When Angels Fall

Chapter 1

Father Reynolds looked down from the pulpit at a church bursting at it's seams. The Meteor shower had terrified people who flocked to churches in the middle of the night, desperate to pray for deliverance, forgiveness or just plain comfort. Many new faces stumbled into the sanctuary swelling the numbers ever further. They were well dressed and fear and confusion dominated their faces.

The congregation called out begging for mercy from God, from St Michael and St Gabriel. They cried out to the Archangel Raphael. A few even invoked the name Lucifer reminding Father Reynolds that even the devil once dwelt in heaven. It was a scene that was taking place in thousands of churches around the world.

Castiel had watched as his brothers and sisters fell to Earth. Difficult as it was he forced down his guilt to assist those who fell near him. Castiel had often been on the cusp of becoming human but now he really was human. As fragile and mortal as the Winchesters.

He looked around realizing that he could recognize the landmarks and the terrain. He sent up a prayer of gratitude that he had retained his knowledge even though his grace was gone. Like all angels he had known the geography of the Earth as well as he knew the back of his own hand as the humans would say. That had not changed.

He was several miles from the batcave as Dean called it but it was still within walking distance. A long walk but still reachable in a few hours. He turned toward the gathered angels feeling sorrow and grief as he saw the despair on their faces. They huddled together grasping each other desperate for the connection that they once had through grace.

"We must find shelter." He told them. "I know of a place but we must walk."

Dean struggled to get Sam into the Impala. This last challenge had left the younger Winchester weak and practically helpless. Dean was shocked when a bloody Crowley took Sam's other arm to help ease him into the back seat.

As soon as he had Sam in the car, Dean grabbed a flask of holy water and tossed it on the former King of Hell looking at him in confusion as Crowley simply sputtered.

"You're human." Dean squawked.

"Wasn't that the whole point of the Moose sharing his blood with me?" Crowley snarked. "Cure a demon? Well I'm cured and Hell is now ruled by the last surviving Hell Knight. Abaddon has the power of hell now, not me. And I can pretty much guess what her first order of business will be. Open the doors and let all those demons out to play. If I were you I'd be calling that angel of yours."

Dean grabbed the former demon and pointed up to the sky. "Those aren't falling stars, Crowley. It's angels."

"Heaven is falling." Crowley said fearfully. Then he laughed hysterically. "Sam threw himself in the cage with Lucifer, you and Castiel ended up in Purgatory, and it was all for nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is the end of the road Squirrel. The Grinch couldn't keep Christmas from coming and you couldn't keep the Apocalypse from coming."

"What you think this is funny?" Dean asked.

"It's laugh or cry Winchester. Abaddon letting all the demons out of hell and the angels are falling from Heaven. The Winchesters are left with no angelic rabbit to pull out of their ass and one of them is at death's door. Not even a sometimes demon ally to give you a hand since I'm cured. The great Winchesters are finally well and truly screwed."

Dean drew back his fist.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Luckily I do still have all my demonic knowledge even if I don't have any power." Crowley snarked. "And like it or not Winchester, that's the only plus you've got going for you right now."

The first thing Gabriel became aware of was that he was no longer 'scattered' for lack of a better word. He was aware of himself as a separate entity. The second thing he became aware of was that he was not alone. He sensed Raphael.

"Oh great. I die helping the Winchesters save the world and this is my reward? The first thing I wake up to is your ugly mug." Gabriel grumbled.

"Waking up to you is not exactly paradise either little brother." Raphael responded.

"Wait, what do you mean waking up to me? I'm the one who got stabbed with his own angel blade." Gabriel said.

"Yes, I heard Lucifer decided to help you join your pagan friends." Raphael said the word pagan as if it was the epitome of vulgar. "Castiel decided to set himself up as the new god and exploded me throughout the cosmos."

"Castiel?" Gabriel snorted. "You let an almost fledgling smite you? I think that requires you to turn in your Archangel card bro. At least I got taken down by another Archangel."

Gabriel and Raphael continued to sit quietly floating together somewhere out in the cosmos. After some time Raphael spoke. "Do you notice the quiet brother?"

"Now that you mention it; I'm so used to tuning out the chatter I didn't realize it." Gabriel frowned. "I should be hearing the entire host. I only hear you, Michael and Lucifer."

"As do I." Raphael said. "Michael and Lucifer are in the cage. But Heaven is silent."

"It shouldn't be, something has happened." Gabriel said. "I think we should visit the cage, maybe Mikey or Luci will know what happened."

In the cage, two Archangels that were normally at each other's throats sat quietly alarmed. Each pondering the mystery of why they could no longer hear the song of the host. But more importantly each gathered strength from the prayers of humans.

"I can't believe that they are actually praying to you." Michael finally said. "If they knew what you thought of them they would damn you instead."

"How many of them were you willing to sacrifice again?" Lucifer asked. "Just so you could tell Father what an obedient little asskisser you are."

"Shut up and listen, do you hear that?" Michael asked. "Is that...Gabriel?"

"And Raphael. But Gabriel is dead." Lucifer said. "How?"

"Father must have brought him back." Michael answered. "But they can't hear them either. Something is not right Lucifer."

"We should hear them Michael. The whole time I was stuck in here, I could hear the song of my siblings." Lucifer said. "What could have happened up there to end it so abruptly. We have to find out and fix it."

"How do you suggest we do that?" Michael asked.

"Come on Mikey, you've been getting more prayers than I have. Don't tell me you don't feel stronger." Lucifer asked.

"Well yes but..." Michael answered.

"No buts. I'll bet if we put our will together we could bust out of here." Lucifer said looking around at the cage. Father built this cage to hold me, not both of us."

Gabriel and Raphael had made their way down through the many levels of hell unmolested. "Looks like no one is home." Gabriel said as they finally reached the lowest level where the cage was. "Except the contestants behind door number three." He said nodding at the cage.

Raphael looked at the cage and the many spiderweb cracks along it's surface. As the two Archangels watched another crack appeared.

"It would seem that our brothers' presence is putting an undue amount of stress on the structure." Raphael noted.

"Why don't the two of you shut up and give us a hand." Lucifer's voice carried through the cage.

"Let you out so you can stab me again? No thanks." Gabriel said.

"He won't. He's just as worried as I am why we can't hear the song of heaven anymore." Michael said. "And how is it you are here? You should be battling with demons, not holding childish conversations with Lucifer."

"We did not encounter any demons. Hell appears to be empty." Raphael answered.

"All the more reason to hurry up and help us get out of here then." Lucifer said.

"He's right." Michael added, "Help us bring down these walls."

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