When Angels Fall

Chapter 32

Michael and Lucifer were impatiently waiting in the real heaven for some word from Gabriel when Lucifer sighed at the sound of his phone ringing. Even with the serious situation they were dealing with Gabriel's prankster nature still managed to come out. Lucifer hit the talk button silencing Charlie Daniels' The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

"Talk to me Gabriel. Where and what?" Lucifer said. "Wait, you want me to go where with who?" Lucifer frowned. "And he's alright with it? Wait back that up. Dean is alright with it?" Lucifer was tapping his foot. "That sounds about right. Dean is like an old scratched LP. Just keeps skipping back to that same annoying phrase. Okay let me fill Mikey in and I'll be right there."

"Fill me in on what?" Michael asked.

"Seems Samuel Colt left an unofficial handwritten will. He bequeathed all his hunting information to Sam. And he buried it." Lucifer explained. "So Gabe wants me to take Daddy Winchester and Sam to the Cemetery where the Devils gate is so they can dig up a grave because they think that's where all of Colt's info is buried."

"I can take them if you'd rather not go." Michael offered.

"No Gabriel is right. I'm the one who needs to go just in case something comes through the gate while they are there. I'll sense it before it get's close." Lucifer said. "Abaddon wants Sam just bad enough to send a hellhound or dozen after him. With the three of us we should be able to take care of it pretty quick."

Lucifer handed the phone to Michael. I'll leave my phone with you just in case they get a location for Metatron's next pickup." Lucifer said. "If that happens before I get back do me a favor, call Raphael so you don't have to go into it alone. With Metatron knowing what's going on we can't afford to trust that he won't try something."

"You know something Lucifer, you always expect the worst of people." Michael said.

"Yeah and you always expect the best. At least I'm normally keeping an eye out for the knife someone tries to stick in my back." Lucifer said then disappeared in a flutter of feathers.

"You know, I never thought the day would come when the Devil darkening my door would become an everyday occurrence." Ellen said.

"Strange bedfellows, desperate times and all that jazz Ellen dear." Lucifer quipped. "But don't worry, I'm not staying. I'm only here to pick up a pair of Winchesters to go."

"You make it sound like you're you're going through the drive-thru at McDonald's." Gabriel snorted. "Want to super size that order? I can throw in a Henry Winchester too you know?"

"No thanks, a Sam and a John is already one Winchester too many." Lucifer said. "So Winchesters, let's go and get this over with."

Sam was becoming an old hand at flying Angel air. So he landed on his feet without a problem. John landed floating about two feet off of the ground.

"Dad?" Sam questioned looking around not seeing John anywhere.

"He's here but he's already gone to the great beyond remember? You gave him a hunter's funeral, nothing for him to come back to so he's a free floating spirit." Lucifer said. "I could make him stronger, but of course then he'll be more like a slug, leaving a slimy trail of ectoplasm where ever he goes."

"The devil is a comedian, too bad your material stinks." John said.

"Hey, I'm not the one that insisted you come on this little trip. It's not like you can lend a hand with the digging." Lucifer said conjuring up a couple of shovels. "So why don't you make yourself useful by keeping an eye on that devils gate. Watch our backs and earn your keep."

Sam was busy playing a flashlight beam over the tombstones and gravemarkers. "Hey I think this is it." The flashlight beam showed a name Patrick O'Riley and under the name a pair of Dice had been carved into the stone showing double ones.

"That's snake eyes alright." Lucifer said handing a shovel to Sam and digging into the soil with his own.

Metatron finally had Verchiel stop at a heaven that consisted of a large playground. Children played on swings and slid down a slide. This was the multiple heaven, shared by dozens of children who had died as orphans. Most of them came from workhouses or orphanages. Here and there a dog chased after sticks or balls thrown by older children. Int the distance the merry sound of an ice cream truck approached.

"So, I take it Michael knows that I know about this little ruse?" Metatron asked.

"I have not spoken to Michael." Verchiel said.

"No I expect that you haven't but I'm not stupid Verchiel. I'm sure you found a way to get a message to him. I would expect nothing less." Metatron said. "You're under orders. I know the punishment for failing to obey direct orders from an Archangel can be drastic. So I'll forgive you. Now lets go see what the Good Humor man has to offer today, shall we?" Metatron said nodding toward the ice cream truck that was now surrounded by eager children.

"Here Verchiel. Purchase two Orange Creamsicles" Metatron said handing Verchiel a ten dollar bill. "Bring back my change."

Metatron waited patiently until the angel returned. Holding out his hand he accepted the change calling over a few children. Two of the children got the creamsicles while Metatron pocketed the five dollar bill and gave the rest of the change to another child. "Make sure that Michael knows it's the five dollar bill he needs to keep." Metatron said flatly. "Wouldn't want him to get confused with all the human children around here."

Lucifer's shovel hit something solid with a dull thunk. "Well it's about damned time." He mumbled. The two began scraping dirt off of a box far too small to be a coffin.

"Well either he died a horrible death and there wasn't much left to bury, or Patrick O'Riley is not in this grave." Lucifer observed as he and Sam scraped the very last of the dirt from the box.

"Will you two finish up already?" John called out. "I know Sam can excavate a grave faster than this."

"Your father thinks you're getting slow in your old age." Lucifer said. "He wants you to get the lead out."

"That's not what I said." John protested.

"Close enough for government work as you humans like to say." Lucifer said as he hefted the box up out of the grave. "Damn that's heavy."

Sam used the blade of his shovel to pop the lock and immediately saw why it was so heavy. In addition to a couple of journals, there was a collection of tools. Also rolled up papers that could very well be maps.

"Looks like it is what we're looking for." Sam said holding up one of the journals with Samuel Colt's name on it. "Let's fill in this grave. "I'll go through it back at the bunker."

"Good idea, that means we can get out of this place." John said.

"You know John doesn't like it here." Lucifer said leaning on his shovel. "This is where I would have emerged onto the Earth if you hadn't been such a stubborn ass. The plan was to have you open the crypt you know, back then before you had a chance to meet Castiel or any of the other angels. I would have gotten you to say yes and things would have been a lot different."

"Lucky for me I didn't open the crypt then. Jake did." Sam noted. "Besides Dean hadn't even gone to hell then, he had only just made his deal."

"Yeah, I have to admit though, I was very disappointed in you letting Jake kill you like that." Lucifer said tossing another shovel full of dirt into the hole. "But then again, stubborn ass is a Winchester family trait."

"Yeah just like you said, I'm a stubborn ass." Sam said. "I had better things to do at the time than killing Jake."

"That's not what I was disappointed about." Lucifer said. "Okay I was disappointed about that but it wasn't the main reason for my disappointment. I was disappointed that no one every taught you not to leave an enemy at your back."

John growled.

"John, John, John. I can't believe that you failed to leave that out of your Boot Camp Child rearing plan." Lucifer said.

"I didn't, Sam's just a stubborn ass." John said. And Lucifer laughed.

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