When Angels Fall

Chapter 49

"Dean, Dean, Dean Dean Dean." Gabriel said as he popped into the bunker with Michael and Lucifer. "We need you to clear something up for us. Please explain why Abaddon said that you let her escape."

"She said what?" Sam asked.

"She said that Dean let her escape before she disappeared on us again." Lucifer spoke. "I think that all of us would like to know how that happened. Because in order to escape you must have had her caged at some point."

"And we're positive it had to be after Henry showed you how to confine her." Michael added. "I'm finding it hard to believe that you would just let her go knowing how powerful she is."

"Actually it was right before the final trial." Sam said. "She was supposed to be the final trial."

"You were going to try to cure a Hell Knight?" Gabriel said shocked. "I know I talk about how thick-headed you two are but even the two of you couldn't be that stupid. You don't cure Hell knights. You neutralize them and count yourself lucky!"

"We thought she was paralyzed by Henry's magic bullet." Dean said "But somehow she manged to get the bullet out of her head and escape the devil's trap we had her in while our backs were turned."

"What exactly could have been so important as to cause you to turn your back on her in the first place?" Raphael asked. "I would have expected you to be a bit more cautious being that you are Winchesters."

"Actually it was because of Crowley. He called us." Sam said. "He had been killing people that we had saved. We didn't want to talk in front of her so we went outside to take the call."

"And it took two of you?" Michael asked.

"Well Sammy wasn't doing too good and someone needed to keep an eye on him." Dean said.

"Oh for the love of Dad!" Lucifer said. "You couldn't let him out of your sight for five minutes to take a phone call? Jesus H Christ! Did you follow him to the toilet to wipe his ass too?"

"I was looking out for Sam!" Dean said mulishly.

"In case you haven't noticed Dean, Sam is a grown man, he can look out for himself." Lucifer said. "And even if he couldn't, ignoring everything around you to look out for Sam just makes things worse."

"Dean we can't afford to have you suffering bouts of stupidity over Sam." Gabriel said. "You had better cut those apron strings right now. I understand he's your brother, but you're going to have to keep you focus on the bigger picture. Let Sam take care of Sam. If you had done that when you had Abaddon instead of worrying about Sam she would be a non issue."

"And what would have happened had Sam tried to cure Abaddon?" Castiel asked. "Wouldn't the situation for him have been even more dire?"

"That's a possibility." Raphael said. "But there is also the possibility that Sam would have recognized the futility of his efforts. But be that as it may, Abaddon is on the loose and we must deal with that. Assigning blame due to your failure to destroy her during this morning's battle does nothing to further our cause."

Michael sighed. "Raphael is right. We cannot change the past. We need to come up with a new plan to capture her or kill her. But this morning's battle was a victory of sorts. Lucifer's presence is now common knowledge.

Brother you should secure your realm. That will increase the size of the army that we command to face her. You are my second in command Lucifer, while the army of the Infernal Realm is yours to command. Having both Heaven and Hell allied against her may make her desperate."

"And a desperate Abaddon may be prone to making mistakes?" Sam said. "Sorry but she doesn't seem like the mistake making type."

"She is constantly making mistakes, Sam Winchester. She has underestimated you humans more than once." Raphael pointed out.

Abaddon had fled to New York. James was dead but he was not the only demon that she had in a position of power within the gangs. But before she made another move, she needed to assess her position.

Lucifer's return had caused pandemonium within her army with a large portion refusing to fight against the devil himself. They had retreated to hell,where they planned to through themselves on Lucifer's mercy.

The morning's attack instead of being a surprise attack against the angels turned out to be an ambush set up for her. And that ambush had been set up or at the very least was known of by Spicy Tabasco. There would be heel to pay for that demon. And then there was Belarus who must have already known of Lucifer's existence since he arrived on the field of battle with weapons drawn against her.

With heaven and now most likely hell set against her. The Winchesters had become even more vital. Like everyone else from Heaven or hell She knew that they were The vessels. That aspect of their existence had simply been of now interest to her before. But now having possession of The Boy King and the Righteous Man could very well translate into leverage against Lucifer and Michael.

It was however, time to try a different means to that end. She had tried demonic means and failed. The Winchesters (And their angels) would be even more on guard for demonic omens now. It was time to send humans in to locate and capture the human vessels. And she did have the resources at hand.

She turned toward the demon that had been quietly and patiently awaiting orders. "The meatsuit you wear is of little value to me. I have more than enough demons possessing gang members. You need someone of greater value. The human's FBI has a field office in New York City. You will go there and find someone to possess. I have a task for you."

"Whatever my Queen commands." The demon said.

"So far we have failed at locating the Winchesters. Perhaps human methods will prove more successful." She said. "Use the resources of this Federal Bureau of Investigation to locate them. The vehicle they travel in is distinctive by it's age and condition. Locate that vehicle."

"And what would you have me do once I have located it?" The demon asked.

"Inform me." Abaddon said. "I will use humans to bring them to me. They will be less suspicious of other humans. Now go."

William Fairchild had worked diligently to gain the position of Director of the FBI's New York office. Director Fairchild had earned the respect of not only his superiors but also his men. So when he stopped by the desk of a random agent and dropped a file on the man's desk the Agent simply picked it up and began reading through it.

"You're reopening Henrickson's case on the Winchesters?" The agent asked. "But this case was closed a couple of years ago. Sam and Dean Winchester were arrested in Ankeny, Iowa and died trying to escape."

"I'm afraid that information is in error. " Director Fairchild said. "Credible informants report that they have been spotted recently near Sioux Falls South Dakota. I want them found."

The Agent nodded. "It's not the first time they have managed to give law enforcement the slip." the Agent stood up and slipped on his coat before picking up the file. "I'll get right on it."

"You do that Director Fairchild said then watched the agent leave the room.. He turned back toward his office. Going inside he closed the door and picked up the phone. He dialed a number and as soon as the call connected he spoke. "Tell her that I have put agents on the case. We should soon have a location for the Winchesters." The director's eyes flashed a solid black.

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