When Angels Fall

Chapter 4

As soon as Gabriel and Castiel entered what was considered the living space of the bunker, the fallen angels reacted, gathering around the two and reaching out to touch Gabriel. Gabriel instead of drawing away from them; encouraged them to come closer. Touching each one and realizing that they were all now human but with a spark of grace buried deep inside.

Castiel stopped in front of an open door letting Gabriel enter the room in front of him. Dean sat beside the bed, exhaustion evident in the set of his shoulders. Not to mention he wasn't trying to kill the Demon in the room. Gabriel stepped into the room.

"Oh great another fallen angel." Crowley said.

"Get him out of here Castiel before I smite him on general principles." Gabriel said pointing at Crowley. He then went to Sam's side holding his hand over Sam's chest. "Let me guess, Metatron fed you some bullshit line about Sam resonating with the word of God, right."

"Gabriel?" Dean figured that he had finally lost his mind. Somewhere along the line the camel's back had finally...broken.

"Did Metatron tell you he was resonating or not." Gabriel demanded.

Dean was staring at Gabriel and blinking like an owl. Gabriel was dead.

"Gabriel is indeed here Dean. He needs to know what has happened with the trials if he is going to help Sam." Castiel said as he rested his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"You can help him?" Dean asked the apparition in front of him.

"I can try but I need to know, did Metatron say he was resonating with the word of God." Gabriel said reaching out and giving Dean a little shake.

"Yeah he said Sam was resonating; but Sam says he's being purified, by the trials." Dean replied.

"Okay Deano, we're going to take care of Sam but you need to rest." Gabriel said poking two fingers to Dean's temple and trusting that Castiel would catch the older Winchester.

"Keep him away from here Castiel, until I tell you otherwise." Gabriel said.

"Dean will not hesitate to fight his way back to Sam's side when he awakens." Castiel pointed out.

"Well then I guess I'll just get Raphael to put him under for the duration. It's going to take all of the Archangels to fix Sam's condition. It's going to hard enough dealing with Sam when he sees Michael and Lucifer. We don't need Dean running around threatening us with Holy Oil." Gabriel said. "Tell those Seraphs to see if they can find sage and Rosemary in whatever passes for a kitchen around here. I want them to place the herbs around the outside of the building and then kneel at each compass point and pray."

"Gabriel you can't be planning to bring them...here." Castiel gasped.

"I can't do anything for Sam alone. If Sam is going to recover it's going to take Raphael's skills as a healer and it's going to take Lucifer to provide the blueprint for us to rebuild his cells." Gabriel said. "Please tell me that you have the tablets." Gabriel added.

"Kevin has the Angel tablet." Castiel said.

"Bring it here and then go join the others in prayer. Hopefully we can fix Sam." Gabriel said.

Abaddon had opened all of the hellgates now there was one last thing to do, release Lucifer. Azazel had failed in his mission. He was supposed to release Lucifer and provide him with a suitable vessel and while he did manage to get everything in line to release the Lord of Hell, he had been careless. He had died at the hands of the Winchesters.

Azazel had always had a habit of underestimating people. Humans functioned on a level that was chaotic in the extreme. Azazel had been warned not to underestimate the Winchesters. Men of Letters held knowledge that was highly dangerous, combine that knowledge with free will and those sanctimonious bastards had been able to thwart the best laid of Abaddon's plans again and again.

And when they managed to unlock the final key to sealing the gates of hell once and for all, Abaddon was left with no choice but to destroy them. The last of them with any knowledge had been Henry Winchester and Abaddon had managed to kill him and prevent him from passing his knowledge on to his son, John. Although John had become a hunter and raised his sons as hunters, they lacked that knowledge to be truly dangerous until now.

Sam had almost succeeded, the only reason hell was open at this moment was due to Abaddon's coup. She had wrested power from Crowley before he had been cured. She was now the king of hell or rather it's regent, for the moment. Soon Hell's true king would be freed and those pesky Winchesters would be her first order of business. Presenting their heads on silver platters to Lucifer would be the perfect way to demonstrate her loyalty to the Lightbearer.

With a small smile on her face she rounded the corner to where the cage was. Or rather where it was supposed to be. In it's place was a pile of rubble. Abaddon gasped and rushed forward digging through the rubble looking for some sign of her Lord and hoping that she would not find it.

Raphael withdrew his fingers from Dean's forehead as Castiel stood by gripping his angel blade. Raphael rolled his eyes at the Seraph. "You realize that you are as much of a threat as any other human right?"

"Raphael!" Michael snapped. "Remember why we are here. Sam Winchester is our priority, not your spat with Castiel!"

"We really should get going on taking care of Sam." Gabriel said as he leaned against the doorway. "Then there's the matter of our not quite fallen brethren. From what I have seen so far, only Castiel is truly fallen. His grace is completely gone like it was never there. It's like he cut it out. The others are just...drained; there's still a spark."

"So we can feed them grace." Michael said.

"But we'll have to be in heaven to establish a link with them." Lucifer said. "And we're locked out. Metatron is in for one serious ass kicking when I get my hands on him."

"Getting in isn't a problem." Gabriel said. "The problem is keeping Metatron occupied while someone opens the gates."

"Did you miss the part where we stood outside for hours?" Raphael asked. "I thought for sure you were standing right next to me."

"Yeah well, I might just have created a 'back door' and I might have just wanted to keep that a secret." Gabriel mumbled.

"What?!" Michael asked. "A back door?"

"Come on!" Gabriel rolled his eyes. "In all the time I was on Earth do you really think I never came home? I came home whenever the urge hit me. I just never came through the front door."

The Archangels made their way to the room where the prophet and Crowley sat by Sam's bedside. Crowley looked up "Ballocks!" slipped out as soon as he laid eyes on Lucifer.

"Well well what have we here?" Lucifer said with an evil grin. "Crowley, my ambitious, backstabbing little crossroads employee of the century. What's this I hear about you being the King of Hell? I must have heard wrong."

"Me the king of hell? Of course not." Crowley whined. "Abaddon is the King of Hell."

Lucifer's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. "Abaddon, huh? I'm sure that was a recent development. Lucky for you, you're pretty much human right now or I might be tempted to show you what happens to demons who grow too big for their britches."

"Lucifer can we just cure the mud monkey and then turn our attention to more important things?" Raphael said placing one hand on Sam's forehead and another over his heart. After a few seconds Raphael pulled his hands back and looked at Gabriel. "Metatron told him he was resonating? Well that is one way to tell someone that they are dying without telling them that they are dying."

"Can we cure him?" Gabriel asked.

"It will drain all of us but yes, he can be cured. The final trial is incomplete, he failed to completely cure the demon." Raphael answered.

"I guess that's why he's not dead yet." Michael said. "Okay Lucifer, he's your vessel, it's going to have to be your grace. The rest of us will feed our grace through you."

The Archangels gathered around the bed touching Raphael and Lucifer who each placed a hand on Sam's forehead and another on his chest. As the Archangels concentrated Sam's body began to glow.

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