When Angels Fall

Chapter 23

"Well boys," Crowley said. "It looks like my little 'Winchester Insurance policy' is beginning to pay off."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Dean asked.

"What did you do to her Crowley?" Sam demanded. "I swear if you have..."

"Oh relax moose. Mama Winchester is still safe and sound. But Abaddon did work her little resurrection spell and burned through a lot of power doing it." Crowley said. "She raised the body attached to a soul that I own. For some reason I never put that one in the communal pot so to speak. Think of it as having an offshore account in a bank in the Cayman islands. There are still several souls that are owned solely by me, including the one Abaddon just raised."

"So?" Dean looked at Crowley expectantly.

"Dean, Crowley owning the soul of this woman means that we have a spy in Abaddon's camp." Sam said.

"Exactly moose. And for the moment that soul is very busy keeping her misdirected and occupied with things other than getting at the two of you." Crowley said. "I dare say Miss Spicy Tabasco will keep her occupied."

"Spicy Tabasco?" Dean frowned. "Sounds like a stripper's name."

"Close enough." Crowley smirked. "He's a drag queen."

Dean looked at Crowley for a moment and then burst out laughing. "A drag queen?!"

"And Abaddon had one shot at Resurrection, she blew her wad on Miss Spicy." Crowley said. "It will take her decades to buildup enough power to try again, even with all the power of hell behind her."

"Here brother, is this more comfortable for you?" Verchiel asked as he rearranged the pillows.

"Thank you Verchiel." Metatron said.

"There is no need to thank me Brother." Verchiel said then glanced around the room. "The Archangels far overstep their bounds and prove their contempt for us with your punishment." Verchiel said softly as he looked around as if afraid he would be struck by lightening.

"I cast you all down, stripped you of your grace and made you human." Metaron said exhaustion plain in his words. That is not something that would put them in a forgiving mood."

"Perhaps not, but my grace returns." Verchiel said. "I can feel it growing stronger by the hour. So no lasting damage was done."

Metatron coughed weakly. "It's good to have forgiveness from at least one of my siblings.

"Balls!" Bobby said as two Archangels suddenly appeared in the road house. "Let me guess something else around here fell apart and you need our help to fix it."

"Actually I was going to offer you a vacation." Gabriel said. "We kind of need a few souls to populate a little not quite heaven, heaven."

"A not quite heaven, heaven? That was about as clear as mud." Ellen said.

"It's like this, we've got the gracelink back up and the Seraphs are getting back their grace, that's the good news." Lucifer said.

"Which usually means that there's bad news to follow the good news." John said.

"Well Metatron is the only one who knows where Castiel's grace is. Castiel's grace is the key to Metatron's spell." Gabriel said. "So until we get Castiel's grace back inside of Castiel, Metatron can perform the spell all over again."

"So if he does, can't you just fix it like you did this time?" Samuel asked.

"If I understand correctly what happened when he did the spell, all of the Archangels were either dead or imprisoned. You weren't connected to heaven." Henry said. "Therefore, if he were to do that spell again, right now; not only would the angels fall and become human again, the Archangels would too."

"Bingo!" Gabriel said "And at that point the only one who'll be able to do anything is Dad. And as most of you know, Dad hasn't been too interested in this hunk of rock for a while now."

Bobby sighed. "What do ya idjits need us to do this time?"

Raphael and Michael appeared in the conference room where Kevin was busy working on his memoirs. Benny was reading a copy of Busty Asian Beauties that he had borrowed from Dean. Sam was engrossed in researching information that Gabriel had given him since they still hadn't had any luck in finding Samuel Colt's box. Dean had his gun and the Colt broken down on a towel and was busy cleaning and oiling them.

"Where is Castiel?" Raphael asked. "I need to check his health."

Kevin sat down his pen. "I'll go get him."

"So now that the angels are getting their grace back, you guys figured out a plan to go after Abaddon right?" Dean asked.

"Not yet. The seraphs are still not all at 'full power'." Michael said.

"We are endeavoring to acquire Castiel's grace." Raphael said. "It is why I need to check his physical well being."

"I guess I'm not quite following here." Benny said. "So you got Heaven opened and all y'all are getting grace except for Castiel?"

"Castiel's grace was torn from him for use in the spell that caused all of these problems. Metatron hid Castiel's grace away somewhere. We have to find it and restore it to Castiel or everything we have accomplished could be for nothing." Michael explained. "Metatron could simply repeat the spell, this time causing the pillars of heaven to fall also. Should that happen, Abaddon would be a non-issue."

"The pillars of Heaven?" Dean asked.

Sam looked up. "He means the Archangels. There is a lot of lore out there that names them as the pillars of Heaven."

"We have devised a plan to return Castiel's grace." Raphael said. "But it will require your 'assistance'."

Michael turned toward the door as Castiel entered with Kevin. "Castiel is our priority now."

"Michael, Raphael." Castiel glanced from one Archangel to the other. "With all due respect, shouldn't Abaddon be the priority right now?"

"Everyone will be busy fighting when we finally do face Abaddon. Metatron still has your grace and can repeat his spell at any time, Castiel." Raphael said.

"Tell me Castiel," Michael started. "What would happen if Metatron repeated his spell while were we in the midst of battle."

Castiel collapsed into one of the chairs and buried his face in his hands. "We would all die, Human and angel. The most terrifying and powerful weapons of our father's creation would be made helpless and creation itself would be undone."

"Yes little brother. Do you now understand why you are our priority?" Michael said laying a hand on Castiel's shoulder.

"So what's the plan?" Sam asked.

"Lucifer and Gabriel are creating an alternate reality. Metatron will be allowed to escape into this dimension where he will lead us to the hiding place of Castiel's grace." Michael said. "Then we will go retrieve it in the real heaven before Metatron realizes that he has been misled."

"Sounds like TV Land." Dean grinned. "Maybe Gabriel can give him herpes too, eh Sam?"

"That would be redundant," Raphael said. "I have already given him that particular gift, along with several other chronic untreatable conditions."

"Don't worry, Deano. I can always make him a contestant on that Japanese game show. After we have Castiel's grace back safe and sound where it belongs that is" Gabriel said popping into the room. "The hunters are in, Heaven is ready; let's light this candle!"

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