When Angels Fall

Chapter 17

Dean looked down at the open grave. Rolling up his sleeve he sliced open his left arm and held it over the hole as blood and the very essence of a vampire spilled out onto the body.

"You know brother, we're going to have to stop this before we make it a habit." Benny said where he stood off to the side of his grave smiling.

Dean gave a grin and enveloped the vampire in a hug. "Yeah, I told you come back with Sam!"

"I know I got your little brother out of there, but that doesn't mean we're going to be best friends." Benny said. "I know how Sam felt about me, it's not gonna change overnight."

"Sam was just as insistent as Dean that we bring you back." Michael said. "He was prepared to go to Purgatory along with Dean. If the situation that we're in wasn't so dire, I believe that nothing would have kept him here."

"So Heaven's gate?" Dean said. "It's open right? We can send Madison upstairs." Dean began rolling up his other sleeve.

"Wait. We should confirm that it's open before you release her." Michael said. "Raphael is there I will have him check. For now, lets return to your Batcave." Michael said grabbing both men and disappearing.

"Abaddon, I was sent to tell you that we have found it, the grave of Mary Winchester." The demon said bowing low to the ground.

"Good, the Winchesters will soon be in our grasp." Abaddon said. "Take me to it."

The demon stood and nodded as the two disappeared only to reappear at a graveside just outside of Lawrence Kansas. Abaddon smiled down at the ground. "You of all people should have known better, Mary. To make a deal with a demon. It caused your death and now it will cause the death of your sons, as they caused the death of our Lord Lucifer. As he does not exist so Sam and Dean Winchester will not exist. I will scatter their very souls to the far reaches of the cosmos while you watch.."

She turned to the demon. "You know the items that I need, bring them and we will raise this bitch."

"Sam you are not going; now sit your overgrown ass down!" Gabriel said. "And where in the hell is that demon when you need him?"

"Probably harassing Metatron which seems to be his favorite activity these days." Balthazar said. "I'll see if I can find him. Although I don't know why he hasn't warned us about this. He must have felt Demon signs of this magnitude."

"Gabriel we can't just sit here!" Sam was arguing. "They are planning something! Something big."

"I know they are planning something," Gabriel said. "But use that overgrown Cro Magnon brain of yours, we don't know what Abaddon is planning and rushing in there blind is Dean level stupid. We need more information first. In case you haven't noticed, heaven isn't exactly operating from a place of power right now." Gabriel pushed the hunter down into a chair and snapped his fingers pinning him there.

"We're out manned and out gunned until we can get the others powered up, but they are angel's Sam. It's their duty to protect mankind, and that hasn't changed for all that they are practically human right now." Gabriel explained. "If we go rushing in there, they will be slaughtered. They can't face a Hell knight powerless!"

Balthazar returned with Crowley. "I found him."

"I supposed you're wanting to know what Abaddon is up to?" Crowley asked raising an eyebrow.

"No shit Sherlock!" Gabriel snarked. "So how about you earn your keep and fill us in."

"Well at the moment she is chasing her tail." Crowley said uncomfortable.

"What do you mean she's Chasing her tail?" Sam asked. "Have you noticed the demon signs around Lawrence?"

"Of course I have Moose! I'm not an idiot!" Crowley said. "Right now she's looking for something, but she won't find it there."

"Crowley you're making no sense at all." Balthazar said.

"Yes, well control the Moose and I'll explain." Crowley said.

Gabriel looked at Crowley and then looked at Sam.

"What did you do Crowley?" Sam asked quietly with an undercurrent of menace.

"She's looking for Mommy Winchester!" Crowley said. "But she won't find her. I uh, grabbed her bones and put her in a safe place months ago."

Sam was fighting to get out of the chair. "You did what!? I swear Crowley I'm going to snap your neck with my bare hands!"

"Oh calm down Moose, I did you a solid." Crowley snarked. "If I hadn't felt the need to take out a little insurance, Abaddon would be raising Mary Winchester from the grave to use as a hostage right now!"

"Where is she?" Gabriel asked.

"In an unmarked grave that only I know the location of." Crowley answered. "So moose, you kill me and your Mommy's bones will be out there somewhere lost for all time."

Sam went off in a tirade, yelling and threatening Crowley until Balthazar reached out and placed two fingers against his forehead knocking him unconscious.

Michael materialized with Dean and Benny at that precise moment. The archangel gave a look of confusion at the scene. "It seems that I have missed some excitement." He raised an eyebrow in question at Gabriel.

Gabriel grabbed Crowley nodded at his brother and disappeared into the basement to fill Michael in. Dean looked at Sam slumped in the chair. "Balthazar? You want to tell me what is going on here?"

"Little Sammy was cranky, I just put him down for a nap. Supplies are in the fridge." Balthazar said, snapping his fingers and disappearing.

"So Dean maybe there's more going on here than opening the gates of Heaven?" Benny asked as Dean went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bag of blood and tossed it to the vampire.

"Yeah, a lot more going on. All of the Archangels are back, all of the other angels have fallen and there's a Hell knight on the loose." Dean said. "A normal day in a Winchester's life."

Dean Winchester has accomplished his task and yet the gates do not open, Raphael thought to himself knowing that his brothers would hear his thoughts through his grace. There must be more to this, perhaps He should have released a different creature?

No Michael thought, he released two different creatures, the vampire and a werewolf. By the way the werewolf is granted entry into heaven, once we get the gates opened. He added.

Are we letting in Purgatory's minions now? Lucifer thought. A werewolf belongs in Purgatory not heaven.

She is an innocent soul, Michael explained. She requested death once she knew what she was. Her death occurred before she killed a victim with knowledge.

Yeah, yeah Gabriel added his two cents. Lets argue about the appropriateness of werewolf heaven later. Abaddon is on the move remember? She has taken over the town of Lawrence Kansas looking for Mary Winchester's grave. Luckily Crowley being the demon he was saved our bacon on that one. He stashed Mary's bones somewhere and he's not telling us where.

Why would Abaddon seek the bones of the vessel's mother? Raphael asked.

Can you think of a better way to get Sam and Dean running right to her? They both have Mama issues due to her death. As far as those two are concerned Mary Winchester is the Madonna herself. Balthazar added.

Then Mary will need added protection, I will go to her now and explain to the hunters what is happening.

Very well and it is long overdue that I have a talk with Metatron Michael added.

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