When Angels Fall

Chapter 25

"Kevin! Just the Prophet that we need!" Balthazar said. "I think that the vampire and I have figured out the problem as to why we can't find Colt's box."

"So what's the problem and why do you need me?" Kevin asked looking at the stacks of boxes.

"Well Kevin you have to admit we've been searching for a while and no luck." Benny said.

"Maybe it's just not here." Kevin suggested.

"Or, it's warded against supernatural beings." Balthazar said. "We've been through them all more than once and we can't find it anywhere among the 376 boxes and 551 large envelopes. It has to be found by a human."

"What about Sam and Dean, they looked too." Kevin said "And they couldn't find it."

"True, but every time they were looking, the place was full of supernatural beings." Benny said.

"I'm thinking that if a human is in here alone, with no angels, demons, or vampires around; the warding probably won't be active." Balthazar said. "And that human can find it."

"Wait. You want me to search through all of this?" Kevin asked looking around at the mess. "By myself?"

"Well it just so happens that you are the only available human that's actually human around here." Balthazar said "All of the angels are pretty much close to being full on angels again. Crowley is an almost demon and Benny here is a vampire. That pretty much takes care of the roster."

"It would be a big help if it was waiting for Dean and Sam when they get back from their Quest for Castiel's Grace." Benny said.

"Good luck! Benny and I will be upstairs. Yell if you need us." Balthazar said grabbing the vampire and disappearing.

"Whoa this is Heaven?" Dean asked. "We didn't see all of this last time."

"That's because this is the Angel side of Heaven." Gabriel said. "There's no reason for you to see it if you're not an angel. Lets just say we not quite as progressive as you humans. We still practice a strict code of segregation. The human souls are here for us to protect. They stay on their side of the fence in their nice peaceful heavens."

Gabriel suddenly turned left and headed into a building. Causing the Winchesters to almost stumble trying to change direction to follow him.

"This is the war camp side. Where the angel's Garrisons are located." Gabriel walked into a vast room where where pinpoints of light twinkled all around them on the ceiling, walls and floor.

Sam looked around and his attention was drawn to a round orb floating in the middle of the room and gently spinning. "Gabriel is that what I think it is?"

"It depends on what you think it is." Gabriel said.

"Is it a model or the real thing." Sam asked awed.

"Well since this is not Heaven, Heaven; it's a model." Gabriel said walking over and glancing up at the orb. "In the real heaven, it's no model. We can look at any place on earth in this room. But we're not here for you to admire our globe. Come on."

Gabriel led them across the room and through another door. The room they entered this time was much smaller and dominated by a huge desk covered with battle plans. "If your going to pretend to be Michael and Lucifer, you're going to have to dress the part." Gabriel went over to the wall and took down a bright purple cloak and handed it to Dean. "Here you go big boy put it on."

"Huh? I'm not wearing that thing!" Dean protested.

"Michael is heaven's commander he never leaves this building without his cloak. As a matter of fact none of us Archangels would dare to go out in public without our cloak" Gabriel tossed the fabric around Dean's shoulders and produced a pin securing the garment in place. "And the badge of our office."

Gabriel turned and went through another door. Once again this room was dominated by a desk. This time the desk held a variety of plants and different elements. The distinct odor of sulfur lingered in the air.

Sam walked over to the wall and took down a cloak of the same royal purple color. He flung the material around his shoulders. Gabriel smirked and handed him the pin to fasten it in place.

"One more stop kiddo's." Gabriel said.

"Why are we walking from place to place instead of you just snapping us where ever?" Dean asked.

"Because, I'm letting Metatron sense us. He was a part of the little Archangel clique long enough to be familiar with our habits." Gabriel said as they passed one door only to enter the next one. "He knows that the first thing we would do is to come here. He also knows that none of use would dare to use our powers in this edifice. It would be an insult to our father and disobedience to a direct order that he gave us."

The desk in this room was covered in tablets, scrolls, papyrus, envelopes and currier packets. "You delivered all of these messages?" Sam asked.

"It was my job. Heaven's herald and God's personal messenger." Gabriel said donning his cloak. "Alright let's go. Not going to do any good if we just hide in here."

"Where exactly are we going?" Dean asked. "Ash hasn't sent us anything yet. I mean we haven't got a clue where Metatron is right now."

"Nope, not a clue." Gabriel agreed as he led the two out of another door and the trio emerged into a large square. "Now we give him a good poke in the ass. He's expecting The Archangels to inspect the place since it's been locked down, so we inspect and hope we get close to ground zero."

"They are here." Verchiel said. "The Archangels, I can feel them."

"Can you tell where they are?" Metatron asked.

"Near the Garrisions. Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel." Verchiel said. "They seem to be going from building to building. But they are staying in the Garrison area."

"For now." Metatron suddenly started coughing. "As long as they stay there. We need to go to the human section."

"Why would we want to go there? They will sense us among the human souls." Verchiel said.

"You have put yourself at risk to help me." Metatron said. "Michael will not be merciful if he catches us. We need a way to protect ourselves."

"How will hiding among the humans protect us?" Verchiel asked.

"We aren't going to hide." Metatron said. "We are going to retrieve something."

Ash looked at his computer "Metatron is headed this way."

"Headed this way?" Ellen said. "Why?"

"I don't know, but he's only a couple of heavens away from here." Ash stood up and went to the door behind the bar and began drawing a sigil on it. "Okay Bobby you want to take this?"

"Why not? Just spy on what they're doing right?" Bobby stood up then turned toward Rufus. "So what ya idjit. Waiting for a royal invitation?"

"Hold your horses." Rufus said as he finished off his Johnny Walker blue. "A body would think you never learned a thing about hunting sometimes Bobby."

"Oh shut up and get your ornery ass through the damned door." Bobby said pushing Rufus ahead of himself and into the portal that Ash had created.

"So who wants to take the news to Sam and Dean?" Ash asked as he erased the sigil on the door and began drawing another.

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