When Angels Fall

Chapter 3

Metatron sat in the building he had constructed to house his heavenly collection. He looked at the empty shelves that surrounded him. It had been a long wait but one well worth it he thought. He settled into one of the two easy chairs and picked up the book that he had sat on the table earlier.

Instead of opening it, he snuggled back into the chair and thought back to when this idea has first taken root in his mind.

Heaven just after the dawn of mankind

Michael and Lucifer were fussing once again over what God would have wanted them to do. Raphael was doing his best to ignore them and Gabriel was wasting his breath trying to play the peacekeeper once again. Metatron sat quietly at the base of the stairs leading up to God's throne. Metatron had learned quickly that the best thing to do was to stay quiet and try not to draw attention. Just because God had chosen him to sit among the Archangels as the personal scribe of God, Metatron was nowhere close to being one the eldest sons. The Princes of Heaven, those blessed to look upon the very face of God himself without fear.

No, Metatron was nowhere near in the same league with them. The paragons in Gods eyes but a bunch of spoiled brats as far a Metatron was concerned. Metatron had been on the receiving end of a back hand from all of the Archangels more than once but most often from Michael or Lucifer. Raphael simply ignored him and Gabriel turned a blind eye to what Metatron did unless the others were watching or he thought Metatron had gone far beyond what was allowed, but Michael and Lucifer watched Metatron's every move.

"Oh Please, Dad told us how it would be when he left." Gabriel said pushing his way between Michael and Lucifer. "Michael runs Heaven and You keep an eye on Earth Lucifer. That doesn't mean you get to just exterminate a species becaue you find it offensive."

"They aren't worthy of life." Lucifer said. "Humans are simple a waste of resources."

"That may be so, but it's not your call." Michael said. "Father created them and they are his favorite right now. Like it or not Humans are here to stay."

"If it makes you feel any better, I don't see why he puts such store in those creatures either." Raphael said as he stood up from the couch he had been sitting on and stretched. "They are simply apes with no hair."

"Exactly!" Lucifer waved his hand toward Raphael in full agreement. "So What good is another variety of ape? We've already got gorillas, baboons, gibbons, mandrills, chimpanzees. They are of no value!"

"They are of value to Father and so they are of value to us." Michael said.

"Bah! If Father said that a pile of elephant dung was important," Lucifer argued. "You would wrap your wings around it to protect it and call the smell the most divine thing in the cosmos."

"Guys, Come on." Gabriel interrupted. "Can't we all just get along? Besides you're scaring Metatron. He's been shivering in that corner since you started."

The Archangels all turned to Metatron who was sitting quietly with his head bowed.

"So tell me Metatron." Lucifer said strolling over to tower over the other angel. "What do you think about the humans?"

Metatron kept his head bowed and drew his limbs about himself before answering. "He loves them more than us. They are more powerful than we are."

The Archangels stared at him in disbelief for a moment and then burst into laughter.

"Hairless apes more powerful than angels?" Michael snorted. Lucifer had collapsed to the floor while Raphael and Gabriel were leaning against each other trying to hold themselves up.

When the laughter finally died down Gabriel ruffled Metatron's hair and said "You are such a comedian at times."

The Present

Metatron shivered as he let the memory go and brought himself back to the present. He had been right all those eons ago. Humans were more powerful than the Archangels. The Archangels were either dead or confined. They never understood the potential of the humans. They never recognized how powerful free will and imagination are.

When Metatron first recognized these gifts, he watched the humans and how they used them to grow. Then he looked around him at heaven at the stagnant beauty since God had been gone. Metatron knew that he would return someday but it would be a long absence. Metatron saw the angels and could only compare heaven to an ant hill. The queen hidden away never showing her face while the workers went about their repetitious tasks day in and day out with no variation. That was when he first got the idea. Make the angels human. Let them experience the freedom and beauty of imagination.

Gabriel stood beside a familiar black Impala and looked at the door in front of him. So the Winchesters were beyond that door. Gabriel could sense the warding around the place and it was a pretty thorough job. What was most surprising was that it was warded specifically against Abaddon.

How in the name of Dad did those two chuckleheads cross paths with Lucifer's Champion. Of all the Hell Knights Lucifer chose that thing to place at his right side. More importantly did Abaddon know who Sam and Dean were?

Gabriel decided that answers were more important than not startling the two Bozos and appeared inside only to be startled by the presence of a familiar trench coat. "Castiel?"

Castiel spun around coming face to face with Gabriel who was looking at him in shock. "Gabriel how...you were dead. After all this time I would not have expected father to bring you back." Castiel said.

"He didn't." Gabriel said. "Seems like all those Christian religions have their uses after all. Michael and Lucifer are out of the cage and Raphael and I are back. But we don't hear you. We should hear the grace of all the Seraphs but the song is silent."

Gabriel reached out and placed two fingers against Castiel's temple. As Castiel pulled away and hung his head. "We have been cast down, all of us. And it's my fault."

"What do you mean it's your fault?" Gabriel asked sharply.

"Metatron asked me to undertake a set of trials to close heaven much as Sam Winchester has done to close hell. I did as he asked and Metatron was able to cast all the angels down." Castiel said and took a step back seeing Gabriel's face twist with wrath.

"Metatron has finally crawled out from under his rock? I need to tell the others. We've all been waiting for this day for a long time." Gabriel raised his hand to snap himself away.

"Wait Gabriel! Would you? Will you look at Sam first. He's dying and there's nothing that I could for him even before Metatron's spell." Castiel asked his head hung in shame.

Gabriel placed a hand on Castiel's shoulder. "Take me to Bullwinkle. Just keep that flying squirrel of yours under control."

"I'm not sure if I can. Dean is angered with me for keeping the Angel tablet from him." Castiel said suddenly being drawn to a stop when Gabriel grabbed him.

"The angel tablet has been unearthed?" Gabriel asked.

"And the demon tablet." Castiel nodded.

"And Abaddon is on the loose?" Gabriel added.

"Yes. Is there some importance to these things." Castiel questioned.

"It means that Metatron is about to be on the receiving end of one serious smiting. You had better prepare Deano, Because he's about to have four fully powered Archangels on his hands. We have to figure out how to reverse this spell and get you and the Seraphs powered up before Abaddon makes a move." Gabriel said.

"She already has. She opened the gates of Hell." Castiel said.

"That's not the move we need to worry about." Gabriel answered. "It's her making a move on heaven we need to worry about. With all of you fallen, there's millions of unprotected souls sitting in heaven for the taking."

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