When Angels Fall

Chapter 48

"It's almost dawn. Are you ready for a fight little brother?" Lucifer asked.

"Against that hell bitch? Bring it on." Gabriel said. "It's been a while since I've kicked Hell Knight ass, but I haven't forgotten how."

"In a way it's too bad she had to be so greedy, She a damned fine warrior." Lucifer said. "Don't underestimate her."

"I won't." Gabriel said. "Here they come."

The first demons to attack were lower level demons. This meant that Lucifer and Gabriel did not have to even use celestial powers on them. Just a basic exorcism and the babies were sent to hell.

"You know Sam," Gabriel said stressing the 'Sam' for the demons within earshot. I was expecting a lot worse than that. I thought Abaddon was supposed to be some big time Hell Knight?"

"Yeah, Ruby could have come up with a better attack than that." Lucifer answered impersonating Sam. "If that's the best he had on his side, no wonder Lucifer got tossed in the cage."

"I know right? Azazel put up a bigger fight than this." Gabriel taunted. "He at least made us work for it."

The second wave to attack seemed to take offense to the taunting and moved forward en masse. Gabriel gave a dean Wibnchester worthy grin as he pulled an angel blade from his jacket and Lucifer also pulled a blade from his jacket although Lucifer's blade like Lucifer himself was disguised to look like the Demon killing knife that the Winchesters were known to have.

Gabriel plunged the angel blade into another Demon. "You know Lucifer is laughing his ass off at you right now. Come on give us a challenge."

Michael was itching to join in the battle but the whole purpose of this little exercise was to get Abaddon to reveal herself. Verchiel stood beside his commander watching the two Archangels deal with the attacking demons.

"Come on, come on. Show yourself." Verchiel muttered. "Where are you?"

"She is not stupid." Michael said. "She won't reveal herself until she thinks she has the upper hand. Lucifer and Gabriel will soon allow themselves to be 'overrun'. That is when she will come forth."

"They place themselves in great danger." Verchiel said. "The longer they keep this up, the more they risk the ruse will be uncovered."

"That is true, But that is Lucifer the rightful King of Hell and Gabriel The Trickster." Michael said. "Should any see through the illusion, they will simply smite all within range and we will sweep down to join the fray." Michael suddenly seemed to grow alert. But I don't think that will be necessary. Abaddon approaches." Michael pointed down toward a blonde haired woman.

Gabriel and Lucifer sensed Abaddon before they saw her. They both deliberately made stupid mistakes which allowed them to be 'disarmed'.

"And who are you? Besides another ugly demonic bitch?" Gabriel asked even though he obviously knew exactly who she was. Abaddon wouldn't expect Dean to recognize her and for the moment, he was supposed to be Dean Winchester.

"Dean Winchester, should I be offended that you don't recognize me?" Abaddon said. "Have I really changed so much since you let me escape.""Abaddon." Gabriel said flatly.

Abaddon turned toward Lucifer. "Sam, I must say that you are looking much better than the last time I saw you. I was almost certain you wouldn't have lasted another 24 hours. In fact you shouldn't have. You should have died the moment Crowley was cured."

Abaddon's eyes widened. "You're not Sam! They're angels! Kill them!" Abaddon said as she quickly backed up. Gabriel and Lucifer wasted no time sending out a burst of grace that fried the closest demons leaving only smoking meatsuits laying on the ground. Freed from the need for subterfuge they let the illusion drop.

Michael seeing his brothers drop the illusion ordered the waiting garrisons into the fray. While many demons continued to fight against the angels, a few were now turning against their fellow demons. The cause soon became apparent as Crowley was making his way around the battlefield whispering into several ears.

Those demons still fighting soon realized that they were fighting against two garrisons of angels, an attacking demonic force at their backs and there right in the thick of the fighting was Lucifer himself. Retreat became very attractive and the demons began smoking out of meatsuits in such a great number it looked as if Singer Salvage was the site of a massive wildfire from all of the black smoke.

Lucifer snorted as he saw the remaining demons drop their weapons and fall to their knees. Belarus made his way to Lucifer and nodded. "Abaddon?" He asked.

"Crowley check the field see if we managed to get her or if she escaped." Lucifer ordered.

The garrisons were making their way through the battlefield. Dozens of confused people were in shock at suddenly finding themselves in Sioux Falls surrounded by the charred remains of several bodies.

Michael and Gabriel had fallen into familiar territory with Michael determining how to assign the angels in the Garrisons and Gabriel swiftly relaying orders. Lucifer was issuing orders of his own as the demons who remained were taken into custody by Belarus until their loyalty to Lucifer could be determined.

Crowley returned and he was not alone. Spicy looked around at the bodies. "Well at least you took out some of her army although most of them managed to smoke out. For a while there there was so much smoke I was tempted to call the fire department."

"Spicy, good job." Lucifer said. "You got her here just like you promised. I think you've earned a vacation."

"I'll take you up on that later; but for now, maybe we should concentrate on Abaddon." Spicy said. "That slick bitch managed to get out of Dodge. There's no telling where she is now. But I can guarantee you she's not happy at us making a fool of her."

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