When Angels Fall

Chapter 39

Spicy looked at the hoodlum in front of her. It was obvious that time had run out. The stalling game was over. This thug had just reported back from hell and the angels had wasted no time in taking care of their traitor, but it also meant that Abaddon would now focus on business.

"The cage is intact ,my King." The little thug was saying.

"My Queen you illiterate gutter trash.!" Spicy interrupted. "She is female, a Queen did you manage to learn anything in school? If so stop acting like you're a crack baby!"

"Spicy, calm yourself. It will take patience to get these young demons to learn better." Abaddon said.

"I personally think a year or two on the rack would do wonders for their education."

"I would agree with you if Alistair was still available. After all I understand that Alistair managed to break a Winchester." Abaddon said. "Dean Winchester was an apt pupil. Almost as good with a blade as Alistair himself. Too bad he chose to stand against me. He would be a welcome addition to my army."

"Most of the demons do fear him. Discipline would certainly be improved if he had chosen differently." Spicy said. "He would have been quite a threat to hold over their heads."

"He still can be." The thug said. "I pay attention when the older ones speak. Dean Winchester will do almost anything for his brother. And we are searching for Sam Winchester now."

Abaddon looked at the demon. "Continue."

"You want us to destroy Sam Winchester so completely that his soul is destroyed. Some times killing someone is less effective than holding them as a hostage." The thug said. "If you had Sam you could use him to guarantee Dean's cooperation."

"I obviously didn't give you enough credit for your intelligence. Your two functioning brain cells are capable of calling a truce at times." Spicy said. "Sam Winchester would make a perfect hostage. Shall I inform your generals of a change in plans Dear Abby?"

"Yes let them know that I now want Sam Winchester taken alive. I expect to see no more than minor injuries marring his flesh." Abaddon said.

"Of course." Spicy nodded. "I may have to do a bit of hunting for one or two of them so it may take a while."

Crowley being back at full power so to speak, was quietly visiting a few of his less rebellious council members. Belarus however was a loyalist and one of the most rebellious Crowley had the displeasure of working with in his position as King of Hell, but of course that was due to the fact that Belarus was a die hard loyalist.

"Crowley, I thought for sure that you would be cringing under a rock somewhere for the rest of eternity with Abaddon taking over." Belarus said watching the former king of hell with open contempt. "You know of course she will end you if she finds you. As a matter of fact I'm sure she would generously reward anyone who alerted her to your whereabouts."

"You could of course turn me over to her, but then I couldn't put in a good word for you with the big boss." Crowley settled himself into a chair facing the other demon and conjured up a tumbler of Scotch. "I know that she bitch has been spreading a rumor that Lucifer is dead, I'm sure that you of all people know just how unlikely that is."

"You have seen him." Belarus asked.

"Let's just say the two of us have come to an agreement. Make no mistake our duly appointed king is out of his cage and he plans to regain his throne." Crowley said. Abaddon bit off more than she could chew when she set herself against Henry Winchester."

"Henry Winchester?" Belarus said. "So Henry's existence has become common knowledge."

"Well knowing what I know now, I suppose we have been mistaken all these years." Crowley said. "All these years we've been thinking it all started with John. It started long before Azazel got John Winchester's dander up by killing Mary. I started the night Abaddon forced Henry to flee to the future right to Sam and Dean, his grandsons. Whatever it is that makes the Winchesters such unlikely tools of god, fate or whatever started with Henry."

Belarus let out a deep sigh and leaned forward. "You have contact with our lord. I'm going to tell you something. Many of us have been watching Abaddon over the eons. Hell Knight she may be, but she holds no loyalty for Lucifer. She confronted Henry Winchester with a purpose."

"Do tell?" Crowley said leaning forward.

"She hunted down the Men of Letters for one thing. She wanted access to their Archive." Belarus said. "she was hoping to find a way to do exactly what she claims has been done. She intended to find a way to kill Lucifer and blame it on Heaven."

Sam picked the man's body up from the floor. All of the sores and lesions that Metatron had been cursed with were gone. The man's skin was unblemished.

"Let's get him in a bed." Dean said opening the door for Sam Kevin ran ahead to the room where they had been holding Metatron and opened the door so Sam could carry the man in and lay him on the bed.

"Gabriel said they would be back. We just need to keep an eye on him until then." Dean said.

A flutter of wings had everyone turning to speak to the angels only it wasn't the Archangels, it was Virgil and Balthazar returning.

"Well it looks like Metatron has left the building." Balthazar said making his way over to the bed. "Please tell me he didn't escape somehow."

"The Archangels took him to the cage." Benny said.

"How did they get him out of his vessel?" Virgil asked.

"Gabriel pulled him out." Kevin said.

"And his vessel yet lives." Virgil noted. "But that is not always a blessing. Sometimes it is more merciful if they do not survive the separation."

"Wait, what does that mean?" Sam asked.

"That means that you Winchesters are the exception to the rule." Balthazar said. "Usually a vessel is left a mess. The longer an angel remains in a vessel the less the vessel is able to function when the angel leaves."

"It depends on how long this vessel was merged with Metatron." Virgil said. "He may be able to perform simple basic tasks or he could be in a vegetative state. Gabriel has been in his vessel for thousands of years, if he were to leave it, the vessel would likely not survive although Gabriel takes better care of his vessel than most."

"Castiel has also been very careful with his vessel although He should eat more." Balthazar said.

"I thought angels didn't need to eat of sleep or do any of those human things." Dean asked.

"We don't but the humans that we inhabit do." Balthazar said. "It's difficult to remember that in the beginning. Food, rest; we have to get in the habit of eating and sleeping to keep our vessels physically healthy without draining our grace. Unfortunately there is nothing to be done for the mental effects of being merged with an angel."

"But Jimmy Novak seemed alright that time when Castiel was separated from him." Dean pointed out.

"It had been less than a year at that point Dean." Castiel said as he appeared in the room along with Verchiel, Raphael and Gabriel. "The deterioration had not yet begun. And Jimmy was dying when he insisted I release Claire and merge with him again."

"And now?" Sam asked.

"The last time I was brought back, I was alone. Jimmy has moved on." Castiel said. "Jimmy had long since retreated to a world within his memories."

Raphael reached out a hand and touched The man's forehead. "I cannot find any trace of the man this once was.. Metatron had been in here for too long. It is simply an empty shell."

"As you guys would say," Gabriel interjected. "The lights are on but no one is home."

"He is not suffering" . Raphael said. "He simply is not there. He will require special care. The only thing that can be done for him is to keep him comfortable until Death comes to claim him."

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