When Angels Fall

Chapter 21

In heaven something was occurring that had not occurred in eons. The Archangels were all joined together with a single goal. Once it was a common occurrence but then Metatron had put forth the idea of closing heaven and things had gone downhill from there.

The bickering among the chief angels had degenerated to outright fighting with Lucifer and Michael often coming to physical blows. Gabriel unable to take the fighting any longer had simply walked out of the garden one day and then out of Heaven, never once looking back. Lucifer had given in to his dislike and jealousy of the humans blaming them for the unrest in heaven, and had been cast down. And in between all these major events, Metatron had quietly slipped away disappearing just as effectively as Gabriel had. But while Gabriel had left to search for a bit of peace and quiet, Metatron had left bearing a spell and two tablets that could cause the end of the world or cut it off completely from both Heaven and Hell. But those events had taken place a long time ago.

At this moment four Archangels made their way to the center of the garden and the throne that had sat vacant since their father had wandered away, long before any angel had deserted his home. Today the four Archangels were focused on fixing the damage that had started that long ago day when Metatron had stood up at the base of the throne and waved a scroll bearing the spell that could close the gates of heaven for all eternity.

"It has been far too long since we last gathered here." Michael said.

"It has been far too long since we gathered here without coming to blows." Lucifer corrected.

"Agreed, brother." Michael said. "Let us do what we must, there will be time for reminiscing later."

The angels made their to the base of the throne. Just gazing upon the structure could have explained a mystery that had befuddled several scientists over the years, why did so many cultures separated by such vast distances all build pyramids?

God's throne sat atop a pyramid created from a gleaming white marble four sided stairway. At the top a carved marble roof detailing the creation of the four Archangels was supported be four marble columns each engraved with Enochian sigils displaying the name of each Archangel and the duties that God had assigned to him.

The archangels each separated, mounting the steps on a different side of the pyramid ending up next to the column that bore their name. Each of the Archangels knelt at the base of their column and offered a formal prayer to their Father before placing their hand over a single sigil that was engraved on each column.

Concentrating they all sent grace into the columns where it mingled for a moment before rolling out across the expanse of heaven brushing through all of the human souls. The Archangels were as good as their word. No soul so much as paused in whatever activity it was involved in. However what rolled out as a gentle wave came crashing back in with the power of a tsunami.

Grace was suddenly being sent out from Heaven, seeking the depleted angels and reconnecting them to Heaven once again. And in the garden four Archangels collapsed, exhausted by their efforts.

The first clue that maybe the angels were back on line and regaining their grace came the next morning when Kevin's pen ran out of ink. Kevin growled and tossed the pen across the kitchen. "I hate Bics!" Kevin said as he pushed back from the table and began hunting through the drawers looking for a replacement.

The angel known as Verchiel entered the kitchen and saw how upset the young prophet was. "Kevin Tran, what trouble curses you this morning?" He asked.

"All these cheap pens! They keep running out of ink all the time." Kevin huffed.

"I am sorry Kevin Tran." The angel said his sadness apparent. "Before, I would have been able to summon one for you with ease."

Dean looked at the angel. "Yeah, well it's not your fault. I'm sure there's one around here somewhere." He got up and began pulling open drawers joining in the hunt. After all Kevin's 'memoirs' were destined to become part of the archive here. The kid figured the next prophet to get called would have an explanation of what was happening to him.

"Guys, look." Sam pointed to the table where Kevin had been sitting. There on top of Kevin's journal was a brand new shiny fountain pen in a velvet lined box. Verchiel stood there looking stunned.

"Dude, did you just summon an inkpen?" Dean said picking up the box and seeing the price tag. "A $300 ink pen?"

Verchial broke out in a smile. "Yes, yes I did! I was simply thinking about how easy it was for us to do small things like this and it manifested there. It is very weak, but my grace is returning."

"Awesome!" How long do you think it will take?" Dean asked.

"I do not know. I have never been graceless before so I have no idea how long it will take for it to completely return. Perhaps I have enough grace to contact the Archangels." Verchiel tilted his head in that angelic way.

The rustle of feathers warned the group of Balthazar's arrival. "Well someone is regaining their powers. Verchiel spread the word, don't try anything big but you should use what power you have. The more grace that is used, the more grace Heaven will produce and everyone will get back to normal faster."

"So the Archangels fixed the gracelink thing?" Sam asked.

"Yes but it took quite a bit out of them. It will take a few hours for them to get back to normal." Balthazar said. "It must be old age kicking in."

"Old age?" Dean looked at Balthazar, "How old are they?"

"They were around long before your sun cooled to the point of supporting life." Castiel said as he joined them. "Crowley says that Metatron is hungry."

"Wait, why is Crowley sitting with him?" Sam asked. "I thought you were going to stay with him."

"Michael has given strict instructions that Metatron is not to die." Castiel said. "I fear that I will not be able to control my impulse to wring his neck."

"Did something happen after I left you two last night?" Sam asked.

"I discovered how much of an assbutt he is." Castiel said.

"Yeah well all you had to do was ask, I could have told you he was a douche." Dean said. "Not even Lucifer is as big of a douche as that winged asshat."

"Castiel, I will sit with Metatron. I can still feel the emotion of anger towards Metatron but with the return of my grace it is being muted." Verchiel said.

"The Archangels have reestablished the link." Castiel nodded. "I am happy for you, for all of you." Castiel said sitting quietly at the table.

"Cas, you know you're family, right?" Sam said. "We're going to have your back, no matter what."

"The Archs won't give up Cassie. They will get your grace back, no matter how long it takes." Balthazar said squeezing Castiel's shoulder. "And in the meantime not only do you have all of us, you have the Winchesters. Although I personally think Michael showed true mercy to Metatron. A real punishment would have been turning him over to the Winchesters with a gallon of holy oil and a book of matches."

Castiel looked up at Balthazar. "Thank you for your attempts at comfort Bathazar, but I don't deserve my grace. Look what I allowed, no helped to happen."

Sam turned around. "Okay Cas, that's it. Pity party is over." Sam sat down facing the Seraph. You know I let Lucifer out of the cage, and I recall having a discussion, or maybe I should say receiving a lecture from a certain angel before I said yes to put him back in the cage."

"It is not the same Sam. Your intentions were at their core pure." Castiel said. You would not do what Lilith wanted willingly so she had to manipulate you. You did not know that your actions would release Lucifer. There was no reason to blame yourself."

"Did you know that Metatron was going to cast all of the angels out of heaven?" Dean asked. When Castiel shook his head Dean nodded. "Then it's not your fault. Metatron manipulated you."

"You can't let this eat at you Cas." Sam said. "You're a good person and you were a good angel. And Dean and I are going to do everything that we can to help get your grace back too."

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