When Angels Fall

Chapter 38

It had taken the combined grace of four Archangels to destroy the cage, now the grace of four Archangels was united to rebuild it. Huge slabs of a material that was not metal nor stone, but a strange mixture of both were lifted into place like massive puzzle pieces. Once in place each piece fused seamlessly with it's neighbors.

With the combined effort of the Archangels the cage stood complete again in almost the same amount of time it took to destroy it. Only one large slab remained, the capstone which would seal the cage and lock it away from everything outside.

Michael looked toward his brothers. "Gabriel, it is time. Have Castiel and Verchiel prepare and deliver Metatron to us. I will inspect the interior for weakness while we wait." Michael started to drop down into the hole. Then paused to look at Gabriel. 'You did remember to bring it right.?"

"Of course I did Bro." Gabriel reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial of a glowing swirling substance. "You did appointment me the Keeper of the Grace after all. I'd really suck at the job if I had left it topside."

"Well then," Lucifer said. "All we need is Metatron. The sooner he gets down here the better. We're pushing our luck being here."

"Lucifer you are the rightful King of Hell." Raphael said. "This is your domain and you feel fear?"

"Not fear little brother, concern." Lucifer explained. "There's a pretender on the throne and every moment we remain here increases the risk of our presence becoming known. Yes, we will go to war with Abaddon but I'm sure that Michael like myself would rather it be on our terms in the time and place of our choosing and not a defensive action because she attacked first."

"Lucifer is right." Michael said. "We still don't know the inventory of our weapons but I do know that she is not going to be stupid enough to attack any angelic beings. She will go after the hunters. Her first goal is Sam Winchester, remember?"

Kevin's shooting lessons were progressing slowly. The prophet had terrible aim. When Gabriel suddenly appeared in the room five feet behind him, the armed prophet startled and spun around and pulled the trigger in a simple reflex.

Gabriel looked down at his chest in shock and then looked up to meet the prophet's eyes. "YOU SHOT ME!" Gabriel yelled, looking back down in disbelief at the hole in his jacket.

"Oh my God! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" Kevin had picked up a rag out of a pile that Dean kept for cleaning the guns and pressed it against the hole still frantically mumbling apologies. "It was an accident. I wasn't expecting you to just appear behind me like that."

"Are you trying to kill me with an infection now?" Gabriel asked, shock turning into amusement at how flustered the young prophet was. "I have angelic immunity you know? Infections, bullets; I'm immune to pretty much everything except Dad and the weapons of the Archangels you know?"

Dean was bent over laughing. "You might want to try stabbing him while you're at it."

"That won't work either, Dean. You should know from experience." Gabriel said as he grabbed Kevin's arm and stuck two fingers to the prophet's forehead to calm him down.

"Oh I know that," Dean said. "But it certainly makes me feel better!"

"Dean," Sam scolded. "What are you doing here, Gabriel. I thought you guys were fixing the cage."

"It's done. I'm just waiting for Castiel and Verchiel to get him ready to travel." Gabriel said "I also wanted to check in with you. See if you've heard anything from Balthazar or Virgil?"

"No nothing yet." Sam said.

"Not that we want to hear anything from Virgil." Dean said. "He tried to kill us!"

"Deano, since when is an angel trying to kill you anything new?" Gabriel said "I not only tried, I succeeded almost 200 times. Then I got bored. I ran out of new and interesting ways to snuff the Winchester."

"You really want to bring that up now?" Dean asked.

"I don't know why you're so bent out of shape over it, you don't even remember it." Gabriel said. "If anyone should be bent out of shape it's Sam and he's not."

"He's right Dean. Every Tuesday morning started and you didn't remember a thing, I did." Sam said "But looking back, if I had learned what Gabriel was trying to teach me, The whole apocalypse thing would probably have never happened. Ruby wouldn't have been able to get her claws into me and I never would have freed Lucifer."

"Hang on to that lesson Sam." Gabriel said. "As a matter of fact all of you need to understand that we are going to lose people in this war against Abaddon. And she will use that against you."

The soft rustling of feathers announced the arrival of Castiel, Verchiel and Metatron. The two Seraphs held Metatron between them. The scribe was shackled hand and foot with bindings covered in Enochian symbols.

"We are prepared to deliver Metatron to the cage." Castiel said.

"You know Metatron, we'll be long gone if you ever get out of there." Sam said. "I just want you to know, you're even worse than Lucifer. At least we always knew exactly where we stood with him. We knew he had an agenda, he never hid it from us. You? You smiled in our faces while you used me, and used Castiel. So enjoy your time in the cage, by yourself, all alone."

Dean looked at the scribe for a moment. "Hey Gabriel. Shouldn't he be wearing the right clothes?"

"What do you mean the right clothes?" Gabriel asked.

"Dude, as long as you hung around down here you don't know anything about prison orange jumpsuits?" Dean asked.

Gabriel snapped his fingers. "Better?" Metatron was now wearing an orange jumpsuit with the number two on the left side of his chest and on the back were the words 'Property of Hell Dept of Corrections'.

"Yeah now he looks the part." Dean said then frowned when Gabriel snapped his fingers again changing Metatron's clothing back to what it was before.

"We are taking Metatron to the cage, not his vessel." Gabriel said. "I'm going to pull him from his vessel. Who ever this poor schmuck is. There's a chance he will survive the separation. If he does, then you guys take care of him till we get back. If not then we will properly dispose of the body when we return."

Castiel and Verchiel grasped the chains hanging from the shackles as Gabriel placed his hands on each side of Metatron's face.

"You would do well to close your eyes." Verchiel warned. "It will only take a second for Gabriel to remove Metatron , but it will be enough time to cause you damage."

Everyone closed their eyes as instructed and when the glare died down they opened them to find the body of the man Metatron had been using as a vessel lying on the floor free of the shackles he had been wearing a moment earlier.

Sam knelt down and checked for a pulse. "He's still alive. He has a pulse, but it's weak."

Raphael, Michael and Lucifer watched as Gabriel, Castiel and Verchiel appeared before them on top of the cage holding a writhing shape bound by chains in their hands.

Michael stepped up to the shaped and addressed it. "Metatron you have angered God, our father and he has passed judgment against you. In father's name we consign you to the cage where you will remain until he orders you released. Use this time to reflect upon your sins and repent."

Michael grabbed onto a shackle as did Raphael and Lucifer. Castiel and Verchiel relinquished their places to the Archangels who dragged the struggling form to the opening. Michael chanted a few words in Enochian and the chains released their prisoner dropping him through the opening. Gabriel pulled Metatron's grace from his pocket and dropped it into the cage with it's owner as Lucifer, Michael and Raphael fitted the capstone in place. The four archangels then used their combined grace to seal the chamber so that it became a structure of one solid unbroken slab of material. The cage now completed was with out a single seam or opening.

Inside Metatron had broken the vial and regained his grace. As he had been warned he could see out. He could see the Archangels gathering up the bindings he could hear them through his grace. As he watched Gabriel, Raphael, Verchiel and Castiel disappeared. Michael and Lucifer remained.

"You can hear us Metatron. The song of the host is the only sound you will have for company but you cannot join in; you are mute to us. You can watch what happens on Earth and in Hell." Lucifer said. "But watch is all you will be able to do. I was able to communicate somewhat with demons if they stood right next to the cage and placed their hands on it. I am Hell's rightful King after all. That will be denied to you. I would not have wished this on you, I am aware of exactly how punishing the cage can be. I suggest that you take Michael's advice, reflect and repent." Lucifer and Michael then disappeared leaving the scribe in his impenetrable prison.

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