When Angels Fall

Chapter 16

"Behind you little girl." Benny warned his companion as his axe hacked through the neck of one of the attacking vampires. He would have loved to check on her but was hard pressed with taking care of his own ass.

"That's really no way to treat a lady." A familiar voice said behind him as the attacking vampires chose that moment to scatter. They didn't get far dropping as their heads flew off in all directions. Benny turned and came face to face with Dean Winchester.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you brother, but what are you doing here?" Benny asked.

"Did you really think I would leave you down here after you got Sam out?" Dean asked pulling the vampire into a hug. "He told me that you gave him time to get out."

"I know how much your brother means to you Dean. When I came back, I knew what I was getting into." Benny said. "Besides Sam didn't belong down here anymore than you did."

Benny's companion now joined them. She smiled at Dean as he turned toward her. "Madison?" Dean let go of the vampire to hug the werewolf.

"Dean, how's Sam?" she asked.

"He's doing good, now." Dean said. "I'm sorry Madison. I didn't know what this place was like. And you don't deserve this. You didn't ask for what happened."

"I must say that this is certainly an unusual situation." Michael said as he joined them having killed the last vampire. "Vampires and werewolves are supposed to mix like oil and water."

"Madison is not your typical werewolf and Benny isn't your typical vampire." Dean said.

"I'm aware of that." Michael said. "Very few werewolves would offer assistance to a vampire, and a vampire selflessly putting himself in harm's way for someone not of his own kind? Well I can see that they are the exceptions to the rule."

Michael smirked. "Or maybe it's the Winchester effect. You tend to influence others to your way of seeing the world."

"This ain't Castiel." Benny noted looking at the angel.

"You could say that I am the oldest of Castiel's brothers, Michael." The Archangel said offering his hand to the vampire, "And you are Benny. Dean and Sam both hold you in high regard."

Benny glanced at Dean. The Hunter shrugged. "I guess nothing changes Sam's impression of somebody like saving his ass." Dean answered the unspoken question. "Michael this is Madison. Sam and I met her a while back. She kind of got dragged into this against her will."

"Most do Dean. It's a rare individual who asks to be afflicted with the curse." Michael said. "I take it there is more to her than her willingness to work with a vampire?"

"When she found out what had happened to her..." Dean started.

"I didn't want to be a danger. Once I knew what I was, I couldn't live with that." Madison explained. "I asked them to help me. I asked Sam for the one thing that he could give me to keep me from hurting anyone else. But I hurt him."

"Madison, he understood. He wanted to do it for you, I offered but he wouldn't let me." Dean said. "He felt like it was his place."

"You asked for death to protect innocents?" Michael questioned.

"Yeah, she asked us to end it." Dean said.

Michael nodded. "Alright, we should get out of here. Time is ticking."

"What do you mean time is ticking?" Benny asked.

"We have to open the gates of Heaven, the only way to do that is to bring a soul back from Purgatory." Michael answered.

"Then take her." Benny said as he turned to Dean. "Look brother, I don't belong up there. You don't know how hard it was."

"We will take you both." Michael said. "You have also proven that you don't belong here. You are not monsters that prey on the innocent. I could not in good conscience leave either of you here."

"What does that mean?" Dean asked. "I mean there are innocent souls in hell, there are probably even more here."

"But they have not been revealed to me as these two have." Michael answered. "One of my additional duties is to rescue innocent souls when they are revealed."

"When you say 'rescue'..." Dean asked.

"Send them to heaven." Michael explained. "It is even more important now that we open the gates."

Benny was walking toward the portal. "So when we get topside, what happens."

"I promised you that we would fix things Benny. We will." Dean said.

"And Madison will go home." Michael added. "This is your portal. Dean do the spell now and then go through. I will meet you in the place you call Maine."

Sam entered the kitchen just in time to see Balthazar closing the massive industrial sized refrigerator door.

"Uh, that's not our fridge." Sam said.

"No yours was entirely too small." Balthazar said. "Very little storage space. Between your rabbit food and the um supplies I just laid in, the blasted door wouldn't close."

"What supplies?" Sam asked as he opened the door and saw an entire shelf filled with blood bags. Picking one up he saw the Red Cross label. "What did you do? Hold up a blood bank?"

"Essentially, yes. All of it would have been destroyed at the end of the week but I figured it could be put to better use with a pet vampire moving in." Balthazar said. "I still can't believe that the two of you are agreeing with pulling a vampire out of Purgatory."

"Benny is an okay guy." Sam said.

Their discussion was interrupted by Metatron entering the kitchen followed by a scowling Castiel, who was followed by a smirking Crowley.

"I have to give you credit Metatron," Crowley was snarking. "I didn't believe that there was a being on Earth that could possibly be more reviled than me in this little fallout shelter, but you managed it. So tell me, how does one go from being the big man's personal secretary to the most hated angel in the history of creation again? Even Lucifer is Mr Popularity compared to you."

Gabriel popped into the kitchen next to Sam. "I have to admit, I had no idea that Castiel was hiding such a mean streak." Gabriel chuckled. "By now he would have normally punched Crowley, but when he realized that Crowley delights in getting under Metatron's skin, he came to an agreement with him. Crowley gets free run to annoy Metatron and Castiel gets to enjoy Metatron's discomfort."

"Isn't that well, opposite to angelic behavior?" Sam asked with a frown.

"Actually kiddo, no it's not. It's completely normal angelic behavior." Gabriel said.

"Forget that whole Hallmark image, all that is, is a good marketing campaign." Balthazar said. "Haven't you read the bible? We're spiteful on our good days."

"And we level entire cities, flood the entire world and slaughter millions on our bad days." Gabriel snarked. "But only when it's deserved."

"I guess we have been around Cas for so long it just seems wrong seeing him like this." Sam said.

"What Metatron did was an assault on every angel in heaven, and he used Castiel to do it." Gabriel said. "If anything Sam, you should be able to relate. After all Lilith and Ruby used you to pop Luci out of the box. How many times have you wished you could get a little payback on them over the years?"

"Cassie's heart was in the right place," Balthazar said. "Metatron knew that and took advantage of it. He's lucky it's Castiel, he'd have a lot more bruises if he had done it to me."

"Oh he's got bruises coming up." Gabriel said. "He still has to face Michael. That is going to make this look like nothing. He'll be lucky if Michael just destroys his grace."

Lucifer took that moment to pop into the kitchen. "Just a heads up, Winchester just came through a portal in Maine."

"Did he manage to bring the vampire back?" Gabriel asked.

"I guess he wanted a little insurance in getting those gates open." Lucifer said. "He brought the vampire back and a werewolf for good measure."

"A werewolf?" Balthazar asked. "My, you Winchesters do have a lot of friends in the supernatural world don't you?"

Lucifer turned to Sam, "Does the name Madison ring any bells?"

Sam dropped down into a chair. "Madison? She...that's good."

"He's on his way to Louisiana with Michael. Something about the Lafitte family plot to reunite Benny with his body." Lucifer said. "If it works, Madison will be the first soul through the gates."

"You're going to let her into heaven?" Sam asked. "I thought, I thought she had to go to Purgatory."

"Nah, no more than you do Sam." Gabriel said. "When your time comes, you go up. Your soul is pure. I mean they let Samuel Campbell in and he's got a lot more tarnish on his everlasting soul than you do."

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