When Angels Fall

Chapter 19

Balthazar appeared in the roadhouse with a case of Cristal Champagne. "Ellen Luv, this," he gestured to the crate, "Is the good stuff, try to keep it on hand would you?" Bathazar snapped his fingers and was holding a flute full of champagne. And now, as to the reasen for my visit, where is Mary Winchester?" he made a show of looking around "Ah there you are Luv! Are you sure you're related to the Winchesters? They obviously missed out on your gorgeous looks."

"Balthazar stop hitting on her. She's a married woman." Bobby said. "Just tell us why you're here."

"Well that would be because Abaddon wants a piece of our little Mary here." Balthazar said taking a sip of his champagne. "It seems she has taken over Lawrence Kansas looking for Mary's grave."

"What do you mean?" Mary asked. "Why would this Abaddon be interested in me?"

"Well you are in possession of the womb that Sam and Dean Winchester emerged from. Which means that raising you from the dead gives her a hostage worth her weight in gold." Balthazar explained. "Luckily for us Crowley was your typical garden variety devious demon. Seems he borrowed your bones, Dear. Normally that would be frowned upon but in this case well, lets just say Abaddon is in for a surprise."

Abaddon smiled as she finished laying out her altar. The demons had exhumed an expensive white casket with gold plated accents. "Well I have to say Henry's son had taste. This is not a cheap coffin. Open it."

The demons tossed their shovels up out of the grave and one of them picked up a crowbar prying open the lid then climbing out of the grave. The body inside was little more than bones and rags.

"Hello Mary," the demon said. "It's time to bring about a little family reunion." Abaddon picked up a mixture of roots and herbs from her altar and tossed them into the grave.

Neither Abaddon nor the two demons at the graveside were prepared for the bright explosion of light from the grave. Although much of her vessel's face and hands were now covered with serious burns, Abaddon still fared better than her minions. The demons vessels were laying on the ground burnt to a crisp.

Screaming out her frustration, she called two more demons to her. "Bring up her bones."

Sam had just opened his mouth to tell Dean the incantation which he had forgotten, when a hand was slapped over his mouth and the Devil wagged a finger in his face. "Ah, ah ah, Sam." Lucifer said.

"What the hell? Get your hands off my brother!" Dean yelled seeing that Gabriel was the one holding Sam with a hand slapped over his mouth.

"Deano, that particular song is getting old. Almost as old as 'I'm gonna dunk you in holy oil'. Come up with some new material would you?" Gabriel said. "Sam, do not repeat that incantation, as a matter of fact; don't even think it."

"We put a lot of time and energy into healing you Samuel Winchester." Raphael said as he came out of the conference room with a still steaming Michael. "I will not be pleased if my efforts were to be undone through your ignorance."

"I expected you to have opened the gates by now." Michael said to Dean shortly. "Is there a problem?"

"Dean forgot the incantation." Sam said. "I was about to tell him when I got mauled by a Trickster."

"Here," Kevin held out a piece of paper "I remember it."

Dean took the slip of paper. "Okay here goes nothing. Kah nuh ahm dahr." he said. After a moment or two he looked around. "Nothing's happening. Did I say it right?"

"Your pronunciation was impressive for a human." Raphael said.

"So why isn't anything happening?" Kevin asked.

"Did you feel the gates close Kevin Tran?" Lucifer asked. When Kevin shook his head. Lucifer just snarked, "Then why should you be aware of them opening?"

"But they are opening? Right?" Sam asked.

"Yes." Michael said. "Dean, you should release your passenger now."

Dean rolled up his right sleeve chanted a few words and an orange smoke rose up from the cut turning a bluish color as it hit the air.

"Madison." Sam whispered and the bluish haze wrapped itself around Sam for a second before rising upward through the ceiling and disappearing from view. "You're really letting her into heaven?" Sam asked.

"Yes" Michael answered. "She chose destruction over preying on the innocent. She may have been changed into a monster, but that was not her soul. She was an innocent soul."

"It has taken us some time to grasp the fact that all who can be called 'monsters', may not be monsters, but innocent souls who had no choice in what was forced on them." Raphael said looking at Sam. "An infant cannot be blamed when demon blood is force fed to him." Raphael disappeared quickly not giving anyone the chance to respond.

"Translation, you're still an abomination." Gabriel said. "Just not an evil abomination." Gabriel smirked before he also disappeared.

"Time to prime the pump." Lucifer said. "Don't do anything stupid while we're gone Sam, Dean. Stay away from Lawrence."

"If you do attempt to leave, all of the seraphs have orders to pray to me." Michael said. "I will seal you in this bunker so that you cannot leave. Work on finding Colt's spells."

Michael and Lucifer were the last to disappear.

"If Abaddon is going after Mary then she needs protection." Henry said as he continued to write out sigils and symbols on a piece of paper.

"That ain't Enochian." Bobby said.

"Some of it is." Henry said. "There's also Norse, Egyptian, Mayan, Olmec, Druidic, Hindu symbols; Basically it's sigils and signs of protection from every culture on Earth. Pagan and Christian magic combined."

"So what good is Pagan magic going to do?" John demanded.

"Well every culture has some form of demonic lore." Samuel said.

"The Men of Letters did not limit our knowledge only to Christian magic and beliefs. We gathered spells and lore from all corners of the globe." Henry said. "It can't hurt placing all of the protections that we had collected." Henry finished with a flourish and handed the paper to John.

"So what am I'm supposed to do with this?" John asked.

"She is your wife, John. These will cover her entire body." Henry explained. "It's fitting that you do it."

Balthazar snapped his fingers producing a crude clay pot filled with a fragrant oil and a stylus. "You may as well go all out. No reason to do things halfway. Of course I managed to slow Abaddon down a bit. Lets just say I left an angelic 'boobytrap' on Mary's grave."

"What is that?" Bobby asked.

"King David's ink bowl, and stylus. And a bit of Jeruselem oil." Balthazar said. "One of the items that was in among Heaven's weapons."

"King David? As in David and Goliath David?" Ash asked.

"Hey he wrote the 23rd Psalm with that thing!" Everyone turned to find Gabriel and the rest of the Archangels along with a young woman no one recognized. "Of course I have to admit, he had a little help with that one." Gabriel smirked.

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