When Angels Fall

Chapter 26

Kevin placed the last envelope on the shelf. He had been at it for a couple of hours and had figured the easiest way to handle it was to go through the smaller stuff first and get it back on the shelves and out of the way. Now that all the smaller parcels had been checked he turned his attention to the larger boxes.

Squatting down he grabbed the first box labeled 'Campbell-Highlands Lore' and tried to lift it. He quickly changed his mind. That box was heavy. Since he couldn't ask for help without involving a supernatural being, he did the next best thing. He opened the seal on the box and began taking stuff out and laying it on the table.

After pulling out several layers of fabric he discovered why the box was so heavy. A large sword known as a claymore had been wrapped in a large leather skin. A shield was also in the box bearing a standard that looked like wings. Then there was a bunch of crystals that all seemed to have what looked like huge scales embedded in them.

It was when he had removed half the scales from the box that he found something very interesting. A map of the old west with several towns circled. Five to be exact inside each circle was the word 'church'. And each of the towns was connected by a line. This definitely didn't belong in a box with items that were marked as Highlands lore. The highlands were in Scotland.

Kevin grabbed the map and ran up the stairs yelling "Balthazar! I know why we can't find Colt's box!"

Benny was sipping from a bag of AB Positive when Kevin entered the kitchen. The kid was waving around an old yellowed sheet of paper.

"What have you got there Kevin?" Benny asked standing up.

"I think it's the plans for a devil's trap, a big devil's trap." Kevin said excited "Hey Balthazar!"

The angel appeared with a frown. "You don't have to yell you know? I'm not deaf."

"I found something!" Kevin said practically bouncing with excitement.

Benny had placed the map on the table and was looking at it. "I think Kevin may be right." Benny nodded at the map. "Take a look."

"This is it." Balthazar said. "It's the Devils trap Colt built to protect the hell gate in Wyoming. He built this using a railroad and then on top of the hell gate he built a crypt to act as a lock. Sam was supposed to open this crypt but instead one of Azazel's other children opened it. I think his name was Jack, James, Jay? Eh, it doesn't matter anyway the hellgate was opened and hundreds of demons escaped."

Balthazar snapped his fingers and held out a book. "You really should read the works of Carver Edlund at some point. He's a writer in the sense that Luke was a writer, his real name happens to be Chuck Shurley."

Balthazar picked up the map and sat it on the counter. "Now where the rest of the box?"

"I don't think there is a box. This was inside a box of Medieval stuff." Kevin explained. "I would never have found it except the box was too heavy for me to move, so I figured if I took some stuff out, I could lift it up. This is why you could never find Samuel Colt's box. All his stuff is probably mixed in with other stuff. We have to open and go through all of the boxes and envelopes down there."

Bobby and Rufus had quickly found a hiding place but not before they had been spotted by Verchiel. The angel however acted as if nothing was wrong as he looked around the large arena. Far below on the ice, the Red wings and the Maple leafs were embroiled in a heated game of Ice Hockey.

"What could we possibly be looking for here?" Verchiel asked Metatron. "And why do those humans seem to be fighting each other?"

"It's a human sport known as Hockey and fighting seems to be a necessary part of the game." Metatron chuckled. "We are waiting for a specific vendor to come by. Just watch the humans for now."

Bobby and Rufus were sitting in a couple of seats looking down on the pair from several rows up. "Angelic hockey fans." Rufus chuckled. "Who'd of thunk it?"

"I don't know that the one pushing that wheelchair is a fan, he just looks confused and disgusted." Bobby said watching the pair.

"I won't fault him for that. I never saw the point in the 'sport' myself." Rufus said. "Seems to me all they do is fight, you might as well watch a boxing match or maybe some professional wrestling."

"Rufus you just don't have any taste. Hockey is like NASCAR, damned entertaining." Bobby said.

"I suppose you would find driving around in circles entertaining." Rufus reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. "So lets see how reliable Angel Mobile is." Rufus quickly typed a text message and pushed send.

