When Angels Fall

Chapter 33

Lucifer was gracious enough to transport Sam and his crate back to the bunker where it turned out to be the object of everyone's curiosity. "Well now that I've thrown my back out." Lucifer said as he sat it down, "I'll just take Winchester Senior back where he belongs."

"I never thought this would happen again but thanks." Sam said to Lucifer.

"Getting to be a bit of a habit isn't it Sam." Lucifer chuckled. "Don't worry I won't spread the news that you're growing grateful of the devil." Lucifer disappeared.

"What is this?" Kevin asked, reaching into the box and picking up a small hammer.

"It's stuff that Samuel Colt left for me." Sam said picking up one of the Journals. "That's what was in the note. He wanted me to have all of this stuff." Sam was busy flipping through the pages, scanning them. He stopped and turned the page around so that Kevin, Benny, Castiel and Balthazar could see it. "All of his tools and this. It's the instructions on how to make the bullets for the Colt."

"It's been a long time since I have said this," Balthazar admitted, "But all praise be to Father's name!"

"It does seem fitting." Castiel said. "We have been given a blessing beyond measure with these items."

"Well looks like we're gonna have to set you up a workshop." Benny said. "There's no time like the present. Might as well start unpacking."

The group began removing items from the crate. Dozens of tools, three journals, blueprints, bars of silver, lead, and iron, and at the very bottom an odd parcel wrapped in a shimmering cloth. Benny was just about to reach in and pull it out when Balthazar grabbed his arm.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Balthazar warned.

Castiel was staring at the object in awe. "No one should touch it. It is not meant for any of us. How it got into this box however is a mystery."

"Well what is it?" Sam asked frowning.

"The word of God. In the sense that it was written personally by our Father's hand." Balthazar said. "And it can only be safely handled by God's Herald."

Michael looked at the items sitting in front of him. A wooden box holding a map, a jar of oil, an alien plushie, and a five dollar bill. Each of the items bore Metatron's sigil but whatever grace was in them must have been buried deep. Not even Raphael could sense any grace within them, they appeared to be ordinary everyday objects.

"This is past frustrating" he said. "Metatron only adds to the severity of his punishment."

"Michael calm down." Raphael said. "Angels can't have aneurisms but at the rate you are going you will manage to do so. The veins are standing out on your vessel's forehead."

"Or at least stand on the other side of the room so we don't get splattered when your head explodes." Lucifer said. "I'd hate to be too busy trying to get blood out of this white shirt to hear what Gabriel discovered in that message."

"What I don't understand is how a message from Father ended up among items that Samuel Colt intended for Sam Winchester." Raphael said.

"He's a vessel. Dad would know that." Lucifer said. "Obviously he's around somewhere and he knows what is going on. The only way it got in that box is if dear old Dad put it there."

"God is dead." Raphael insisted. "Why else would this happen? Father would not have allowed all of the angels to be cast down in this way. He would have protected Heaven!"

"Father perhaps had reason to allow these things to happen Raphael. Perhaps because he knew that something good would come out of it." Michael said. "How long has it been since the four of us have gotten along so well? The falling of the seraphs has brought us all back together peacefully. Lucifer and I are not fighting, Gabriel is not trying to keep the peace and you are not sticking your nose into a tablet pretending that you hear nothing of the disturbance around you."

"Although some things are still the same." Lucifer said as Van Halen's Running with the Devil started coming from his pocket. "I'm getting just a bit tired of the devil themed ringtones."

Lucifer pulled out his phone and realized that he had a text message.

"Archangels meeting now. Not heaven, heaven at the Roadhouse. Bring the items with you."

When Michael, Lucifer and Raphael arrived they were in for a bit of a shock. Balthazar and Verchiel were standing guard over a smug looking Metatron. The humans had all retreated into a corner as far away from the angels as they could get only Dean and Sam braving the swirling agitation that was known as Gabriel. There was one more 'human' braving getting close to the angel but then again he was once an angel himself. Castiel glared at Metatron.

"Well what do you know, the gang's all here." Metatron smirked. "I guess you don't give a damn about Castiel. I warned you what would happen."

"Yes you did didn't you?" Gabriel said as he walked over to Castiel and wrapped a wing around the powerless Seraph to give him a quick hug of encouragement. "Something about not leading us to the rest of the fragments right?"

"Gabriel, what is going on here?" Michael demanded.

"Metatron's little game is at its end." Gabriel said. "You remembered to bring those items with you right?"

"Yes, we have them." Michael said placing them on a table.

"Without the other fragments, those won't do you any good. And I'm the only one who knows where they all are." Metatron said. "And I'm not telling you where to find them."

A loud flapping announced the arrival of two new angels in the roadhouse. Inias and an angel that Sam and Dean hoped never to see again called Virgil. The two were holding on to a couple of boxes. They began taking out an odd assortment of items from the boxes and handing them to Gabriel who listed each item his smirk growing every time another item was placed in his hands.

"Headset from the Kennedy Space Center, an old mercury thermometer from John's Hopkins, An unexploded mortar round from Hamburger Hill." Gabriel looked up at Metatron with a truly evil smirk on his face when he saw that Metatron was no longer looking smug, he was looking worried. "A rattlesnake head paperweight and a pile of fossilized Dinosaur poop."

"You couldn't have known." Metatron said. "You're trying to trick me. I'm the only one who knew!"

"You were the only angel that knew." Gabriel countered "There is someone else who knew. He was willing to let you cast all the Seraphs down temporarily. He wanted the angels to have some empathy toward the humans instead of being...what's that you call us Dean, 'feathered asshats'? But this little game you've been playing with Castiel's grace hasn't gone over too well."

"So that's what was in the message." Lucifer said. "Dad said where to find it all."

"Yep. He also detailed how to put it all back together and get Castiel back up to his normal awkward but grace filled self."

The seraphs in the room suddenly all dropped to their knees and backed away from Metatron. The look on Michael's face was more than enough to strike fear into the hearts of even his Archangel brothers who all stepped back except for Gabriel.

"Michael you can't smite him." Gabriel said quickly.

"Just watch me." Michael said taking a step toward the now trembling scribe.

"MICHAEL! I HAVE COMMANDED HE WILL NOT BE SMOTE! YOU WILL BOW TO THE WILL OF YOUR FATHER WHO MADE YOU!" Gabriel's wings were all fully manifested and grace swirled around the Archangel. Michael turned toward the younger archangel his own wings flaring in response.

"Michael," Lucifer reached out a hand and placed it on his older brother's arm. "Gabriel speaks with the authority of our father. He is not our little brother right now, he is the herald and might of God." Lucifer said reminding Michael of the fact that when God spoke through Gabriel no angel in heaven could disobey.

Michael lowered his wings and bowed his head toward Gabriel. "I bow to the Might of God."

Gabriel's wings remained flared but his demeanor was less aggressive. "Lucifer has shown redemption and your relationship has come full circle he is the calming force against your anger. Lucifer is restored to his position as the Morningstar. The Archangels working together destroyed the cage, you will rebuild it together. Metatron will take Lucifer's place in the pit. And Raphael; stop running around telling everyone I am dead."

The grace that had been swirling around Gabriel suddenly disappeared and Gabriel dropped to the floor unconscious.

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