When Angels Fall

Chapter 41

"Dean, you did not tell me that your friend had been raised by Cupids." Castiel said as Garth released him. "Are you sure that he is not a cherub's vessel?"

"I promise he's not a cupid. He's wearing clothes." Dean said as Garth grinned at the two.

"Garth this is Castiel. We just call him Cas." Dean said.

"Castiel as in angel of Thursday Castiel?" Garth said then grabbed the Seraph for a second round of hugging. "I've heard so much about you!"

"Garth is really...huggy." Dean explained. "You get used to it."

"So where's Sam?" Garth asked as he released the angel.

"He is with my brothers, the Archangels." Castiel said.

"Archangels? Like Gabriel? He's actually real?" Garth asked. "So every Christmas I'm symbolically reaming an Archangel when I stick that angel on top of the tree?"

"I believe that Gabriel somewhat enjoys it. He likes being the center of attention." Castiel replied. "And he is only one of four Archangels."

"Yeah there's Michael, Raphael and Lucifer too." Dean said "And before you ask, yeah, THAT Lucifer."

"Whoa! How is it Winchesters are mixed up with him?" Garth asked.

"He has been restored to his place among the host." Castiel answered. "Our father has deemed his penance over. He is once again The Morningstar, Michael's second in command."

"Things certainly change up fast with you guys. So you said something about a list of active hunters?" Garth asked Dean.

"Yeah, you remember than meteor shower last month? Well it wasn't a meteor shower." Dean explained.

"I kind of figured that. There was massive demon signs at the same time." Garth said. "I kind of figured they were connected. I just haven't been able to figure out how."

"There was a connection between them but probably nothing you've thought about. Two different events but they both have to do with why we're here." Dean said.

"What you call a meteor shower was in fact my brothers and sisters falling from heaven." Castiel said.

"How many of them fell?" Garth asked.

"All of them, they were cast down by an angel known as Metatron. Metatron then locked heaven to prevent us from returning." Castiel said.

"And at the same time a demon called Abaddon opened all of the hellgates." Dean said.

"Not good dude." Garth said. "But if all of that happened, why aren't we knee deep in possessions and demonic activity?"

"By casting down all of the angels and locking heaven, Metatron caused a widespread panic. Humans responded to this panic by praying to Michael, to Gabriel, to Raphael even to Lucifer." Castiel said

"All those prayers resurrected two Archangels and freed the other two from the cage." Dean said. "And Michael and Lucifer act like there never was an almost Apocalypse. The four Archangels have been working together and having quality family time that would make the Waltons jealous. They unlocked the gates and got all the fallen angels juiced back up.

So now we've got Angels, a handful of demons including Crowley, a Prophet and a vampire ready to work with hunters to make Abaddon a bad memory."

"You're kidding right? Hunters and supernatural creatures working together?" Garth asked skeptical.

"There are times when it benefits both the lion and the lamb to lie down together." Castiel said.

"Come on! Why do I have to be the one to do it?" Gabriel whined. "He's Luci's vessel!"

"Yes he is which is why I can't do it numbskull!" Lucifer said smacking Gabriel in the back of the head. "He would have to say yes and you know that's not happening again."

"I would be incompatible with him as Dean is my vessel." Michael said.

"And I already have a prophet tethered to my ass." Raphael added.

"Which leaves you with the only available ass left for tethering." Lucifer said.

"Besides, I have been doing your job protecting the prophets since you ran away." Raphael said. "Time to shoulder your responsibility little brother."

"Well since you're all going to gang up on me." Gabriel grumbled and walked over to where Sam and Dean were sitting watching the Archangels argue. "You should consider yourself lucky Bullwinkle. I don't tether myself to just anybody you know."

"Gabriel, you're so full of it." Dean said with a grin. "You said it yourself, you like us."

"Should I remind you that was before you shoved a stake in my heart?" Gabriel said.

"It was one of you constructs, Gabriel." Sam said.

"The intent was there, same difference." Gabriel countered.

"And Mystery Spot? Killing me over and over to teach Sam a lesson?" Dean said "And lets not forget the whole TV Land thing."

"You really want to remind me of that?" Gabriel asked. "Not only did you stab me, you blew my cover! Thousands of years under the radar and you two bozos expose me."

"And you still showed up at the Elysian." Sam said.

"Alright already! Maybe I do have a tiny little soft spot for you two yahoos, don't let it go to your heads. Especially yours Sam, your gigantic noggin could be sitting on Easter Island with the rest of the big heads."

Gabriel placed his palm on Sam's forehead and closed his eyes. "Okay all done. Anything starts threatening you and the ground starts shaking, duck."

"So what is next on the agenda?" Dean asked.

"Troop deployment is what I believe you would call it." Michael said. "Castiel will remain here with his garrison under his command."

"You are putting me in charge?" Castiel gasped.

"No one has seen Zachariah and we all known what happened to Anael. I doubt all of those lost were raised. That leaves you as the most experienced angel in your garrison." Michael said. "Not to mention you have always acquitted yourself well on the field of battle. I believe that a promotion is in order, Major."

"I will conduct myself in a manner that brings glory to our Father." Castiel said.

"Forget glorifying Dad." Lucifer said. "Just conduct yourself in a manner that keeps you and your garrison alive."

"By the way you might want to find a replacement for Balthazar." Gabriel grinned. "From what I hear from the top yours is not the only promotion being handed out around here."

"No it's not. Verchiel and Virgil have also been placed in charge of garrisons." Lucifer said. You all fought in the rebellion, Michael needs the support of Garrison leaders who know what battle is like. Not so dewy eyed fledglings that dream of greater glory for our father. Glory seeking is a good way to get your grace extinguished."

"Gabriel have you and Raphael assigned the Cupids yet?" Michael asked.

"The majority of them will be under Raphael's command. I will have a dozen or so to carry messages when needed." Gabriel said.

"And Crowley will be with Belarus." The will follow Abaddon until the battle is joined and then attack her rear." Lucifer said.

"Luci that came out all sorts of wrong." Gabriel said spewing Strawberry Yoohoo from his nose. "Attack her rear?"

"Attack the units in the rear of her army." Lucifer said tossing a stack of Napkins at his brother. "Is that better?"

"So you've already figured our where all the troops with be?" Sam asked.

"Most of them. The obvious targets have been covered. There are other targets that we still aren't aware of." Michael explained. "We won't be able to identify them until they are attacked. So for now we have to wait for Abaddon to make her move."

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