Dean suddenly stopped at a vibration in his pocket and the sound of Oingo Boingo's Weird Science. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a cell phone that he had never seen before.

"You going to answer that Deano?" Gabriel asked. "It's Ash calling."

"How?" Sam asked. "I mean do cell phones even work in heaven?"

"Not heaven, Heaven remember? Pocket dimension." Gabriel said "My reality, my rules and cellphones make it a lot easier for us to stay in touch."

Dean pushed the answer button. "Yeah Ash, what's up?" Dean listened for a few moments shook his head and hung up.

"Well?" Gabriel demanded.

"Metatron took Verchiel to a hockey game." Dean shook his head again in disbelief. "The Red Wings are leading the Maple Leafs by one goal and Rufus says if Metatron drags them off to a NASCAR race he's going to shoot somebody."

"A hockey game?" Gabriel snorted. "That's so not Metatron's style. He's even less into the whole warrior of God fighting thing than the Cupids."

"What not including yourself in there?" Dean asked. "As I recall you avoided fighting too."

"There's a difference between me and Metatron. I don't like to fight, but when I have to, I will. Figured you would know that since I got myself killed standing up to Lucifer for you two yahoos." Gabriel said. "Metatron is the worst kind of coward because he doesn't fight. He hides in the shadows and then attacks helpless opponents. Just look at his timing. He wouldn't have dared try this if any one of us was in a position to stop him. The conniving bastard waited till Raph and I were dead and Mike and Luci were in the cage. Then he manipulated the one Seraph who had made mistakes but believes with his whole grace and being that doing the right thing is more important than blind obedience. You should have seen it coming."

"What do you mean we should have seen it coming?" Dean demanded.

"Because by now, you know Castiel. You know him better than his own family." Gabriel said. "And if that didn't clue you in you sure as hell should have recognized the same behavior pattern that Sam always falls into."

"Hey wait a minute!" Sam protested.

"You may as well face it Sam. You and Castiel can turn wallowing in your guilt into an art form worthy of a Gold medal." Gabriel said. "You fail to keep Dean from getting dragged to hell and you try to fix it by killing the demon that held Dean's contract, all you did was make it worse by letting Lucifer out. Then you try to fix that by giving Lucifer a piggyback ride back to hell and you made it worse by dragging Adam along with you. You come back soulless and do things that you aren't proud of. When Dean ended up in Purgatory you ran away because you couldn't find a way to fix it. Then the Demon tablet pops up and once again you can feed your need to embrace your guilt by undertaking trials that were all but killing you. A few years ago I told you that your need to save your brother was going to be the death of you. I was wrong, it's your need to punish yourself that's going to kill you Sam. And Castiel is exactly the same way."

Gabriel threw his hands up in the air. "He stabbed Balthazar in the back, splattered Raphael, went on a full blown smitefest and then tried to drown himself in a reservoir. When he saw what he had done to Sam by cracking that eggshell Sam calls sanity he took Sam's place in the looney bin. When he realized that he was responsibly for feeding the world a dose of Dick he went to Purgatory and would still be there right now 'atoning' if Naomi hadn't dragged him out kicking and screaming. Really how much effort do you think it took for Metatron to convince him that shutting down heaven and forcing the family to hash out their problems was the way to fix it? After all if Castiel hadn't made the mistakes he made, Heaven wouldn't be broken."

"Seems to me Castiel wasn't the only one who made mistakes. You Archangels aren't perfect." Dean spat.

"You're right, we aren't. Why do you think we're doing what we're doing. We are fixing our family. We made mistakes and we realize that Castiel made a mistake. But the one thing that none of us is going to do is to push Castiel away or make him feel guiltier than he already does." Gabriel said. "We aren't going to look at him and tell him what a disappointment he is. We aren't going to remind him of all of his sins every chance that we get. Don't forget Dean, you've made mistakes too. And it's all of those mistakes that have been made by all of us that has brought us to this point."

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