When Angels Fall

Chapter 44

Castiel stood over the demon's meatsuit. The demon was definitely dead. Dean looked at Spicy who was back in her designer heels. "Okay so I will never underestimate a drag queen again." He said. "How did you know he was out here."

"Sugar he was new, barely 48 hours off the rack and lets just say the torturer that Abaddon has working the rack is no Alistair, he isn't even a Dean Winchester." Spicy said. "What passes for torture with him would be barely a tickle coming from you or your old mentor. That's the main reason Abby changed her tune from 'Kill Sam Winchester' to 'Capture Sam Winchester alive'. I sensed the little punk as soon as he showed up out here."

Castiel turned toward the demon. "You are still a baby demon. Yet your actions are on the level of a much older being."

"Sugar I am a Gay drag queen that grew up and lived all my life in the bible belt. You learn to be cautious. Getting hit in the head with a bible every Sunday guarantees it." Spicy said. "Not to mention the gay bashing homophobes who consider a good time on Saturday night leaving a faggot bloody and beaten in a back alley somewhere. You pick up some damned good survival instincts."

"So if he was here, does that mean that Abaddon knows where we are?" Sam asked.

"Knowing what a crafty little bastard he was, I doubt it." Spicy prodded the body with the tip of her shoe. "He wouldn't give up the information he would have brought her to your front door to score brownie points. He was overly ambitious. But he is dead now and Abaddon will soon start looking for him if she isn't already."

"He cannot be discovered here." Castiel said. "This body must be discovered somewhere far from here."

"We're are definitely on the same page there Angel dumpling." Spicy said. "His gang is based out of New York but he also has family in Philadelphia. I'm thinking that either one would be a good dumping ground."

"Agreed. I believe that placing the body in the water would gain us a bit of time." Castiel said as he squatted down next to the body.

"How is that going to help us?" Dean asked.

"The longer it takes to discover the body, the longer it will take Abaddon to figure out what killed him. It will take a while for the body to wash up if we're lucky." Sam said. "You know, Gabriel and Raphael are going to have a fit but, you can't go back Spicy. It probably wouldn't take very long for Abaddon to figure out who killed him."

"Yeah and that's going to bring up the question of why." Dean agreed. "But hey, I don't mind her staying at all. Especially if it means she annoys that trickster."

The roadhouse was packed. It was standing room only as the hunters who had taken part in helping to open the gates gathered there along with four Archangels. Gabriel was sitting at a table his head resting on his folded arms while Michael rubbed his back.

"How are you doing?" Michael asked.

"Tired. At least he didn't just suddenly vessel jack me this time." Gabriel mumbled.

"To bad you're not feeling up to snuff." Lucifer said with a chuckle. "Because this has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I have never seen such uncontrollably clumsy wing handling in my entire existence."

Raphael slid a glass of PepsiMax over in front of Gabriel. "Lucifer, You really shouldn't laugh at them. They are after all now fledglings. That means we should be encouraging and guiding them."

Lucifer let out a laugh again as Mary turned around to speak to her mother and knocked John on his ass when her wing slapped him in the face. When she realized what she had done she spun around to help John, and Rufus' bottle of Johnny Walker Blue fell to the floor and shattered.

Gabriel lifted his head and sighed. "You know instead of just sitting here you should be showing them how to tuck those wings away until they need them."

"Okay everybody stop where you are." Michael said. "Although it is amusing to watch you guys trying to deal with your wings you need more room for that than is available here. So, lesson one, storing wings when they are not needed. Concentrate on visualizing them shrinking down and withdrawing into your back."

"You think something this big fits in our backs?" Bobby asked. "You ain't just a feathered idjit, you're a brain dead feathered idjit."

"Tattoos." Gabriel said exasperated. "Visualize them as being a tattoo inked onto your skin. It will take some effort, but you will eventually feel them growing smaller."

It took a bit of time but eventually wings began disappearing one by one.

"Okay that's much better." Gabriel said. "You guys need to practice that. Eventually it will become automatic. You won't need to think about it. Once everything blows over and Abaddon has been taken care of, we'll teach you how to really handle those wings."

"Yep and I'm definitely looking forward to those flying lessons." Lucifer said. "There's nothing more adorably funny than watching a fledgling trying to get off the ground for the first time."

"Don't listen to Lucifer. Gabriel will be teaching you." Michael said. "But for now, You all pretty much know how to fight, you simply need your blade. Father did not give you grace with your wings so you must lean to use the power of your soul to manifest your blade."

"And with Abaddon still running around," John said. "Odds are definitely leaning towards us needing a blade."

"Actually with a garrison in heaven, other than this one," Raphael added. "You are more reinforcements if demons however unlikely make it to the human section of Heaven."

Abaddon continued pacing. Spicy had left a while back intending to spread the word of the change in plans about Sam Winchester. James had left an hour later saying that he had an errand to run concerning his 'business interests' within the gang. Neither of them had yet returned.

Although no one had heard any rumbling among the angels, that didn't mean that those sanctimonious bastards had nothing to do with her two missing lieutenants. In fact the angels had been suspiciously quiet as of late.

Abaddon had been perfectly happy to let Spicy drag her around from pillar to post with this makeover but Abaddon had not been idle. She had taken a page out of Crowley's book. With the help of an angel, Crowley had discovered how to open Purgatory. Abaddon didn't have the luxury of teaming with an angel, but there was always more than one way to skin a cat.

Abaddon had been exploring another avenue of inquiry. Purgatory like Heaven and Hell, no matter how secure, had portals of entry. It's how the souls of the deceased got in after all. That meant that someone knew a way in, the reapers. But finding one was proving more difficult than she thought it would be. After all Alistair had managed to catch not one but two reapers. However whatever knowledge Alistair had used to do so, had died with him.

It had become even more important to find the Winchesters. Abaddon knew that Henry had turned over the information on the Men of Letters to them. It was their birthright after all being that they were his grandsons.

Abaddon couldn't afford to wait any longer for Spicy or James to return. She grabbed the first available demon. "Notify the members of the council, We will meet tonight."

Lucifer smiled at the demon. "You are something else Spicy. I had a feeling that you could take care of yourself."

"Sugar you know you will turn a girl's head with talk like that." Spicy grinned.

"Eww!" Dean yelled. "Can you two not do that when you have an audience?"

"I'm with Deano. That's what Dad created privacy for." Gabriel said his face screwed up into a frown.

"What's the matter with the two of you? Jealous? Don't worry, I'm like a habanero pepper. Plenty of heat to go around." Spicy said with a wink.

"Lucifer please, control that creature." Raphael begged.

"Now why would I want to do that? I'm thoroughly enjoying her 'spicy' nature." Lucifer said leaning against the counter with a grin.

Sam sat at the table trying to hide his own grin behind the screen of his laptop. "What's so funny Samantha? We don't want to watch the devil sweet talking his girlfriend."

"Dean, I believe that Sam has come to the same conclusion that I have. Lucifer and Spicy intentionally act in this manner because it gains them a reaction from those around them." Castiel said.

"Yeah I figured out they were yanking you guys chain a while back." Sam laughed. "But it is 'compelling'. Better than a rerun of Dr Sexy."

"Oh well since the jig is up, in more ways than one, you should know that Abaddon has been looking for a way into Purgatory. So far she's been unsuccessful, but she hasn't stopped trying." Spicy said. "I know you all think I should stay here but this is a perfect opportunity you are about to miss."

"She's right. It's a perfect time to feed Abaddon a bit of misinformation." Lucifer said. "Spicy will 'escape' from us. We wanted this war to be on our terms, so here's our chance to make sure that it is."

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