When Angels Fall

Chapter 18

If there was one thing that every angel in heaven knew without a doubt, it was to make themselves scarce when their commander started acting in an extremely sweet manner. Not that Michael wasn't kind to the them, but saccharine sweetness was a big red flag.

When Michael entered the conference room with Gabriel at his side, it quickly became apparent that heaven's commander was being so sweet it was even giving the Trickster a toothache.

"Castiel," Gabriel said softly. "I think you and Crowley should probably make yourself scarce."

Castiel seeing Michael's expression quickly agreed. "I believe that I should go welcome Benny back to Earth." Castiel said grabbing Crowley's arm and dragging him out of the room into the Kitchen where two more Archangels had materialized. Lucifer looked at Castiel's face. "Michael is in a smiting mood, I take it."

"Metatron has certainly earned it if it is what Michael decides." Raphael said. "Metatron deserves an extreme punishment for his actions. An example must be made, not just to deter others but to demonstrate our dedication to the Seraphs. We have all been so engrossed in other things that we have neglected this."

"Yeah well four Archangels ganging up on a secretary should certainly get the point across." Lucifer snarked. "No matter what you hear, don't come in. It's probably going to get ugly." Lucifer told those in the kitchen before pulling the sliding wood doors closed.

Castiel was eying the doors warily. "The Archangels have never closed themselves off from us when discussing an angel's transgressions."

"So they just wave everybody's dirty laundry around?" Dean asked.

"I do not understand the comparison of sins to a housekeeping task." Castiel said.

"Well Christmas shopping for you is going to be a breeze," Crowley said. "A dictionary of common references would come in handy."

"What Dean was saying, was that the Archangels basically tell everyone's business to everyone else, no privacy." Sam explained.

"Angels are joined by a bond of communal grace." Castiel said. "There are no secrets in heaven when it comes to an angel's transgressions. Especially one of the magnitude of Metatron's crime."

"Maybe they aren't hiding anything," Kevin suggested. "Maybe you just can't hear them because you lost your grace,"

"Well look at Professor Peabody!" Crowley said. "I really don't think the angel needs you to tell him that. I'm sure he already fihured out that he's powerless."

Metatron watched as the Archangels all took seats on the other side of the table from him. They had automatically arranged themselves as they would for a formal tribunal with Michael and Lucifer in the center. Raphael sat to Michael's right while Gabriel sat to Lucifer's left. So it was sentencing time.

"Am I allowed to speak in my defense?" Metatron asked.

Gabriel reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver chain with a glowing vial at the end. He dangled it on his finger for a moment before handing it to Michael. Michael looked at the vial for a moment before slipping the chain around his neck.

"You have not been very helpful thus far, it seems to me that you attempt to avoid punishment rather than atone for your actions. Raphael said. "The gates of Heaven remain sealed even after Dean Winchester more than filled the terms of your challenge."

"And Castiel is still a soulless, graceless apparition of his former self." Lucifer said. "Nothing has been fixed."

"Wait!" Raphael said. "There is no one to witness these events. Metatron would normally do so, but he is the accused."

"You are right Brother, We do need a witness." Micheal said. "Someone impartial. summon the vampire, Gabriel."

Gabriel snapped his fingers, and a confused looking Benny was spinning around in a circle as if under attack.

"Relax Benny," Michael told him. "Please take a seat. We have decided that you will bear witness to this tribunal. You are the closest we can find to an impartial observer."

"So this isn't about hiding what you're doing?" Benny asked as he sat.

"No, Balthazar having his grace is aware of the proceedings, the others are not. You will be able to tell others that we are fair in our treatment of this affront to Heaven and our Father's generosity." Michael explained and then turned to the youngest Archangel, "Gabriel."

Gabriel took a deep breath and sat up straight the seriousness of his expression oddly out of place on his normally smirking face. "Let it be known by the host that Metatron has been brought before the elders and appointed Chief angels of Heaven for crimes against the host including Blasphemy. He has committed multiple counts of Murder by rendering all angels helpless against human and demon alike. He has cast down the holy and sealed the gates against them by assaulting the grace of Castiel, Angel of Thursday. He has neglected his duty to Father's favorites by failing to advise Samuel Winchester of the true state of his health and by removing the protection Father decreed for the human souls in heaven. By his actions he has allowed the gates of hell to open spilling demons onto the human plane.

Metatron you have been called before us to learn the consequences of your sin."

"Your sins still stand Metatron. The angels are still barred from their home and the human souls are still unprotected. Not to mention that Castiel is still completely graceless." Michael said. "So lets start with something simple, where is Castiel's grace?"

"I can show you where it is. It's in heaven. I needed it to perform the spell that turned the angels." Metatron answered.

"Where in heaven?" Lucifer asked. "It's a big place."

"If I tell you, you will simply smite me." Metatron answered.

"Self preservation is so not the way to go here." Gabriel said. "It's really not impressing us. As a matter of fact I can tell you that it's pissing me right the hell off."

"You know," Michael said sweetly. "I begin to think that is your goal. You goad our wrath and hope that we will smite you. Your spell would stand. You have said that you can reverse the spell yet you have made no attempt to do so. You have told us how to open the gates and yet they remain closed."

"There's an incantation that needs to be spoken." Metatron said.

"You didn't tell us that Metatron." Lucifer pointed out. "You simply said we had to loose a child of Eve on the world. What is the incantation?"

"Your Winchester should know it." Metatron said. "Heaven is the reverse of hell after all. Dean Winchester speaks the incantation, and the gates open."

"Balthazar will pass that information on to Dean while we wait. Understand that a lie will be dealt with." Michael said. "In the meantime lets talk about you reversing your spell."

"I can't. At least not from here. I have to be in heaven to do that." Metatron said.

"Do you think that you deserve to return to our home?" Gabriel said. "You attacked your family without warning and for no reason!"

"I had my reasons!" Metatron said.

"To set them up as gods because you missed God?" Raphael asked. "If all you wanted was to serve a god, you should have found Gabriel. After all he ran around as Loki for centuries!"

"You know I wasn't exactly broadcasting that fact, Raphael." Gabriel said. "But there were thousands of Gods out there that you could have latched onto. You have been on Earth for centuries, Metatron. You had more than enough opportunities."

"False gods! Pagans! Even I know that they were not strong enough to create. Not like our father created." Metatron said. "They weren't worthy. But the humans are. They can create from nothing except their own will!"

Gabriel rolled his eyes in a 'here we go again' manner. Raphael shook his head. Lucifer leaned back in his chair with a look of disgust but it was Michael who roared "Enough!" making decanters sitting on a sideboard shatter.

"I have no patience for your zealous delusions!" Michael turned to Raphael. "Let this fallen one experience the true weakness of the humans he considers our Father's equal. Let him suffer the most painful of afflictions. Weaken his body and let him find no comfort, no ease. Let his world be nothing but pain and illness, but bind him to his vessel. Not even Death will be able to ease his suffering."

"It will be as you have ordered brother." Raphael said.

"When you are ready to return Castiel's grace, maybe then I will grant you mercy." Michael said as he stood up bringing the tribunal to an end.

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