When Angels Fall

Chapter 45

"Luci, what is going through that devious mind of yours?" Gabriel asked.

"Well, Obviously she hasn't found the location of this place and we don't want her to. Suppose for a moment that Spicy had been nabbed by the Winchesters. She's such a brand new low level demon that they wouldn't worry about taking the precautions that they would for Abaddon, or Crowley."

"That's right. Especially when you have angel dumpling over there added into the mix." Spicy said. "Hell I'm such a spring chicken a that either one of the famous Winchesters should be able to exercise me by shouting 'Boo!' Abaddon respects the Winchesters even if she doesn't like them. After all it was Henry who paralyzed her and then told you how to keep her from pulling herself back together."

"We find another location and give Abaddon just enough information to think it's what all those Men of Letters died to protect." Lucifer said. "Then give my little red hot chili pepper here enough erroneous intel to draw Abaddon in and we can deal her army a sizable blow. At least part of it."

"And she'll still have one of the largest affiliated gang networks in recorded history at her beck and call." Dean reminded.

"That is true but our little baby Archangel is the Trickster and I'm thinking that would be right up his alley." Lucifer said.

"You want me to take down that huge Gang syndicate of hers it won't happen overnight." Gabriel said. "You know all the organized crime syndicates around the world are pissing their pants right now. They're all terrified of this new Unified Gangs crap."

"So you can't do it?" Spicy asked. "And here I was thinking that you were a somebody after the way Lucifer bragged about his favorite little brother."

"I didn't say I couldn't do it." Gabriel corrected. "I said it would take some time. It's going to take a lot to get bribes in the right law enforcement hands for them to look the other way, not to mention trying to stay off the radar of all the demons Abaddon had to put in place to get them to ignore the gangs."

"I may be misunderstanding your intention here," Sam said. "But it almost sounds like you're talking about starting a war between the gangs and the Mafia.?"

"That is exactly what he is talking about." Michael said.

"Hey at least the established mob functions on tradition, and they do at least still pay lip service to being good Catholics." Gabriel said. "Better to have a Lucky Luciano running a unified world wide crime syndicate than a Nino Brown."

"A who?" Dean asked.

"Are you telling me that you've never seen New Jack City?" Sam laughed. "When this is over we're going to have to rent that one for you."

"There is a problem with that plan." Michael said. "By the time the two sides stop fighting the death toll will probably be just as high as it would have been had Lucifer and I managed to start the Apocalypse. And a large number of those casualties are going to be innocents."

"I guess we can nix that one." Gabriel said. "To be honest anything we do at this point to deal with the gang aspect is going to result in a lot of innocent lives lost."

"Has anyone considered the fact that the majority of the gang members are not demons and lack the organizational skills that Abaddon possesses. Should the conflict we initiate fail to progress in her favor, this unnatural association could very well fall apart all on its own." Castiel suggested.

"Maybe if we went about it a different way." Gabriel said. "Find out who the demons are and remove them. If I knew who to go after I could arrange to get them out of the way a lot easier."

"You should ask Crowley where he's been recently and what's he's been up to." Spicy said. "You might be surprised at what he has managed to discover."

"Come on. It's going to have to look good if we're going to put one over on Abaddon." Spicy said.

"True but you've got a trickster at your disposal." Gabriel said. "That means you can have all the injuries without the pain."

"Are you sure about this?" Dean asked. "I mean if you want to change your mind."

"That's sweet of you to think about me but we all know that hell bitch needs to go." Spicy said. "And I'm happy to help get her out of here for good."

"You do remember the coordinates right?" Michael asked. "Two Garrisons will be waiting and when she takes the bait they will surround her and attack."

"Of course I remember Felix Unger with wings. I'm not going to let you down." Spicy said.

"Felix Unger?" Lucifer chuckled. "I suppose that makes me Oscar Madison?"

"Oh no Sugar. He may be overly prim but you certainly aren't overly messy." Spicy said. "Just your domain."

"Okay okay, enough the fake courting." Dean said.

"Who says it's fake Dean?" Lucifer asked and slipped his arm around Spicy with a smirk. "I could seriously be wooing Spicy here. After all a king needs his queen." Lucifer finished his statement with a waggling of eyebrows that put Gabriel's eyebrow waggle to shame.

"Oh gross." Sam said. "Too much information. Anyway you do know that you're actually going to need bait right. Abaddon is going to be expecting to find us there."

"We already thought of that." Dean's voice came from Sam's left but Dean was standing to his right. Sam and Dean both turned to find 'Dean' standing there with the trickster's smirk on his face.

"What the! Get out of my body!" Dean demanded.

"And here we thought you would consider that an improvement." Sam and Dean's heads snapped toward the voice to find Sam now standing there with his arm around Spicy. Who had turned into the embrace and pulled up the bottom of Lucifer's shirt.

"Ohhh, abs of steel!" she exclaimed. "I think I'm in heaven."

"No way are we letting you two get close to Abaddon." Gabriel said. "But we hope she'll get close to one of us."

"We plan on teaching her the real meaning of bitchslap." Lucifer nodded. "Gabriel, we need to get Spicy all decked out with some bruises. From the information Belarus sent through Crowley, Abaddon's little meeting should be getting underway right about now."

"Remember, I'm telling her that she needs to attack at daybreak. Sam and Dean only come out of the bunker at that time to have their coffee on the porch." Spicy said.

"Hopefully she will sense the wards the Bobby put up around this place and be fooled into thinking it's protecting something of great value." Sam said. "Dean and I added a lot of others we found in the archives."

"Good then we're all ready to go." Lucifer said. "Michael will take you back to the bunker."

"If anything happens to my baby..." Dean threatened looking at the Impala sitting in front of Bobby's restored house.

"If anything happens we'll angelically restore her to showroom condition okay?" Gabriel assured. "Now scram, get outta here."

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