When Angels Fall

Chapter 31

"Sam met Samuel Colt when we were trying to find a way to kill Eve." Castiel said holding the letter. "It is addressed to Sam, he should open it."

"How did Sam ever manage to meet Samuel Colt?" Kevin asked. "Colt died in the 1800's right?"

"He drew his last breath on January 10th 1862 ." Balthazar said. "But luckily for Sam and Dean, us angels make Deloreans obsolete when it comes to time travel although it can drain a Seraph pretty quick."

"So you sent Sam back to the 1800's?" Kevin asked.

"Not me. Cassie here did it." Balthazar said. "But why would The Men of Letters pass on a note to Sam?"

"They must have thought that Sam could offer them assistance at some point." Castiel said. "Balthazar, I believe that you should retrieve Sam, since Metatron is aware of the deception Sam's presence should no longer be vital."

Balthazar was suddenly standing there with a stunned Sam Winchester.

"What the?" Sam blinked "Hi Cas, Kevin." He turned to Balthazar "What was that all about?"

"In the immortal words of AOL," Balthazar said taking the note from Castiel and handing it to Sam; "You've got mail."

"Will you settle down Deano? Sam is fine." Gabriel let go of Dean's collar. "Kevin discovered something that needed Sam's attention and Balthazar took him back to the bunker."

Gabriel waited until Dean was looking less like he wanted to kill everything in a 50 foot radius. "Just because Sam is back in the Bat Cave doesn't change what we need to do. Focus Winchester."

"What was so important he couldn't at least say something instead just showing up and grabbing him?" Dean demanded.

"I don't know; but I know we'll find out in due time. For now we just keep an eye on Metatron and find out what he picks up next." Gabriel said as he leaned back in a booth at the roadhouse.

"Gabriel is right Dean." John said from his seat across from Dean next to Gabriel. "I know I told you to look out for your brother but he was still a kid then. He's an adult now, you don't have to hold his hand 24/7."

"Don't have to hold who's hand?" Sam said as he appeared next to the table.

"That was quick." Gabriel noted. "What'd Balthazar moosenap you for anyhow?"

Sam dragged a chair over sitting at the end of the table. "Seems like someone left me a note in the archives."

"What?" Dean didn't even try to hid his confusion. "There was a note for you in that mess of boxes?"

"And I recognized the handwriting." Sam held the note up so Dean could see it. "Samuel Colt."

"So what does it say?" Gabriel demanded.

"I haven't exactly read it yet. But someone in the Men of Letters put this aside along with a letter of their own that whoever found it was supposed to give Colt's note to me or to my descendents."

"So what are you waiting for Sammy, open it."

Greetings Sam,

I pray that box arrived in time to help you. It took me some time to figure out that thingamajig of yours. Is that what you call progress in future times? I'll stick with just writing down what I need to know on paper, it's a lot less convoluted. It's a lot easier for a man to read on paper the words written by another man.

Your visit made me think, Sam. That railroad system, I wasn't going to finish it but I'm thinking that I must have. How else would you have known who and what I am. Only a hunter can know another hunter. So Sam, I'm writing these words for your benefit, trusting that you will understand what to do with them.

"Thingamajig?" Gabriel questioned. "What exactly did you do Sam?"

"I showed him my Blackberry to get him to give me the Colt. We needed it to kill a phoenix and we had a pretty tight deadline." Sam said. "I was in such a hurry to get back to Dean, I forgot it."

"Did you get back in time?" John asked. "To kill the phoenix?"

"Yeah Sam got the colt, I shot the phoenix and had just knelt down to scoop up the ashes when Cas yanked us back." Dean said. "Man that hurt. We were so close."

"And while we were complaining and begging Cas to send us back, there's this knock at Bobby's front door. The FedEx guy is standing there with this shocked look on his face," Sam said with a slight laugh. "He asks for Sam Winchester and handed me this package saying it had been laying around the office forever with a note to deliver it at that date and time. It was from Samuel Colt."

"And inside the box is Sam's brand new Blackberry all beat to hell," Dean continued. "And a jar of phoenix ashes."

"Wow. All that time I spent hunting for that damned Colt, and all I needed to do was get my son to ask Colt to will it to me." John said with a laugh.

"So what does Colt have to say for himself, Bullwinkle?" Gabriel asked.

Sam picked up reading where he had left off.

I finished that railroad, and I was working on the crypt when a couple of fancy Easterners showed up one day real interested in what I was doing. I took them for hunters at first but they didn't know a thing about hunting. What they did know was a lot about the things we hunt. Eventually they told me that they were known as 'Men of Letters'. And that their whole function was collecting lore on creatures, spells, and magic. You name it they knew about it. And they knew about a yellow eyed demon.

While they were concerned about the yellow eyed demon, they were more concerned about a demon they referred to as Abaddon. This demon is bad news, said the only thing worse was Old Splitfoot himself. They have no idea where Abaddon is. I tell you this because you know about the Colt, you know what it can do. That's why you sought me out that day.

Sam I only made 13 bullets for that gun, because you can only make 13 at a time. I learned the secret of that gun in an opium house in Frisco from an old Chinaman. I figured that knowledge would be needed one day, so I wrote it down and gave to the Men of Letters along with all the plans for that railroad devil's trap. I gave it to them to hold onto until Abaddon surfaces again. On that day I pray that you still live or your children.

People spend a lot of time telling me about my guns, they tell me that I will be famous for years to come because of them. They tell me that it's my legacy. I don't much care about that. I don't consider that my legacy because in the end those guns really don't make much of a difference to the world. That crypt in the middle of a lonely cemetery protected by a devil's trap 100 miles across, that Colt I placed in your hands, the knowledge of how to build these things; that's my true legacy. Those are the things that truly make a difference in the world and I give them to you Sam Winchester. You are my heir, I leave this legacy to you.


Samuel Colt.

Sam looked at the second page of the letter which consisted of coordinates, and a name Snake Eyes O'Riley.

Gabriel who had been trying to look at the pages that Sam had been reading suddenly spoke up.

"That's the cemetery the Devil's gate is located in. I'm betting that there's a grave there with the name Snake Eyes O'Riley; but you won't find Snake Eyes in it."

"Dude, you meet Samuel Colt one time and the guy goes out of his way to send you a package a hundred and some years in the future and decides to make you his heir?" Dean noted. "What the hell did you talk about when you went to get that gun?"

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