When Angels Fall

Chapter 43

Michael and Raphael related Metatron's punishment to the human souls while they waited for the arrival of Gabriel and Lucifer.

"So you locked him in Lucifer's cage?" Bobby asked. "And how well did that work out with Lucifer?"

"It worked out quite well for the most part." Michael said. "But you must remember that Lucifer had demons working diligently to release him. Including Abaddon."

"But from information that has recently come to light, Abaddon's motives were not what we believed them to be." Raphael said. "We must now even look back on the actions of our own and ask ourselves if we truly know what the goal of those actions were."

"But that is not what is important." Michael said "Lucifer and Gabriel approach."

The group all got to their feet as the two angels appeared at the top of the pyramid. Michael and Raphael glanced at each other before making their way to the top to join the other Archangels.

Ash frowned as he realized that all of the Archangels including Michael seemed to be deferring to Gabriel. "Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is, taking orders from Gabriel?"

"No, it's not just you." Henry said stepping up beside Ash.

"It is Himself." Joshua said from where he has appeared beside Henry. "Gabriel is The messenger. Sometimes he simply passes along what our father wishes us to know but at other times Our father speaks through him."

Suddenly Gabriel was standing there in front of the small group. Michael reached out a hand to gently try to pull him back.

"Desist Michael. Neither Gabriel nor myself is in harm's way." Bobby looked at the trickster and quietly said "Well I'll be damned." Gabriel's normally caramel colored eyes were a blue so pale as to almost be white.

"No Robert Singer, your days of damnation were never meant to be."

"God?" Mary asked remembering how Gabriel had reacted in the other heaven.

"Mary, you always had so much faith. Your sons have that faith." Gabriel said giving her a gentle smile. The expression on his face was one of affectionate indulgence.

"So any particular reason why you show up now after everything is over." John asked. "You couldn't have shown up when the Yellow eyed demon was killing entire families to free Lucifer? Or maybe before my boy threw himself into hell to save this world?"

"John, where did your boys learn to sacrifice themselves other than from their father's example?" God asked. God lowered himself down to sit on the blanket. "Lucifer, something to drink, please."

"What would you like, Dad." Lucifer asked stepping forward.

"Oh, whatever your brother would prefer." God settled himself and then sighed. "Now as to why I have chosen to break my silence. I have been monitoring this situation, and you have come to my notice, those of you who call yourselves hunters. You have undertaken a task that belonged to others." He glanced around at the Archangels. "I placed responsibility into my children's hands believing that they were ready. I was mistaken, not all of them were mature enough to handle it. But I am not here to berate my sons, in the end they did admirably in learning lessons, in maturing and shouldering the responsibilities that belong to them."

God stopped to bestow a smile on each of the Archangels in turn. "But you are also my children. You were created with a freedom that my first children must cultivate. Free will which comes naturally to you is something that they must learn, and like any pupil, they will make mistakes. But you, human as you are, stepped up to the plate. During your lives and again here in heaven.

This situation with Metatron has shown me a weakness that was not apparent until he locked Heaven. If the gates of heaven are closed to the angels then heaven has no protection. All of you along with those still back at your 'Roadhouse' showed me that human souls are strong and courageous when they are the souls of Hunters. So since I am God and the ultimate power of creation rests in my hands, I have decided that for hunters heaven will be different for you."

"Different how?" Ellen asked.

"I am creating a new breed of angel. Born human but gaining wings upon passing through the gates. You can freely move about heaven. And you have a purpose. You have the right and ability to defend Heaven from attack. Since the beginning of civilization humans have spoke of 'Guardian' angels. Until now there has been no such breed of angel, you are the first true guardian angels. And those hunters who remain true at heart and rise to heaven will join your ranks."

James (Street name Dragon) was turning out to be a natural demon. Of course having a hellhound drag him down to hell was no fun, but the rest of it? Hell he had been through the same shit day in and day out on the streets. Always someone trying to stick a knife in your back. Having to constantly look over your shoulder in case a rival was standing there with a gun. He really didn't see much of a difference.

But Abby, Abby recognized a player when she saw one which was how he ended up in her inner circle. Okay so maybe hell was better than the streets it took him years to move up the ranks in the gang and here he was a trusted lieutenant in Abby's army. And about to become more trusted. After all the Sam Winchester as a hostage idea was his. And now he was about to drop some serious knowledge on Abby.

That damned Drag Queen had been playing both sides against the middle. Thanks to that Cross dressing Demon, Dragon knew where the Winchesters were at. Abby would definitely reward him for this and that freak well that freak was soon to be a dead freak. Why that thing thought it could hold it's own with Demons was beyond him.

James smirked as he made his way to the bushes near the entrance to the bunker. When that bitch came out James would be waiting. He'd take the body back to Abby and then lead her right back here.

Spicy slipped off the heels she was wearing. This was one of those rare times when stealth trumped style. In her hand was a gift given to her by none other than Lucifer himself. Spicy adjusted her grip on the handle for an underhand strike. She quickly darted forward wrapping an arm around the little punks neck and slipping the tip of the angel blade between his ribs.

The little punk never knew what had hit him. "Sugar somebody should have warned you, never underestimate a drag queen" Spicy said as she let the body drop to the ground. "I really wasn't prepared for this she sighed before popping back into the bunker.

"Hey Old Spice, You guys have got a bit of a litter problem. I'm afraid there's some trash out front. And Abaddon is definitely going to miss him." Spicy said. "If one of those angel is hanging around, now would be a good time to call them. He's one of Abby's top lieutenants."

Benny looked at her for a moment before yelling over his shoulder. "Hey Cas!" He turned back to Spicy "Do I want to know how one of Abaddon's top lieutenants manged to get himself turned into litter on the front lawn?"

"Well Sugar it's simple," Spicy said. "He assumed that I was just as stupid as he was."

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