When Angels Fall

Chapter 27

"Well Lucifer" Michael asked for what seemed like the thousandth time. "Has Metatron gone after Castiel's grace yet?"

Lucifer let out a long suffering sigh. "No Michael he hasn't gone after Castiel's grace yet. When he does I will make sure that you're the first person to know!"

"Well what is he waiting for?" Michael asked. "What the hell is he doing?"

"He's sitting in the handicapped Section of Joe Louis Arena in Detroit in the heaven of a 42 year old man who dropped dead of a heart attack while ice skating on a frozen pond in 1985." Lucifer said. "And do you know why Joe Louis has an arena named after him? He was a boxer. They called him the Brown Bomber. He was the most famous boxer in the world until Ali came along."

Lucifer glared at his brother, "And if you ask me one more time if Metatron has gone after Castiel's grace, I'm going to go all Joe Louis on your ass!"

"Be my guest, I'll just have to go Max Schmeling on yours!" Michael said.

"Brothers!" Raphael yelled. "I do not have Gabriel's gift for calming you with words nor do I have the patience to try. We are all growing frustrated, but arguing among ourselves will be of no help. So calm yourselves before I surround you both with holy oil."

"What!? Did you just threaten us with Holy Oil?" Lucifer asked dangerously.

Raphael did not cower or so much as flinch. "Yes I did. You grow frustrated with Metatron and you focus your anger on each other. Just as you did when we were younger. Save your anger for the one who has earned it." Raphael said and then turned away mumbling under his breath. "I begin to understand why Gabriel left."

"Raphael is right Lucifer, I am frustrated. I know that Metatron has fallen for the ruse, but waiting for him to reveal the location is taking more patience than I thought." Michael looked at his brother.

Lucifer blew out a breath to calm himself. "We always were the more impatient two. Raphael being our healer must have received the shares of patience meant for the rest us us along with his own."

Raphael snorted. "Now that you have calmed down, I sought you out for a purpose. Kevin Tran was able to finally make headway on finding the information that was recorded by Colt. But it will be a slow process."

"Is there a problem with translation? After all it is ancient Enochian. I doubt any of the seraphs can read the language." Michael asked.

"No it is not a translation problem. It is strictly a time consuming process." Raphael explained. "There is no Samuel Colt box. The Colt information, drawings and other items are scattered throughout the hundreds of boxes and envelopes in the Archives. Each container must be opened and then it's contents thoroughly inspected. Even with all of the Seraphs and Kevin working on it, it is a painstakingly slow process."

"Here we are Girlfriend! Now that we have your wardrobe all picked out, it's time to do something about that hair!" Spicy said. "Unless you're a member of the B-52s, Beehives should be left behind." The drag queen giggled and then grabbed Abaddon's hand dragging her in a door printed with the words 'Touch of Heaven Day Spa'.

The girl sitting at the reception desk looked up with a bored expression. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No we don't but my friend Abby here needs the works; color, cut and style, mani pedi, full facial and all the rest." Spicy said.

"I can make you an appointment but not before next Friday." The reception said flipping pages in her appointment book. "We don't take walk-ins, and especially not for the works."

"I'm going to have to insist that you fit Abby in right now." Spicy said. "Believe me if you don't, there will be consequences and I can guarantee that you won't like them."

"We have a strict no exception rule. If Jennifer Lopez herself walked through that door right now it would be the same thing. Come back on Friday at a scheduled appointment time." The receptionist leaned on the counter and drummed her perfectly manicured gel nails on the appointment book.

Abaddon stepped forward. "Jennifer Lopez? I have no idea of who that is but I can guarantee you that she is not even close to capable of what I am capable of. My companion here has a bit more patience than I do. I'm perfectly willing to snap that scrawny neck of yours, or maybe just feed you to my hellhound."

The receptionist suddenly jumped when a low growl came from her left followed by the feeling of hot breath on her skin and the scent of sulfur. Then she saw the woman's eyes had turned a solid black. "Um, if you'll follow me I'll take you to the changing room for your mud bath."

"Good, it looks like we understand each other." Abaddon said her eyes bleeding back to normal.

Rufus poked Bobby with his elbow. Metatron had just received a wooden box from one of the vendors selling beer. They watched as Verchiel turned the wheelchair around and the two began moving toward one of the exits.

Rufus hit the redial button on the cell phone. "Hey Ash. They're on the move again. Looks like Metatron picked up a box from one of the vendors here and now he's leaving." Bobby and Rufus quickly followed the two out of the exit only to find an empty lobby.

"Balls!" Bobby exclaimed. "Where'd they go?"

"Well there's the exit. Who knows where they went." Rufus said as the two went to the exit and pushed the door open only to find themselves stepping inside the roadhouse.

Samuel Campbell looked at the two. "I thought you were supposed to be hunters?"

"You think you can do better following a couple of angels around heaven?" Rufus asked.

"We can't exactly poof ourselves from point A to point B. Probably because we're hunters and not angels ya idjit!" Bobby said grabbing a bottle of whiskey and taking a swig. "We do known that Metatron got a wooden box from one of the vendors and then just poofed away somewhere."

"Guess I'd better see where they popped up." Ash said. "After I let Gabriel know what happened."

"Have I mentioned that I hate flying Angel Air?" Dean said as the trio appeared in the lobby of the Joe Louis Arena.

Gabriel was looking around curiously but closely at everything. The Archangel suddenly made his way to one of the entrances to the arena floor leaving Sam and Dean to follow behind him. He made his way up into the stands until he was standing in front of one of the vendors.

"Gabriel what are we doing here?" Sam asked. "Ash said they were gone already."

"Yes they did leave, but right now Verchiel is telling Metatron that we are following them." Gabriel said studying the shade in front of him. "I'm trying to figure out Metatron's motivations here. This place, a hockey game? It's out of character for him. I'd expect him to go running to Shakespeare's heaven, not this place."

"Maybe Shakespeare's heaven is too obvious of a choice?" Sam suggested.

"Well Bobby did say that Metatron had gotten a wooden box from that, whatever. Could it have been Castiel's grace?" Dean asked.

"It's a possibility. We'll know soon enough, I've already passed along the information to Lucifer. He and Michael will check out the corresponding heaven and see what they can find." Gabriel said. "But this just doesn't feel right to me. Metatron is up to something, I just don't know what it is he's up to."

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