny." Dean spoke looking around to get his bearings.

"Even if she kills him, he won't stay dead." Michael said. "This is eternity for those who cannot enter heaven or hell. He would regenerate in time."

"Yeah but as you guys keep pointing out, we don't have time." Dean said. Looking around and settling on a direction. "I think the portal is this way."

Abaddon was quickly running out of patience. It had been days and there was no sign of the Winchesters. Her army was growing; demons now headed up gangs across the country. It was time to throw down the gauntlet.

"We have searched, my King. We simply cannot find a trace of them, anywhere." The demon said as he knelt before her.

"Then you will draw them to you." Abaddon said. "They have been trained to know demon signs by their father. Go to Lawrence Kansas. Take the town, that will bring them running. But I want you to guarantee that they will come. Find Mary Winchester's grave."

"She is beyond our reach!" The demon said.

"She may be beyond your reach, but not beyond mine." Abaddon said. "Find her grave, then I will drag her down. It is an insult that they will not ignore."

In heaven, the threat of demon attack had given the assembled hunters a purpose. Henry Winchester sat at a table with numerous papers spread across it's surface. His looked up as a glass was sat in front of him.

"Gin and tonic." John said. "It's what you always drank right?"

"Yes, thank you." Henry said eying his son warily as John sat down with a glass of whiskey in front of him.

"We should talk." John said. "You promised that you would come back."

"Yes I know. It's what I regret, letting you down." Henry said. "I wanted to come back. You don't know how badly I wanted to, but Dean was right. If I had come back you wouldn't have been the man you turned out to be, and your sons wouldn't have been the men that they turned out to be."

Henry took a sip of his drink. "You killed a major demon when Azazel died. You don't know how high up in Hell's hierarchy he was. I couldn't risk changing things so that he survived. Especially with the knowledge that I had."

"Why? What could have possibly been so bad?" John asked.

"You don't know how it was planned to happen. We had questioned several demons over the years. You were the one meant to break in hell, not Dean. Sam was supposed to break the final seal immediately after the events at Cold Oak. You threw their plans off kilter and they had to improvise."

"It still happened, Lucifer was still released from the cage." John said.

"If Abaddon's plans had gone smoothly, Lucifer would have risen before the angel's even knew what was happening except for a few traitors. He would have walked the Earth in Sam's body while Michael scrambled to catch up." Henry explained. "Instead Sam made a decision that led to his Death and Dean's deal. But before that deal came due, you killed Azazel. He was the only one other than Abaddon that knew the entire plan. Instead of things going smoothly, Lilith and Ruby had to come up with a way to manipulate Sam into breaking the seal and heaven's traitors were forced to get involved to keep Sam on the path they needed him on. I don't think anyone was expecting him to jump in the cage after all of the work they put into bringing about the Apocalypse."

"So you're saying that coming back would have changed all that?" John snorted.

"I don't know. All it would take was one small change to completely corrupt the flow of time. It was a risk I couldn't take. Not after everything the Winchesters had sacrificed." Henry said. "I'm sorry for not being there John, but I'm not sorry with the way things turned out."

"I wasn't exactly the best father. I put Sam and Dean through things no child should have to go through. And for all out butting heads over the years, Sam forgave me. He understood that I did the best that I could under the circumstances." John said. "I can't say that I'm okay with everything, but I can try."

Henry lifted his glass in a toast. "That's all any of us can do son, just try our best."

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