When Angels Fall

Chapter 51

Gabriel was contemplating the pile of rocks blocking the passage. "I swear, did someone bring in the Army Corp of Engineers build this thing? This thing is solid."

"Well the only way to find out what's behind it is to dismantle it." Lucifer said.

"Can't you just snap it away?" Michael asked. "Hell is your domain after all."

"There's some serious pagan magic binding it together." Gabriel said. "I'm trying to figure out who is involved here. I can tell there's at least 4 different Gods that were called on for the binding magic. Before we can move a single rock I'm going to have to cancel out the binding magic of each one of those deities."

"So it's going to take a while." Lucifer said.

"Have the two of you forgotten that you're Archangels for father's sake?" Michael said. "Just blast the thing and be done with it."

"Well we could do that and risk the total destruction of the Earth." Gabriel said. "A couple of those deities called on are strictly Earth gods. They are tied into the very rhythm of the Earth."

"Take your time little brother. I for one don't think we want to have Dad come roaring back ready to spank us for breaking his favorite toy. Right Michael?" Lucifer asked.

"Gabriel, you expect me to believe that this pagan 'magic' is more powerful than we are?" Michael scoffed.

"No I expect you to understand that just blasting this with our celestial powers would be like using an atomic bomb to eliminate the threat from a stick of dynamite." Gabriel said. "That stick of dynamite certainly won't be a threat anymore, but it won't matter because everything else around it gets destroyed in the process. This is going to take some finesse. Now will you please shut your piehole and let me concentrate!"

Gabriel closed his eyes as he placed a hand on the rocks. Michael started to say something else but Lucifer poked him in the side. After a couple of minutes Gabriel opened his eyes.

"We may have gotten lucky. One of the pagans they named happens to be one of the few pagans Dad is willing to acknowledge." Gabriel said. "She just also happens to be the only pagan who has always known who I was even when I was masquerading as Loki."

"No way! Not Gaia." Michael said. "She has pretty much become a hermit."

"Oh she's been around, just to busy too socialize. Humans keep causing these disasters she has to clean up." Gabriel said. "Last time I saw her I was hanging out with Raven and Coyote in the Pacific Northwest. Right after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. We gave her a bit of a hand in the clean up. Gives me a marker to call in. She pretty much trumps all the others I'm sensing."

Gabriel brushed off his hands. "You know Luci, she asked about you the last time I saw her. She really likes you for some reason. You want to come with?"

"I swear if they put one scratch on Baby." Dean was pacing and complaining. Castiel and Balthazar had taken the vehicle to hide it somewhere safe until It could be safely driven again.

"Dean they won't do anything to the car." Sam said as he read one of Samuel Colt's journals. "It's probably safer than it will ever be, where ever they stash it."

The flutter of wings announced the angel's return. Dean immediately turned to Castiel. "There is no need for concern Dean, Abaddon will not find your vehicle."

"She's safe? But what if some douche tries to break into her, or strip her down for parts?" Dean said. "You won't even tell me where you took her!"

"Well I can guarantee no human 'douche' as you put it will get closer than 33.9 million miles of that rust bucket. We hid it under Gabriel and Lucifer's art project." Balthazar said.

"What art project?" Dean asked afraid of the answer.

"Well the two of them got bored one day and decided that it would be funny to make a face on Mars. They figured it would drive you hairless apes crazy one day trying to figure out how it got there. And it seems that they were right in their assumption."

Dean was glaring at the two angels. "Please tell me that you didn't just say you stuck Baby on Mars? Mars?"

"The vehicle is out of harm's way and under the surface inside a cavern it is protected from oxidation." Castiel said.

Dean collapsed onto a chair. "My baby is on Mars." Dean held his head between his hands and kept muttering about the Impala having been transported to Mars by the two angels.

Castiel looked at Dean for a moment as if he were convincing himself that the hunter would eventually recover from the shock then turned to Sam. "We did not think that it would be wise to leave you without a method of transportation." Castiel held out a set of keys. "It occurred to me that I was responsible for the destruction of your vehicle Sam. Balthazar and I located a suitable replacement."

"I believe you're familiar with it." Balthazar said. "A 1986 GMC Sierra step-side that belonged to John Winchester. It seems that it has been sitting in the back lot of a used car dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska for several years now."

"Thanks Cas, Balthazar. I was wondering how we'd be able to do supply runs without the Impala." Sam said.

Michael was doing his best not to grow annoyed. Spicy was taking advantage of the down time to touch up her nails. They had barely just dried when Lucifer and Gabriel returned. "Alright, let's light this candle!" Gabriel went over to the stack of rocks and placed his hand on it and muttered something. "Okay time to take it down but we still need to do it rock by rock or else the whole tunnel could collapse and I really don't feel like trying to dig this vessel out of a cave-in."

Lucifer shrugged. "Why not do a little physical labor? The last time I had a good workout, I was wearing Sam."

"Wait how about an explanation of 'work out'?" Michael prompted. "You did some sparring with your sword?"

"No actually a run and a lot of ups. Chin ups, sit ups, push ups." Lucifer said. "Sam put a lot of work into being healthy. Seemed a shame not to maintain it. Besides I figured big as he was, I was going to kick your ass," Lucifer directed his teasing comment to Michael.

"You wish." Michael said with a smirk. "No matter how big you get, I'm still older."

"Please," Gabriel said adding his own comment. "You're both a couple of tired old fossils. While you two are standing there bickering to avoid a little work, that pile of rubble over there keeps getting bigger from my backbreaking labor."

"Come on Luce, lets move a few rocks so the baby over there will stop whining." Michael said and the three concentrated on moving the rocks while Spicy kept checking to see if they were getting close to breaking through the wall.

Suddenly the wall of rocks collapsed with the stones rolling away from the opening. The angels all looked at each other before Lucifer stepped forward picking his way through the rocks. "It's a bit farther to the cavern." Lucifer stood to the side while Michael took the lead.

"Is this like automatic for you?" Spicy asked. "You just automatically seemed to fall into this oldest to youngest formation."

"I'm the oldest of course I would lead." Michael said a second before a soul slammed into him knocking him to the floor.

Lucifer's reaction was instinctive. Eons of fighting together came back in an instant as Gabriel planted himself to face any additional threats against his brothers.

Lucifer pulled the soul of off Michael and stared in shock. "You?! I know who you are you backstabbing bastard."

One of the other souls timidly stepped forward. "Wait don't hurt him. He's just looking out for us."

"And who the hell are you?" Gabriel asked, angel blade held in front of him.

"My name is Andy Gallagher, that's Jake Talley." The soul said.

"This is the son of a bitch that killed Sam the first time, stabbed him in the back." Lucifer said.

"Azazel's special children." Gabriel guessed and Lucifer nodded.

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