When Angels Fall

Chapter 20

"So, is any one of you Dudley Do Right wannabes going to check on the one angel who has failed to come out of that room." Crowley asked. "Or is that task being left to the resident demon cursed with an unwanted conscience?"

Crowley waited for a moment and then sighed going through the wooden doors which were standing open. "Um you might want to make your way in here." Crowley called bringing everyone running.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean yelled and backed up from Metatron who was sprawled forward across the table. God's scribe was covered in weeping sores, and his breath was labored. Occasionally he would cough weakly. "He looks like he went ten rounds with Pestilence...and lost."

"Please," Metatron gasped. "It hurts."

Sam frowned. "Cas, is he contagious?"

"I would venture to say that while he is severely ill, this is the result of Michael's punishment." Castiel said looking at the angel. "As such it is meant only for Metatron."

Dean reached out to grab Sam. "Whoa Sammy! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Sam shook off Dean's hand. "Well we can't just leave him there. There's a cot in the basement. I'm going to take him down there." Sam gathered the angel in his arms as gently as possible but still causing the angel to whimper in pain. "It might be just a bit less painful. I really don't think there's any way to make him comfortable."

"Sam he was going to let you die." Dean said. "He deserves whatever the God Squad throws at him."

"Maybe so, but we can't just leave him there." Sam said.

"He's right Dean. Just because Metatron is a dick doesn't mean that we have to be dicks back at him." Kevin said.

"He is my brother." Castiel sighed, "Although I shudder to admit it. I will take him Sam."

Sam transferred the angel as gently as possible into Castiel's arms. "I'll grab some bandages. At least I can clean up the sores and stuff."

"Sam Winchester, an absolute paragon of Moosey goodness." Crowley snarked. "Haven't you heard, good guys finish last."

"You really want to go there?" Benny asked. "You're the one who wanted to check on him. Aren't you supposed to be a demon?"

"Well thanks to the overgrown Moose I'm an almost demon. I was the King of Hell a couple of weeks ago and now all I have left is my snarky nature." Crowley. "I have to hold on to my demonic dignity where I can. Even if it is just having a sarcastic nature."

"The gates are open now?" Ellen asked.

"Yes, and now we must reestablish the gracelink." Michael said.

"I've heard you guys use that term more than once." Bobby said. "What exactly is this 'gracelink'.

"It's the power that feeds all angel's their grace." Lucifer said. "A permanent link with heaven that allows angels to draw grace directly from the source our father established."

"It's a power loop. Metatron interrupted the flow and therefore cut off our source." Raphael said. "Luckily there's enough free floating grace that was stripped from the angels when Metatron cast them down to sustain us and reestablish the link."

"But I don't get why you need human souls to help you reestablish this link." John said.

"Guess you never let that Impala of yours run out of gas completely." Gabriel said "It's the same general idea with the gracelink."

"I get it." Bobby said. "You've got to prime the carburetor. Let a car get down to fumes and sometimes you might need to pour a touch of gas directly into the carburetor to get her to start."

"We need the power of human souls to jump start heaven." Lucifer said. "And with all the millions of souls in heaven none of them will even notice the tiny bit it takes from them."

"But we are angels." Michael said. "There are rules that we must abide by."

"You need permission." Ellen nodded.

"Yes we need permission." Michael agreed.

"Well how exactly do you plan to get permission from millions of souls?" Samuel asked.

"We don't need to get permission from all of the souls." Lucifer said. "We simply need a representative group to say yes."

"So we say yes and you pop all the souls in heaven?" Ash asked.

"Granted we're stretching a loophole to the breaking point here, but consider the situation." Gabriel said "Abaddon is still on the loose and Hell is empty. Abaddon has an Army while we have a handful of ranking officers and our army is all on the injured reserve list."

"We need the angel's back to fighting form." Lucifer said. "She's a hell knight with all the power of hell behind her. It would take the four of us combined to take her down and we've only got Balthazar to watch our backs against thousands of Demons."

"I'm good but I'm only one angel." Balthazar said.

"Yes." Mary said.

"We should talk about this first, Mary." John told her.

"There's nothing to talk about." Mary said. "Abaddon wants my children, right?"

Michael nodded. "It is one of her goals to destroy them."

"That's all I need to know." Mary said.

"It's all I need to know too." Deanna added. "They are my grandsons."

"Never argue with a mother's love." Ellen said. "Do it." She told the angels.

Sam dumped the cloth in the bloody water and gathered up the left over bandages. "That's all I can do." Sam had washed the the blood and pus from Metratron's body and loosely wrapped bandages around the the larger wounds. "I'll go see if I can kind some broth or something in the kitchen."

Sam picked up the bowl of water and left leaving Castiel to watch over Metatron.

"So this is what Job suffered." a quiet voice said.

"I had assumed that you had fallen unconscious due to pain." Castiel said standing up "I will leave you to rest."

"Castiel, stay...please." Castiel looked at the angel laying on the bed before lowering himself back down into his seat.

"Sam Winchester attempted to ease my suffering." Metatron said.

"Sam is of a forgiving nature. Others are not." Castiel said flatly.

"And you?" Metatron coughed weakly. "You are here with me. You must be of a forgiving nature."

"No brother, I am not." Castiel said. "I am of a dutiful nature. For all your faults you are my brother and it is my duty to assist you. This does not mean that I forgive you for what you have done to me and to the others."

"Castiel can't you see the power they possess?" Metatron asked.

"Yes Metatron I can. But I also see the evil that they are capable of." Castiel said. "Sam and Dean Winchester are representative of their best, but for every Sam and Dean there is a Hitler or a Quadafi or some other evil human that will and has chosen to use the power that you see in them for evil purposes. They are not gods they are a young and immature race.

Yes they are capable of some small power of creation but they are more apt to destroy. We were meant to balance out that evil, to guide them. To protect them from the evil that they are so susceptible to. You have taken that from them and left them unprotected from Hell's influence. That is not what our Father wanted. You have been seduced by the power that you see in them."

Castiel went over to the bed and lifted Metatron up placing another pillow behind his back as he began coughing harshly. Once the coughing fit eased Castiel returned to his seat.

"The archangels saw this corruption in you. That is why you ran. It is why you only resurfaced when they were gone." Castiel noted. "You waited patiently until the Leviathan had decimated our ranks before you came forward knowing that Heaven would be in disarray. And that is not all that you did. You placed the tablets to be found."

"Yes." Meatron said. "I saw the evil that they were capable of Castiel. I have not been blind in my centuries here. I meant for Sam Winchester to seal hell."

"Then you knowingly set him on a path that would end in his death." Castiel stood up. "I apologize brother, but not even duty is enough to overcome my revulsion with you." Castiel turned and walked out of the room leaving Metatron to suffer in solitude.

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