When Angels Fall

Chapter 24

Verchiel leaned over the bed and gently shook Metatron awake. "Wake up brother. We must leave here."

"Verchiel?" Metatron mumbled. "What's wrong?"

"The Archangels." Verchiel spat. "I overheard them talking. They are all enraged about what has happened with Castiel's grace. They were talking to Dean Winchester. They wish him to use the skills he learned from Hell's Grand Inquisitor to make you tell them where Castiel's grace is hidden."

"There's not much more than can do to me." Metatron said.

"Please brother, heed me." Verchiel said snapping his fingers and dressing Metatron in soft clothing. "My grace is all but returned now. We don't have much time. Dean Winchester is well versed in the art of torture, he learned from Alistair himself. And Raphael has agreed to stand ready to heal you from all that he does so that he can begin anew. We must leave now, before they come for you." Verchiel gathered the other angel in his arms and the two disappeared.

Ash suddenly sat his beer down and peered at his computer screen. "Okay it's showtime. Just had and angel and a somewhat human pop into the 'Green' room."

"Won't Metatron figure something is up if he can just start wandering around heaven?" Bobby asked.

"Gabriel and Lucifer don't think so." Henry said. "Metatron is an angel, angels are used to wandering around heaven in their human forms. They think that he will simply see it as normal."

"So now we wait until they leave the green room." Ash said.

"Why would they leave?" Ellen asked. "They escaped and with what we've heard, Metatron's condition is not exactly good for getting up and walking around."

"Because they are going to have an incentive." Gabriel said popping into the middle of the room. "Everybody hang on to your hats or other items of clothing that might get lost in flight. Angel Air is boarding and ready for take off!"

Everyone blinked as Gabriel said "Welcome to not Heaven, Heaven."

"What? We haven't gone anywhere." John said. "We're still sitting in the roadhouse."

"Yeah Luci and I Archangels. Absolutely no in flight turbulence." Gabriel smirked. "We're just that good."

Mary was staring at the two men standing next to Lucifer. "My babies!"

"Yeah yeah. Your babies Mary." Lucifer said. "Can we get this family reunion over with?"

Everyone else was now staring at Sam and Dean who were staring back just as dumbfounded. Mary finally shattered the calm by running over and grabbing both young men in a hug.

Ash walked over to where Gabriel was standing with a genuine smile on his face. "What's up with the Winchesters?"

"Lucifer's idea. He figured Metatron was going to need an incentive to get off of his ass." Gabriel said. "We finally got those two yahoos to play their roles. Sam starring as Lucifer, Dean starring as Michael! And this time with no Celebrity Deathmatch involved."

Gabriel let the hugging go on for a few more minutes then nodded at Lucifer. Snapping his fingers he sat on the bar. "Okay people listen up. Here's the plan."

Everyone turned to Gabriel. "It not going to do us any good if Metatron just cowers in the Green room as Dean calls it. We need him to lead us to Castiel's grace, so we're giving him an incentive. The biggest incentive we can give him is Michael and Lucifer on his ass and so with a little help from Sam and Dean, we are going to do just that."

"So you two idjits are going to pretend you said yes?" Bobby said.

"And with a little trace of our grace winding around them, Metatron will buy it." Lucifer said. "The Winchester kiddies will give him a prod in the right direction. Gabriel will remain here with them. So 'three' Archangel's on his ass, and if he catches on Gabriel can always toss some temporary wings on their backs.

Michael and I will be in the real heaven. Once we find out where The grace is hidden we'll retrieve it."

"Then we can deal with that hell bitch called Abaddon." Dean said.

"Cas, you look like death warmed over." Benny said as he moved another box. "When's the last time you slept?"

"Finding Samuel Colt's notes is a priority." Castiel said stubbornly. "I will rest once that goal has been accomplished."

"You know we've got angels, a demon and even a vampire looking for them. It's not all on you, brother." Benny said. "I remember you getting all over Dean back in Purgatory for pushing himself because human's need rest. You're human right now Cas, you need rest. And I got a feeling that if you don't rest voluntarily, one of your brothers or sisters is going to knock you out. Balthazar has been watching you like a hawk for the past hour."

Cas looked over to find Balthazar was indeed watching him. The other angel lifted an eyebrow and lifted his middle and index fingers pointedly."

Castiel huffed out a sigh. "I do not think that I will be able to sleep."

"Well then that just means you need a dose of Nytol." Balthazar said appearing next to him."Raphael has said that your health is of the utmost importance and he will have my ass if you get ill. Good night Cassie." Balthazar said touching two fingers to Castiel's forehead and sending the now sleeping angel to the first empty bed he found.

"Well that should keep him down for a few hours at least." Balthazar said. "I swear finding this box of Colt's is worse that trying to find a needle in a haystack with only human senses. If I didn't know better I would swear it's been warded..."

Benny looked at Balthazar. "That would certainly explain why we can't find it. If he didn't want it found by Supernatural beings; we're just pissing into the wind here ain't we?"

"Alright everyone out." Balthazar said. "Go upstairs and stand watch or something. And one of you send the Prophet down here."

"Are you rested now brother?" Verchiel asked. "We should not remain here for much longer. They will be looking for you."

"Yes but I tire so easily." Metatron said. "It is difficult to walk for more than a few steps."

Verchiel waved a hand and an antique style wicker wheelchair appeared. "Now there is no need for you to walk." Verchiel helped Metatron into the chair and produced a light blanket to cover his lap.

"Verchiel, thank you for all that you have done, but you set yourself against Michael and the other Archangels by helping me. Why?" Metatron asked.

"Because it is the right thing to do. Our father would be disappointed to see Archangels so misusing their power to abuse a Seraph. They are ordered to protect us, as we are ordered to protect the humans." Verchiel said. "As of now only the Archangels have their full grace. They can do anything to us. I believe that knowing there is no one to challenge them they have become drunk on their own power. Even Gabriel who was always the most tolerant of them and the most affectionate towards us turns a blind eye to Michael and Lucifer's actions."

"What do you mean he turns a blind eye?" Metatron asked. Gabriel had always spoken up in defense of the Seraphs, something that Metatron had always seen as a ploy to gain popularity.

"He simply stood by and allowed them to use force against the vessels to gain permission to take them. He did nothing while Lucifer tortured Samuel Winchester's soul with memories of the Cage. Michael forced Dean Winchester to watch the agonizing deaths of Adam Milligan and his mother over and over again while telling him what a failure he was." Verchiel said. "Eventually they could stand no more and gave in. They have taken their vessels Metatron, and they are coming after you. So we must keep moving."

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