When Angels Fall

Chapter 46

"Hey Luci, you were joking about you and Spicy, right?" Gabriel asked as the two sat on the porch of Singer's old house waiting for morning.

"Have you been on Earth so long you recognize gender now little brother?" Lucifer asked.

"Hell no! It's not the gender, it's the fact that she's even more annoying and sarcastic than I am! I have to protect my position in the family you know?" Gabriel said. "If she's going to be hanging around all the time Raphael may actually start to think I'm nice by comparison. And Dad forbid Michael begins to think I'm a proper angel. Millenia of work down the drain you know?"

"I don't think you have to worry about losing your position.." Lucifer said with a chuckle. "If we start to forget that you're a pain in the ass, I'm sure that you'll remind us."

"So what is it with her anyway?" Gabriel said. "You two just seem to have this weird made for each other vibe going on, seriously it's creepy. I mean she was human not too long ago and you're the 'I hate humans' one in the family."

"Maybe Metatron's whole make the family human thing made me take another look at them." Lucifer said. "Don't get me wrong I'd still wipe most of them off the face of the Earth, but some of them are tolerable. Like Sam. I'll deny it if you say anything but I respect the kid. Do you realize the balls it takes for one of them to stand up to me?

I mean Dean stood up to Michael yeah but look at Michael's reputation among the humans, even if they did get it wrong, but hell they even have statues all around the world dedicated to St Gabriel the Archangel. Me? As far as they are concerned I'm evil personified. I think my picture is next to the word in the dictionary."

"They do tend to spend a lot of time playing up your bad side." Gabriel agreed.

"That's my point you walk up to a random human and say my name is Lucifer and they will start crossing themselves as soon as they're finished pissing their pants in fear that is. Sam never cowered, never once showed fear when he faced me. Not saying he wasn't wetting his pants when I wasn't around to witness it mind you, but face to face? Sam pulled out the bravado and dared me to do my worst." Lucifer said then snapped up a beer. "I even like Dean to a point. He got rid of that arrogant ass kissing prick Zachariah. That definitely scored him some brownie points."

"That still doesn't explain why you like that demon so much. You think Demons are worse than humans." Gabriel said snapping up a Yoohoo.

"Spicy has personality. She's irreverent and says what's on her mind. She doesn't give a damn what is acceptable, take her or leave her just as she is. I admire that." Lucifer said.

"Bro, I hate to say it," Gabriel smirked, "But you're getting soft in your old age."

"Abaddon, we have been hunting for the Winchesters for weeks with no success. Before that we hunted for months." Belarus said. "The angel Castiel hid them from everyone both angels and demons. Unless we get lucky and stumble across them I don't know how we will find them."

"I don't care how they are found, but find them." Abaddon said. They have access to knowledge that I need. They are more than vessels they are Winchesters. Their births were not an accident they were carefully planned out. Just as John Winchester's birth was not left to chance. They were never meant to be hunters. It took a bit of meddling to bring them into the life."

"What do you mean they weren't meant to be hunters?" Another demon asked. "Everything Azazel did brought them to this point. The death of their mother and that girl that had caught Sam Winchester's attention. All of it was meant to push them towards revenge."

"Yes it was, but Azazel made a mistake and it cost him his life. I was unaware of who they were at the time. I had thought the cycle of guardians was broken with Henry Winchester. He never passed on his Knowledge to John and John never knew that he was a Legacy. But Henry managed to pass that information on to them, or at least access to that information." Abaddon explained. "The Winchesters grew more important to us as time progresses. I need the knowledge that they protect."

The council all looked up as the door opened and a lower level demon entered the room bowing to Abaddon. "My Queen, the Demon known as Spicy has returned."

"And where is she?" Abaddon asked. "I do not see her."

"Get out of my way you pathetic imps! I have information for Abaddon and she will not take you delaying me well." Spicy's voice could be heard through the door.

"Do not delay her report," Abaddon said. "She is correct, if the news she bears is of importance to me, I will not be pleased."

Spicy pushed her way past the demon in the doorway to gasps from the assembled council members. The demon was showing obvious bruising and cuts which would have healed if inflicted by anything other than an angel.

"My Queen." Spicy dropped to her knees and let out a convincing gasp of pain. "James is dead. Killed by the angels."

"Angels?" a demon asked. "How do you know this?"

"Maybe because the same winged dicks got their hands on me?" Spicy snapped. "The angels are working with the Winchesters. I don't know what they plan, but I do know where they are."

"How is it you are here?" A second demon asked. "If the angels had you, then you should be as dead as James."

"They were trying to get information. They left the younger Winchester to guard me while they discussed an alternate method of torture." Spicy said. "Sam Winchester is soft-hearted. I was able to convince him to partially release me by using my host. I was able to escape them."

Abaddon reached out and touched Spicy's cheek sensing a lingering grace within the bruise.

"Where are they Spicy?" Abaddon asked.

"Sioux Falls." Spicy answered. "A place called Singer Auto Salvage. But under the ground there is a large cavern. I saw the angels and the Winchesters going down a hidden stairway and then they would come back up carrying books and scrolls."

"The archives." Abaddon smiled gently at the demonic drag Queen. "Do you remember where?"

"Yes my Queen. But I overheard them speaking with the angels more than once." Spicy said. "Michael has ordered that the angel's keep them within the confines of the house only allowing them out in the mornings. There were deadly wards around the place. They only broke them to bring James and I in alive. By now I'm sure that they have discovered me missing."

"They will replace the wards. Winchesters have a bad habit of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. They tend to underestimate us. Their reputation has made them complacent." Abaddon nodded. "Gather the army, we will simply have to secure the Winchesters when they come out in the morning."

Crowley was getting so tired of being the errand boy, but the alternative was even more distasteful. Crowley liked his existence entirely too much to risk it by complaining. He arrived at the bunker to find Raphael and several other angels guarding the Winchesters.

The Winchesters were sitting at the table looking decidedly unhappy. "Didn't anyone ever warn you that your face will get stuck like that?"

"Crowley you better have a good reason for being here." Dean said.

"Oh I do." Crowley said. "Where is Castiel?"

"Crowley." the angel appeared from out of nowhere.

"I have a message for you from Belarus." Crowley said. "Tell the pigeon called Castiel to let our rightful king know that the pathetic excuse for a hell knight fell for it hook, line and sinker. She ordered us to gather the army for an attack to take place as soon as the Winchesters show their faces at dawn.

Oh so cliche wouldn't you say? Anyway message delivered. I'm off to continue identifying our collection of demonic gang bangers for Gabriel."

Raphael nodded. "So it begins."

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