When Angels Fall

Chapter 34

"Gabriel!" Castiel called out alarmed.

"Relax, Castiel. He's fine just, overwhelmed." Lucifer said.

"Lucifer is correct. You are too you to remember when Father last spoke through him." Raphael said. "He just needs rest and for his grace to normalize."

"What what do you mean your Father spoke through him and why didn't we end up flash fried or something." Dean asked. "I mean that was his wings, right. We aren't supposed to be able to see your wings."

"It was Father's power flowing through Gabriel." Michael explained. "Father's grace is not like ours, he has much better control of it than we do. Father felt that I needed a reminder.

"A reminder?" Dean questioned.

"Gabriel is Father's Herald, but he is also the youngest of the archangels." Lucifer said. "Sometimes we get caught up in the whole big brother thing and forget that when he speaks Father's words they carry father's authority. When that happens Father speaks through him."

"He will need rest." Raphael said. "I suggest we take him to the Men of Letters Bunker. He has yet to tell us how to return Castiel's grace to it's proper place."

"I agree. Lucifer lets gather the pieces; we'll take them with us." Michael said. "Unfortunately we'll have to bring Metatron with us. Balthazar, Verchiel, Virgil guard him well. He does not escape nor does he cause mischief. I will hold the three off you personally responsible."

"He will cause no mischief." Virgil said. "The command may be not to smite him but should he so much as knock over a glass he will pray for smiting."

Lucifer looked over to where the humans were gathered together living and dead. He let out an exasperated sigh. "Go on. For my first duty since officially being restored to heaven, I'll bring Tweedledee and Tweedledum home after they say their goodbyes."

"Very well." Michael gathered up the pieces of grace. Raphael cradled Gabriel in his arms and Balthazar laid a hand on Castiel's shoulder. The angel's disappeared.

Lucifer hung back to allow the Winchesters a bit of privacy.

Mary reached up and pulled Sam down to give him A hug and kiss, "I wish I could have been there, I'm so sorry Sam. If I had known what he planned..."

Sam wrapped his arms around her. "Don't Mom. We'll have forever you know?" He turned toward John "Dad."

"Sammy, I know we've had our moments when we'd butt heads but, I'm proud of you. I always have been."

"Okay Sam stop hogging all the attention." Dean said pushing Sam out of the way to hug his parents.

"You boys take care of each other." John said.

"Okay, okay it's not like you won't ever see them again." Lucifer said. "It's time to go. We still have work to do. Abaddon is still running around you know."

Kevin jumped as the group of angels appeared in the conference room. Crowley saw the number of angels in the room and decided that he would be better off elsewhere. Benny blinked and shook his head then went back to sharpening the machete in his hands.

"Um where's Sam and Dean?" Kevin asked.

"Saying goodbye to their parents." Balthazar said. "They won't be seeing them for a while."

"Where is the nearest bed Kevin Tran?" Raphael asked. "Gabriel needs rest and he would not consider being in my arms comfortable."

"Come on I'll show you were you can put him for now." Benny said. Michael looked up and saw a couple of Seraphs standing quietly in the doorway looking as if they were uncomfortable. "You have your grace back?" Michael questioned.

"Yes Commander." One of them answered but neither moved they still stood in the doorway watching.

"I believe that they are worried." Balthazar said. "What do you wish to know?"

"Why is he here?" One of them pointed at Metatron. "We know what he did to Castiel, and now the Messenger is is not well."

Michael looked at the seraphs. "He is here because our father has pronounced his punishment. Gabriel will be fine, as will Castiel. Now don't you have duties that need your attention?"

Benny returned to the room. "Raphael said he wanted to check Gabriel's grace again." Benny sat down. "So what happened? When he read that tablet he said it was good news."

"It was, we have all the pieces of Castiel's grace." Balthazar said.

"So you're powered back up then?" Benny asked Castiel.

"No not as of yet." Castiel said. "I'm sure that it will be done when Gabriel awakens."

"Yeah give me a few will you Cas." Gabriel said as he entered the room on wobbly legs while Raphael steadied him.

"Gabriel you should not be up." Raphael said. "You need time to recover."

"Stop hovering Raphael, I'm fine. I just need to get my bearings. It's been a while since Dad's ridden me like that." Gabriel said. "I forgot how disorienting it can be."

Castiel went to the refrigerator and came back with a chocolate Yoohoo. "Drink this. It contains an impressive amount of sugar."

"Thanks Cas." Gabriel accepted the bottle and downed half of it in one go. "Where's Lucifer? And the Winchesters?"

"Lucifer remained behind to give them a chance to say goodbye to John and Mary." Michael said bringing Gabriel another Yoohoo. "I'm sorry, Gabriel. I let my anger get the best of me. Otherwise Father would not have found it necessary to speak through you."

"We're all pretty fed up with Metatron. I'd like to smite him myself, but part of what he did was Father's will. And well being locked in the cage? I'm thinking that won't be too much fun."

"No it won't." Lucifer said as he walked over and squatted down next Gabriel. "Feeling alright little brother? That was one hell of a display."

"I'll take your word for it." Gabriel said. "Where are the pieces of Castiel's grace?" Gabriel looked around.

"They are here." Verchiel said pointing to the box sitting on one of the sideboards.

"Dean, Castiel 'gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition'. Now it's your turn. Metatron is completely unnecessary in this. He's not the only one who can put Castiel's grace back together." Gabriel said. "He rebuilt you body and soul using his grace, your soul knows his grace. It's where that whole more profound bond stuff comes from."

"What? Wait a minute,how am I supposed to put his grace back together." Dean protested.

"I have no idea. If I knew how to put it back together I would." Gabriel said.

"Maybe it's like a puzzle?" Sam suggested. "Put the parts together in a certain order?"

"That's right. Castiel pulled you out of the cage too. He rebuilt your body but not your soul." Raphael said. "Maybe it will take the two of you?"

"All the message said was 'That which Castiel has raised from hell hold the key to his restoration." Gabriel said. "Castiel raised them both."

"I guess you Winchesters had better get to work." Michael said.

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