When Angels Fall

Chapter 42

Michael had only just finished handing out his orders when Crowley arrived with a fairly large box. An ornately carved wooden box that he sat on the table in front of Sam and Dean.

"Don't say I never gave you two ass pains anything." Crowley said as he moved around the table to an empty seat.

Dean was looking at the box like it might bite him at anytime. The Archangels were staring at Crowley as if they couldn't believe it was him.

"Why you big softie." Gabriel said with a smirk.

"What is this?" Sam questioned.

"Let's just say I had an attack of conscience." Crowley said. "I figured I would be cured of that affliction once I regained full Demonic powers however I was wrong. It has stuck with me like a bad case of athlete's foot."

"What Crowley is trying to say without actually saying it." Lucifer explained. "Is that the bones of your mother are in that box. He's returning them to you."

Sam looked up at the demon. "Thank you."

"Well I couldn't have Mommy Winchester taking up needed space in my storage unit, now could I?" Crowley snarked. "I might have to put something important in there like a wine rack or my porn collection."

Dean was running a hand along the box. "You didn't have to give her back to us."

"Deano, you ever heard the expression don't look a gift horse in the mouth?" Gabriel asked. When Dean nodded Gabriel continued, "Then don't look a gift horse in the mouth kiddo. Just say thank you and you and Sam figure out what you want to do. I think since she was a hunter, she deserves a hunter's funeral don't you?"

"It's not like John knew at the time she died," Lucifer added. "But as long as her bones are available, there's always the risk of someone or something using them for their own purposes."

"We can do it downstairs. Benny has been doing a lot of exploring down there and there's an old furnace." Sam said.

"Gabriel and I will go with you." Lucifer said. "We will bless her, make sure that no demonic entity can reassemble her."

"You should not be here!" a young unknown angel said appearing in front of Ash and company as they entered the Garden. "It is forbidden, you must return to your given heavens."

"Dude chill." Ash said. "We have permission from the Archangels to go where ever we need to go, and we were told to come here."

"This information has not been made known to me." The angel pulled out a sword. "You must leave now."

"Nathaniel, put your sword away." Another angel was approaching. This angel had the appearance of an older kindly black man. "I was told they were coming. They are exactly where they need to be."

The first angel bowed his head and put away his sword before stepping aside to allow Ash, Mary, John, Henry, Ellen and Bobby to enter the Garden.

The second angel smiled at them. "Welcome to the Garden, I am Joshua. You are expected." He looked around at the group. "He has taken a special interest in this family. Very few human souls are allowed in the garden. Sam and Dean were the first since Christ was allowed in. And now the rest of the Winchester family. Please come with me." Joshua turned and began walking down a path.

Henry suddenly stopped and reaching out a hand to touch a flower. "Is this a Ghost Orchid?" Henry looked around seeing the numerous blooms. "They are so rare that they are considered extinct."

Joshua smiled at Henry's appreciation of the bloom. "Every plant that has or will exist on earth is here in this Garden. This is the center of Heaven the first part our father brought into being." Joshua spread his arms gesturing around him. "Father's first children played in this garden as fledglings. Michael and Lucifer played Tag here. Raphael and Gabriel played Hide and go Seek. The same games that human children play were first played here by the elders, the Archangels. And when Father began to create Seraphs, we played here under the watchful eyes of our older brothers. We learned to fly here, soaring in the heavens or darting among the trees."

"It's beautiful." Mary said.

"It is indeed Mary Winchester. That is why I asked to remain here to care for all of this." Joshua said with a smile. "But come; we must continue on, our destination lies a bit farther."

"I'd like to know why we're supposed to be here." Bobby said. "Who told you we were coming."

"God still speaks to me when he wishes. Since the elders reopened heaven he has spoken several times. He knows of how you helped to reopen the gates. He has something special in mind for you." Joshua said as he stepped into a clearing and then pointed toward a large marble pyramid. "That is your destination."

A small group gathered around the furnace watching as Gabriel and Lucifer placed their hands on the contraption and chanted quietly in Enochian. Sam and Dean each held on to a handle on the box carrying their mother's bones and they were followed by Benny, Kevin Tran, Crowley and Castiel who was also quietly murmuring in Enochian adding his own blessing.

The Archangels finally stopped chanting and turned toward the others.

"You need to set the box down now." Gabriel said. "It's time for us to bless Mary's remains. Castiel, come join us in the blessing."

Castiel joined the two Archangels and they knelt around the box as Lucifer opened it. The angels all reached inside to touch the bones as Lucifer began to speak.

"Mary Campbell Winchester. Your time on Earth was short but the path to heaven was opened before you that you would pass into eternal peace. And now we ensure your peace. By the Authority of The Archangel Lucifer, The Archangel Gabriel and the Seraph Castiel we render these bones null of all power. We separate your spirit from your mortal remains for all of eternity. We deny all manner of creatures regardless of their power to pull you down from the heaven that our father has granted to you."

A soft glow came from inside the box. The angels stood up.

"Dean, Sam; Would you like us to place the bones inside our would you prefer to do so?" Castiel asked gesturing toward the furnace.

"No we'll do it." Dean said. "She's our mom."

Raphael made his way down the base of the throne to the ground. "Your are truly highly favored. Not even Christ was allowed to lay eyes upon the throne of our father. Sam and dean will also be allowed this privilege in due time." Raphael waved his hand and a large blanket was spread out on the ground large enough for all of the souls to sit on. Bowls of all manner of fruit appeared. "Our father has ordered that you be offered all hospitality. The fruit is but a portion of the bounty found growing here."

John looked at the food. "Are you telling me that we were called here for a picnic?"

"Among others things." Raphael said with an enigmatic smile. "We must wait for my brothers to arrive and I understand that the sharing of food is something that is done among humans as a sign of fellowship and goodwill." Raphael lowered himself to the blanket and picked up a pear taking a bite.

Joshua was now approaching with Michael. Joshua was carrying a tray with several cups while Michael was carrying a large jug. Michael sat himself on the blanket and took the tray of cups. "Thank you Joshua." He turned and smiled at the gathered hunters. "My apologies for Lucifer and Gabriel's tardiness. They are assisting Sam and Dean and will join us as soon as they are done."

"Something going on we need to worry about?" Bobby asked.

"No, nothing like that right now." Michael assured. "They came into possession of their mother's bones and wished to give her a hunter's funeral. Lucifer and Gabriel remained behind to offer blessings to the procedure and ensure that Mary cannot be resurrected for an evil purpose."

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