When Angels Fall

Chapter 50

The Archangels hand worked together to open Heaven and Now they had once again joined together this time to help Lucifer secure hell. With the help of Spicy and a small group of angels they were rounding up all of the demons and delivering them to the throne room where Lucifer was separating the loyal from those who had followed Abaddon.

Spicy turned down a passage and was surprised to find it blocked. Cave ins didn't happen in hell, this pile of rubble had been intentionally placed here. It begged an answer to the question of why? Was it to keep something in our to keep others out? Turning she made her way back to the Throne room.

"I just came across something interesting down below." Spicy said. "I'm thinking that one of you doves might want to come with and take a look."

"Interesting how?" Lucifer asked. "Hell is many things but interesting usually isn't one of them."

"It looks like a tunnel cave in." Spicy said. "And believe it our not, there's a demon trap scratched into one of the rocks."

Gabriel smirked. "I'll go. This I have to see for myself. Demons using demon traps against each other? Yeah, that's definitely a first. Why don't you keep your girl friend here, Luci. If they put up a trap who knows what other nasty little surprises might be hiding down there." Gabriel walked over and looked down at the large scale model of Hell that sat on a table. "Show me where you found it Spicy."

The demon quickly pointed to what was obviously a passageway. The passage continued down ending in a vast chamber.

"Okay." Gabriel said tracing the passage on the model. "What the hell is this? Everything else is clearly labeled on your model and this is just blank."

Lucifer looked at the passage and chamber then shrugged his shoulders. "I guess I forgot to assign a designation to it. It's where the untouchables spend eternity."

"Untouchables?" Spicy said. "I'm guessing you're not talking Kevin Costner and the oh so should be touchable Sean Connery. So I guess there's a meaning behind 'untouchable' that the rest of us are not in on?"

"Souls of humans who were damned to hell though coercion. They were tainted by the demonic through no fault of their own. But going by the old rigid rules from eons ago, the demonic taint barred them from going to heaven." Lucifer explained. "But they cannot be turned into demons because there's nothing demonic in their souls."

"Kind of like your vessel huh?" Gabriel said. "After all Sam has done is this where he would have ended up before?"

"I'm going with you Gabriel." Michael said. "I have a feeling that they should be in heaven, not here and be damned with those old regulations. If possible they should be welcomed to paradise."

"Whoa hold up there Michael." Lucifer said. "If they have committed an evil act with awareness, they still belong here. I have no problem with you rescuing the truly innocent who landed here strictly from circumstance, but I'm not letting go of any who committed an act worthy of Perdition."

Michael looked at Lucifer for a moment considering. "That is fair. Any who deserve it will remain, but the others will be released to me."

"That's all well and good but do we really want to get sidetracked at this point in something that will take that much time and energy?" Gabriel said. "Then there's the matter of needing an impartial 'jury'. I know you two, and you'll both try to claim every one of those souls for your own domain."

"Gabriel is right it will be time consuming to separate the innocent from the damned." Raphael said. "Perhaps before we even consider options, we should confirm if these untouchable souls are even present behind the rubble."

"Oh a big 'brain' is such a turn on." Spicy smirked at Raphael. "Ready to let me measure it yet?"

"Brothers, if you will excuse me I believe that I would be of more use overseeing what the Winchesters are doing at this moment." Raphael said quickly disappearing to Spicy's laughter.

"Raphael is just too easy." Spicy said "But he did make a good point. We should see what's down there."

"Hello boys" Crowley said as he appeared inside a Devil's trap. The demon scowled "Did you put out the welcome mat for the hell of it or am I just special?"

"Actually we put it out for any wandering Demons." Dean said. "I guess you're just lucky."

"Well I would appreciate it if you let me out. I would think that you would know by now that you're safe from me." Crowley said. "My boss wouldn't be too understanding if I harmed a single hair on your chinny chin chins. And most of us demons know better than to cross the big man."

"Did you come for a reason Crowley or just to pretend that you're the big bad wolf?" Sam said. "I'm sure we could convince Castiel to huff and puff and blow your house down."

"Relax Moose, I simply dropped by to share the neighborhood gossip." Crowley said. "I thought you might be interested in knowing that a certain FBI closed case has been dug up and dusted off and put back into circulation. It seems that the New York office has decided that maybe they should take another look at a case that originally belonged to a certain Victor Henrickson."

"Henrickson? That case is closed. According to official records we're dead." Sam said.

"Yeah those two Leviathans took the fall." Dean said. "They don't have any reason to be looking for us."

"Well they didn't have a reason until the she bitch told them to look for you." Crowley said. "And I'm sure that you are going to love this Squirrel." Crowley added conjuring a sheet of paper and offering it to Dean."

The hunter reluctantly took the paper and read it. "Son of a bitch! Those bastards put out a be on the lookout for Baby!"

"See I told you you would like it." Crowley smirked. "That hunk of metal just became your biggest liabilty. Pretty much every demon and supernatural creature that has come across you knows that car. So you know what that means."

"No! Not again." Dean said. "Baby is not going on lockdown again!"

"Why don't I just get a big neon sign that says 'Winchesters inside' and put it on the hill above this place?" Crowley snarked. "It couldn't be a more glaring beacon than that hunk of bolts you call a car."

"Dean he has a point. Everybody knows the Impala." Sam said.

"Not just no but hell no!" Dean argued. "Sam we're talking about Baby. Our home, the only home we've ever known. You grew up in that car!"

"I know but if it's going to lead Abaddon right to us." Sam started.

A rustle of feathers announced the arrival of an angel. "Crowley, I should have known that you would be in the middle of this disturbance."

"Castiel. There wouldn't be a disturbance if your pet squirrel would listen to reason. Even Sam agrees with me. That car outside has to go." Crowley said. "With his attachment to that thing I begin to wonder if he's not overcompensating in some way."

"I do not understand your reasoning for insisting that Dean's 'Baby' is a threat." Castiel asked.

"The car itself is not exactly a threat." Crowley said. "The fact that it belongs to the Winchesters is a threat. "Abaddon has every demon under her command in the continental United States looking for that car right now."

Castiel turned toward Dean. "I am sorry Dean but Baby has become a danger. You will have to store the vehicle elsewhere."

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