When Angels Fall

Chapter 47

"Castiel, aren't you supposed to be Winchester sitting?" Gabriel asked as the seraph appeared on the porch.

"Raphael agreed to keep watch over them while I delivered a message to you from Crowley." Castiel explained. "Belarus asked that he get word to you, your Spicy Tabasco has successfully completed her task. Abaddon is gathering her army and plans to attack at dawn."

"That's my girl." Lucifer said with a smile.

"Although he clothes himself in female attire, Spicy is in fact, male." Castiel pointed out. "Although gender does not seem to be an issue with him in how he identifies himself."

"He's a gay drag queen Castiel, it's on the rude side to call her a him when she's in drag." Gabriel pointed out. "Besides I get the feeling she'll rip your lungs out if you call her a guy."

"Castiel, make sure that you pass the word to the rest of the family that she is under my protection." Lucifer said. "I don't want any mistakes one the battlefield."

"See Luci, I told you that you're getting soft." Gabriel snarked.

"And who died saving octopus girl?" Lucifer shot back. "If you hadn't playing Knight in shining armor you could have escaped the Elysium with the Winchesters and your life. You chose to confront me to keep me from killing her like the rest of those pagan germs."

"Kali just happened to be in the right place at the right time. You know as arrogant and stupid as he was Baldur was my adopted brother and Odin my adopted father." Gabriel explained. "I was a part of that family for centuries and you had just killed my 'family'."

"Loyal to them but not to us?" Lucifer asked.

"Look I tried to put an end to the entire thing. Blame Ruby and Lilith, and Sam for being too dense to pick up on what I was trying to teach him in Florida." Gabriel said. "But maybe this way was the right way since we're a family again and you're back in the fold where you belong."

"The cost was astronomical." Castiel said reminding the two that he was still there. "Many humans gave their lives vainly trying to keep you from rising brother. We also lost many of our own brothers and sisters."

"Well Castiel, that means that we must be diligent in this war against Abaddon." Lucifer said. "Let her bear the brunt of the losses. It's why you and the others were promoted. You have the benefit of experience. We trust you to lead your siblings wisely."

"I will endeavor to do my best." Castiel said.

"We know you will Bro, now get outta here." Gabriel said. "We've got an ambush to get ready for."

Raphael was not a happy camper. Babysitting Winchesters was far beneath his dignity but it was also what he had been ordered to do by Michael. When Balthazar and Virgil appeared in the bunker Raphael sighed in relief. At least they were angels.

"Aha and there's the prophet we cam to see!" Balthazar said. "Michael gave us a task to find a weapon for you to defend yourself with. And we did find something."

Virgil walked over to where Kevin was sitting ans produced a brass hel which he dropped on the prophet's head and gave it a tap for good measure as it feel forward covering Kevin's eyes as it was too big. "Brother it appears that padding will be needed." Virgil said. "The prophet has a tiny head."

"So it appears." Balthazar said. "If you will recall, David also had to pad it to get it to fit."

Balthazar urged the Prophet to his feet and strapped a breastplate on him. The armor reached the top of his thighs. "Oh Dear, we'll have to pad this up somehow also."

"Uh Balthazar, what exactly are you doing to Kevin?" Dean asked. "He looks like like a kid playing dress up."

"Well we figured from watching his progress that fighting is not going to be his strong suit." Balthazar explained. "So he was less in need of a weapon, and more in need of armor for protection. And so we have brought him armor."

"Whose armor? The Jolly Green Giant's?" Dean asked. "That stuff looks like it would fit Sam to a tee."

Virgil looked at Sam for a moment. "Well it did belong to Goliath." Virgil turned back to Kevin trying to adjust the leather ties to make the breast plate fit.

"You are putting Kevin in Goliath's armor?" Sam asked. "Wasn't Goliath like an enemy of God or something?"

"He was an enemy of Israel. Actually two different things." Balthazar said. As he plopped the helmet with added padding on Kevin's head to check the fit. "After the battle David claimed the armor as the spoils of war. When David's life came to an end, we claimed the armor and put it in the armory in the back where it has been collecting dust ever since. I had forgotten that we even had it. Virgil actually reminded me that we had it this morning."

Virgil tightened another strap on the armor. "That is the best we can do for fit. This armor was blessed by our father. It will protect you from demonic weapons."

"God blessed Goliath's armor?" Dean shook his head. "No offense by your daddy doesn't seem to quite be all there at times."

"Our father blessed the armor at King David's behest." Raphael said.

"You have to understand, David was quite well liked by Heaven. Michael fought with him on the battlefield, Gabriel used to hang out with him and they would write Psalms together." Balthazar said. "Pretty much all he requested was given to him, he was Dad's favorite human; at least until Jesus came along."

"One last item." Virgil said producing a spear. "I doubt you could handle his sword but Goliath's spear might be a bit easier. All you have to do is stab a demon with it."

Kevin collapsed into a chair. "Okay can we get it off now?" Kevin finally managed to find his voice to speak as the two angels disappeared on a flutter of wings. "Oh great." the prophet said as he tried to stand up. Looking over at Sam and Dean, Kevin huffed, "Uh guys, a little help here. This stuff weighs a ton."

Sam went over and grabbed Kevin's arm with a laugh while Dean took the spear to lean in a corner.

Belarus gathered the demons under his command. It wasn't a huge number but it would do. He looked at the group.

"It is in our nature to lie, and Abaddon has lied to us." He said. "She has told us that our King, our father is dead, killed by Michael. But Lucifer lives. Come morning, Abaddon leads us to attack the angel's stronghold. She leads us to attack our rightful King.

Abaddon has long lusted for our king's throne. Ever since Michael placed him in the cage. Abaddon has worked with us saying that she only wished to free him from his imprisonment, what she really wished was to bring about his death and Blame it on Michael so that she could attack the angels.

She will bring down the wrath of heaven upon herself. Our king will note who follows her and they will be punished just as those who fight on the side of our king will be rewarded at the battle's end. Abaddon will not win this war. She faces all the angels in heaven and among them four Archangels including our King Lucifer who has been restored to his place among the host. There is no need for us to set ourselves against heaven.

When the battle begins it is Abaddon we will strike against. We will strike against the demons following the pretender to our lord's throne."

Belarus turned towards the sign that read 'Sioux Falls 25 miles' "Abaddon moves with the rising sun. We will move when she is in position."

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